Model X pricing options in excel table

Model X pricing options in excel table


I wanted to see the big picture. This is a "maxed out" scenario. Cells highlighted in blue represent items in calculation. Correct me if I missed anything.

Update 2: The goal here is to show the itemized numbers and gross total. It's up to you to factor Net after tax, rebates, and credits. To avoid confusion and contention, I will avoid net, although I think that represents real cost and is worth showing, like Tesla does. I added additional tables to show actual savings from rebates, credits, and energy factor.

socalsam | 24. november 2015

Having done this with my model s, some of these are utterly useless. I see no reason to get the tech package, winter mode and many other features. I'm looking at a 90d with paint, leather seats 6 seats, and it looks like it will come out to about 103k.

EVino | 24. november 2015

@socalsam yes, but they're useful insofar as what one is wiling to pay :)

Can you believe people in California can get a maxed out 70D for under 100k? excl tax, of course.

pvetesla | 24. november 2015

Nice breakdown.
Thanks @EVino

paradis | 24. november 2015

Excellent job @evino - looks perfect. Any way you can post the .xls file that we could copy and use?

teslagiddy | 24. november 2015

So no matter what seats you get you have to pay $2500?

NumberOne | 24. november 2015

Thanks. This is a great breakdown. I did it too, but from inferred information but yours makes it easy to confirm that I had everything in there. As it is I forgot about the charger upgrade, which is a must for me, but I will not forget when I configure, which I really hope will be soon. Someone fewer that 200 ahead of me configured, to hopefully they will roll out the next batch of e-mails soon.

I cannot believe that I am paying over $120k for a car (including taxes.) I have always considered cars a waste of money, so paying more than $50k has been difficult to justify until Tesla came along. (I also do not like showing off.)

EVino | 24. november 2015

@paradis, I'll try to post it as a google sheet, compatible with xls.

EVino | 24. november 2015

@ teslagiddy, it seems so. Not prorated based on # of seats.

ian | 24. november 2015

There is a textile base seat. I saw a picture of black textile seats in the production configuration thread.

carlk | 24. november 2015

Did you count duplicate options like paint or wheels? The maxed out total seems to be a little high.

NumberOne | 25. november 2015

What makes EVino's cost higher than mine are:
the wheels, the premium audio, the towing package, 7 seats (I am getting 6) carbon fiber décor and the charger, which adds another $9750. The P90D listing on the sheet includes the ludicrous package and all of the most expensive options.

AlMc | 25. november 2015

@EVino: Thanks...And you should suggest TM put this in their configuration page as it is very helpful. ;)

Kitmin | 25. november 2015

@EVino, thank you for that excel spreadsheet! Nicely done!!!

davediep | 25. november 2015

My Sig X with similar configuration costs $144,950. If I were to change to match @EVino configuration:

- Change "Signature Red" to "Metalic" Paint: -$500
- Change "Figured Ash Wood" to "Carbon Fiber": +$250

Then my Sig X will cost $144,700, assuming it comes with the 72A charger ($1000). That is a saving of $7250! Are we double counting somewhere? | 25. november 2015

@Evino: This will probably change in the 7 months or so that I will have to wait to order but is very helpful for planning purposes.

EVino | 25. november 2015

I added a table for federal and state credits.

superloud | 25. november 2015

First of all, this table is much appreciated, thank you!

I just want to mention, everyone seems to subtract the federal and state incentives off the msrp of the vehicle as you've done above. But, that's not really correct. Because you do pay sales tax on the whole msrp. So what you're doing above by showing the max purchase price of a 70D for example as $98,950 is not really correct. You can't just add 8.25% (in California) tax on that number. You have to also add back 8.25% tax on the $10k savings - in other words there's an extra $825 that you've swept under the rug so to speak.

EVino | 25. november 2015

Thanks @superloud. You're correct. Consider also that this thread is set to owner's only private setting, so the reading audience have experience with how the credits and rebates work to get to net.

oragne lovre | 25. november 2015

@EVino & @superloud,

Very useful information.
Thanks a million.

paradis | 25. november 2015

@superloud - You are correct for California, but some states, such as my home state of New Jersey, do not have a sales tax on EV's.

mintoob | 25. november 2015

Thanks for the excel sheet. Pretty helpful. Damage my end is $108,700. Time to start saving ;-). I have 7 months.

Ross1 | 26. november 2015

from page 12, I think

michelcub | 02. desember 2015


jdub9 | 03. desember 2015

What is the autopilot convenience feature option? It is my understanding that hardware has already been installed in the cars for autopilot and the free software over the air update provided the functionality. Teslas are driving around now with autopilot. What would we be paying $2500 for?

EVino | 03. desember 2015

It's good economics. Tesla is installing the hardware system on all cars in anticipation that a high percent of buyers will pay for it at time of order. If you pay $2500, Tesla enables it. If you don't pay $2500 now, you don't get it but could when the time is right. It's business.

carlk | 03. desember 2015

You pay for salaris of those engineers who developed the system and software.

couc1 | 05. desember 2015

Does anyone know the difference between the 20" Silver vs 20" Silver Helix wheels? Do the Helix wheels also give a small range bump like the turbine or cyclone wheels?

oragne lovre | 07. desember 2015

I bump up this useful thread since more X holders are invited to configure.
Once again, kudos to EVino.

michelcub | 19. desember 2015


sp_tesla | 19. desember 2015

Thanks for the breakdown.

I wonder if I can get 4 seats?
(6 seats configuration without 3rd row)

X-70D W/auto pilot & smart air suspension $86.2K
X-90D W/auto pilot & smart air suspension $99.2K

S-70D W/auto pilot & smart air suspension, Next Gen seats $82.7K
S-85D W/auto pilot & smart air suspension, Next Gen seats $92.7K
S-90D W/auto pilot & smart air suspension, Next Gen seats $95.7K

Since the X look more futuristic, for approx $3.5K extra I wait & test the X when it become available.

ian | 19. desember 2015

I was wondering about that 4 seat config too. Would be the most "Utility" version for sure. At least until we can fold them seats!

I have no doubt I'll have more than 4 people in it at some point though.

carlk | 20. desember 2015

The most utility version would be 4 seats without 2nd row.

Since 2nd row seats are on pedestal it is possible to design a quick release mechanism to remove them when you want the space. We won't be seeing that in the near future if ever though.

ian | 20. desember 2015

@carlk - Maybe for your needs, but not mine. ;-)

Shopaholic | 20. desember 2015

May be an accountant can verify, but does the X qualify for rapid depreciation under section 179 ( over 6000 GVRW) ?

carlk | 20. desember 2015


Not mine either but apparently there are some who want to use a $140K car to haul cargo rather than of people.

aesculus | 20. desember 2015

Not mine either but apparently there are some who want to use a $140K car to haul cargo rather than of people.

That would be me. Bring on the stuff :-)

AlMc | 20. desember 2015

Personally, I would like the versility of being able to haul people, when needed........ and 'stuff', when needed.

I will hope that TM produces an X that can do both. Seating for 7 with folding second and third row seats for hauling.

ian | 20. desember 2015

+1 AlMc!

Red Sage ca us | 21. desember 2015

Shopaholic: Yes.

AlMc | 21. desember 2015

@RedSage: Yes, a nice loophole in our tax code. I am not complaining but it is interesting how this has never been fixed.

ian | 21. desember 2015

Confirmation on the GVWR...

michelcub | 31. desember 2015


michelcub | 17. januar 2016


TeslaFanz | 09. mars 2016

If you want all season tires instead of performance tires how much are they?

elguapo | 09. mars 2016

@TeslaFanz You don't really get a choice. If you have P, you get summer/three season tires. If you have a 90D or 70D, you get all season. Generally, summer/three season are more expensive, but it completely depends on brand, vendor, etc.

elguapo | 04. april 2016

For the life of me, I can't find he link to this file and I have a friend who was trying to figure of pricing. Can someone please point me to where he Excel file is posted? Thanks.

Redmiata98 | 04. april 2016

Elguapo, my P90 came with Conti all seasons.