Model S Roof Rack is Available

Model S Roof Rack is Available

Yakima now sells a roof rack that mounts on the Model S. It works only with cars equipped with the Panoramic roof option, which includes specific roof rack mounting points.

I suspect that any roof rack system designed to work with modern BMW roof mounting points would work on the S, as the mounting bolt holes look identical. These are located under little flip-up access doors on the roof on BMWs and the Model S.

The Yakima rack can be found here, but is a bit tricky to locate:

To find the rack, you must select "Tesla", "2012", and "Model S With Panoramic Sunroof". Do NOT select the 2013 model year, as the Yakima online selector is apparently not updated for 2013 and will not locate a fitment option.

I do not plan to purchase one, but found it when considering options to carry bicycles. We went with a rear hitch mounted rack instead (covered under a separate forum thread), but thought some might find this information useful for carrying longer things like skis, kayaks and tandem bikes.

rbgil770 | 17. februar 2013

Great find Pungoteague_Dave! Thanks for sharing!

Pungoteague_Dave | 18. februar 2013

I called Yakima and confirmed it will work on the 2013 and that it is the same as for all BMW's. So the message is that you should be able to select any rack from any manufacturer that is designed to fit on the built-in late model BMW roof mounting points.

MCB | 20. februar 2013

Apparently you can also fit a trailer "YAKIMA RACKANDROLL 66 TRAILER SYSTEM", so thats really good news ;)

gwohl1 | 09. mars 2013

Has anyone tried the Yakima roof rack? If so, it would be great to hear feedback on the fit.

We ride a tandem bike and have a very convenient ATOC Tandem Topper that fits on Yakima cross bars.


rbergquist | 09. mars 2013
jemartin | 09. mars 2013

I use the SeaSucker mounts. They stick very well to the glass of the pano roof. Of course, I can't open the roof with the bike on...

gwohl1 | 10. mars 2013


Thanks for the link. That was very useful -- sounds like the Yakima fittings will work fine.

elec7rix | 18. desember 2013

I was at the Tesla store in Mountain View last week and saw a pretty nice roof rack for the MS with pano. Whispbar (now part of Yakima) makes the rack specifically for the car. The Rep said that it is schedule to be available for purchase in January (we'll see). No word on what the price will be though. I have some pics but soon as I figure out how to upload them from my phone, I'll do so. For now if you want pics, I can email them over. Just send me a note.

ian | 18. desember 2013

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ian | 18. desember 2013

We'll since you can't read the HTML code I typed above this thread should be able to explain better...


Brian H | 19. desember 2013

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