Model X Car Key

Model X Car Key


Just wondering if Model X key will be a mini x or look like S?

Perhaps anyone attended the event might have seen or taken a picture of it?

Thank you.

danny | 27. oktober 2015

I'd be more interested to know if there is an affordance for opening the falcon wing doors, individually or as a pair. Given the cycle time, it would be convenient.

Mark35 | 27. oktober 2015

Each operates independently but can operate simultaneously.

danny | 27. oktober 2015

@mark35, my comment was in the context of the remote control.

Was your comment in the context of the remote control, or were you referring to a control in the car?

Mark35 | 27. oktober 2015

I don't know what the remote will let you do. I was referring to the doors themselves, having seen them open/close independently.

Do high end SUVs and minivans have remotes that activate 2nd row swinging/sliding doors? If so, then Tesla probably doors too?

leh22a | 27. oktober 2015

Mini vans have remotes that individually open each sliding door I believe. Don't own one so maybe someone with a minivan can chime in.

paradis | 27. oktober 2015

My son has a Honda Odyssey and the remote definitely has buttons to open and close each sliding door as well s the rear hatch.

ian | 27. oktober 2015

First of all it's a fob. No ignition means no key needed. ;-)

From this article...


ali | 28. oktober 2015

Thank you!!

johnse | 28. oktober 2015

It's odd that in the photoset with that article, the tire shown is on a 21" rim. 285/35ZR21.

NumberOne | 28. oktober 2015

If you are referring to the picture of the black rims they are custom wheels only on Elon's car.

ian | 28. oktober 2015

Likely custom powder coated Model S turbines.