The Model S can easily make a 205 mile round trip without stopping to charge !

The Model S can easily make a 205 mile round trip without stopping to charge !

I do not worry about making the trip, or driving slower than the posted speed limit, running the heater/AC. I do not draft or have to charging mid trip.

I feel very comfortable regarding my family's safety (including having a near centenarian grandmother in the car on the highway)

After 50,000 miles an roughly 5% miles lost range (charging at 30-40 degrees), will increase as the temperature increases.

I enjoy the money I'm saving from not buying gas during my daily commutes or on my trips.

The quiet, trunk and frunk make trips with multiple people and luggage more comfortable that I could have ever imagined.

Sudre_ | 04. desember 2013


Dr. Bob Reinke | 06. desember 2013

@ My5 For nearly a year now I have been making a weekly 200 mile trip to my resort. I am generally able to drive the entire trip with the cruise at freeway speeds or 5 mph over. Cabin heat does infringe on some battery range; however, using top cruise speed to keep the rated range greater than the GPS range I always easily make the trip. I could Range Charge; however, I have found that timing the Standard Charge to finish within an hour or so of leaving heats the battery for maximum regen and acceleration. The only wish I have is that Tesla times the charge start for Departure Time, rather than for charge start time. Let the computer decide when the best time to start charging or a targeted departure time to start the trip.
Incidentally, the cost of electricity for a round trip is $4.00, saving me about $100 on gas per trip.

robert | 06. desember 2013

WOW. What ICE did you use? A Hummer?
Even with European gas prices you used up 14 liters per 100 km. That's a LOT.
Good job you switched to a Tesla.
Thanking you on behalf of generations not yet born.

Car t man | 07. desember 2013

Dr Reinke, feel free to use range charge for such trips and let the charge finish about when you leave. It won't harm your battery. It is sitting at full charge, especially in heat, that ages batteries. Time it properly and it will never make a difference in battery life and it will prevent you from a negative experience down the road, if you have any side errands, etc, which
could leave you without juice to get to the resort. Juts use the car's capabilities.

My5bAby | 07. desember 2013

My original statement reads, "After 50,000 miles an roughly 5% miles lost range (charging at 30-40 degrees), will increase as the temperature increases."

Just for clarification I mean range will INCREASE, loss will DECREASE as the temperature increases.

@Dr.Bob Reinke +1

Captain_Zap | 07. desember 2013

Thanks for the feedback My5bAby.
I still love to learn more about my car and what its capabilities are. It surprises me all the time.

vouteb | 07. desember 2013

Just for clarification, If I want to do a 200 mile trip on a freeway at say 75-8- mph with some urban stops as well, will I make it on 1 charge?

and if so do I charge to 90%?

I have to admit that I am getting mightily confused about range and other charges/distances and kWh.

I just need to look for an find out a projected mileage left as if I have a petrol engine?

Panoz | 07. desember 2013

The "departure time charge point" seems like an excellent suggestion to me, and should be adopted on the next software release. Since I don't own a Tesla (yet), I just assumed this was the norm! If I tell the car to pre-heat the cabin in time for a specific departure, why couldn't I say "be charged, have the battery warm and heat the cabin by 7:00am please"?

My5bAby | 07. desember 2013


The following is just a rough but useful example

3% less efficient at 60 mph
8% less efficient at 65 mph
17% less efficient at 70 mph
23% less efficient at 75 mph
28% less efficient at 80 mph

Personally I used to drive much faster, but because I love this car so much, the ride is so incredible and I just don't want to damage it in anyway, my fault or someone else's, I drive much move conservatively, especially on longer trips when I may get tired, drive at night, and/or in poor weather etc.

If you drive between 75-80 miles per hour I honestly think you would be cutting it way a little close, too close for my comfort.

My advise, just don't do it. 60-65 is plenty.

Enjoy the ride !

Let me tell you something, Performance Model or not, you will be able to out accelerate 98% of the vehicles on the road and temporarily even surprise some bikers, so what ! No need to do that to prove anything to anyone taking off with all the power we have at EVERY stop light.

Let ICE vehicles pay more for gas & maintenance and even more for speeding, we will show them another way :-)

vouteb | 07. desember 2013


But here. In the UK the max freeway speed is 70 mph and nobody sticks to it!

So how does that 23% less efiicent translate to?

Less than 200 Miles?
I (will) have a 85P

My5bAby | 07. desember 2013


Depends on whether it is flat, etc, Also my understanding is the performance does not quite get the same real range. Difference is not more than perhaps a decrease of 5 miles but the tires especially do make a difference, I hope you are opting for the 19inch based on how you intend to drive.

But let's back a bit.

Most people in the US do not recycle. So does that mean I should not.

Many if not most people keep their homes too cool or too hot in the Summer/Winter.

Again, if you are buying a Model S strictly for performance than do as you will.

If you are doing this to be part of a movement, like many of us are than let's show there is another way.

vouteb | 07. desember 2013

Thanks again

I assume that "we" in Europe are more frugal wirh energy (less AC for example)(and food!) and possibly recycle more

But now we are going off topic

Yep I will keep the 19 inch tirs

And assume that I could make the trip with an estimate max range of approx 225 miles if I drive max speed at 75 mph and not constant at that sped

We will be 3 in the car with luggage

My5bAby | 07. desember 2013


Your passenger & cargo weight is inconsequential, the Model S is so heavy, this is another thing people don't realize.

vouteb | 07. desember 2013
vouteb | 07. desember 2013

Oops. My thumbs up and Christmas tree didn t post

Thanks anyway