Model X - Test Drives before designing?

Model X - Test Drives before designing?

Hello -- I placed my reservation for a Model X (three years back?) and look forward to the vehicle ready for ordering in the design studio. However, I was hoping to get test drives before I finalized my purchase. Anyone else looking to do that please?

I hope that Tesla is planning to distribute Model X to their "stores" before they expect people to finalize their purchases. That way we can kick the tires and check out the interior before selecting options.

I trust I am not alone in my expectation?

TonyInNH | 09. juli 2015

I was hoping to do the same thing. I'm pretty much set on getting a Tesla, but I'd like the opportunity to compare the S to the X. Call me 'old fashioned', but I've never bought a car sight unseen.

vandacca | 09. juli 2015

Except for early Signature reservations holders, you'll probably get an opportunity to see and test-drive a Model-X. I would expect that initially they will have a few release candidates to show, followed by actual models that can be test-driven.

ken | 09. juli 2015

@sram, I have to believe that the first few hundred produced will go across the nation, and a few world wide, for both test and show at the store locations. I am not sure that the Signature reservation holders will get a chance to drive first, but I think anyone who has a regular reservation number will have an opportunity to drive one. Who knows, but that is my best guess.

pvetesla | 09. juli 2015

Low 7000 on the reservation. It will be my wife's car and she has already told me there is no way she is purchasing the car without first driving it.

Fingers crossed they have one available or we might have to bypass. Good news for some!

KyleGoss | 09. juli 2015

If test driving is not available at the time you are asked to configure, you can always delay your reservation. Here's a snippet from my reservation agreement:

If you do not wish to enter into a Purchase Agreement at the time that you are contacted by Tesla, you have the option to relinquish your reservation sequence position and defer to a later position to be determined by us (only one deferral is permitted).

Red Sage ca us | 09. juli 2015

When the Design Studio becomes available for you, or anyone else, schedule an appointment for a test drive with your local Tesla Store. Heck, contact them today and ask to be contacted for a test drive the instant their demonstrator arrives. Sorted.

I intend to set up test drives for my Brother and his Wife, if they don't do it themselves, as soon as the Model X is at the Century City location. She works directly across the street.

raffael s. | 09. juli 2015

It could even be that, at least in the USA, that the first cars will be showroom cars. How many stores are there worldwide? 150? Should be a nice exercise for the new production line ;) | 09. juli 2015

The 70D demo models arrived at some stores a day or so before they were announced. I'm not so sanguine about the X. I think Signatures come first, then demos (a few days worth of early production) in September).
Then regular reservations.

sram | 09. juli 2015

I waited too long and my current clunker is ready to die; not sure I want to relinquish my spot in the line. So really hoping to see a live vehicle before I am asked to put in my design submission. Maybe the 70D is a good precedent? :-)

johnse | 09. juli 2015

I am a latecomer to the reservation line--low 17K back in May--and the rep in the store said that when they start production they will notify people in batches, offering to set up times for test drives and to finalize an order.

So that says to me that as of a few months ago they are definitely planning to have test drive models for us regular reservation folks.

I would think Signature folks would be given the same courtesy--but what do I know? :)

ken | 10. juli 2015

@johnse, you know as much as anyone else.

ramymora | 10. juli 2015

I picked up my 60 over 2.5 years ago and at that time I placed a deposit for the X (reservation #2,700 or so). A few months before I finalized the options and color on my Model S, Tesla invited all Model S reservation holders to test drive the car for 10 minutes. So, this test drive was scheduled about 4-6 months before I picked up my car. We couldn't pick and choose colors or options for the test drive, but after 10 seconds of driving it I was in heaven.

Telsa displayed the Model X prototype (about 80% complete) in Menlo Park, CA about 1.5 years ago and I had a chance to see it. We could not touch it or play with it but the car looked even better than the sedan in my opinion.

I saw a Model X on the road two weeks ago driving in front of me, wrapped in black so it appears that the launch is on schedule for September/October as Telsa stated. Having said that I am a bit surprised that we are in July already and we still don't have any information on the car. I guess, it is possible that launch may get delayed again.

So, if they take the same approach as they did with introducing the Model S, I suspect we will get an email for an exclusive invitation to test drive the Model X and ask any questions before we decide on options, colors, etc.

Whatever the case may be, it will be worth the wait. I love Tesla!

Red Sage ca us | 10. juli 2015

So... Who's gonna start the 'I Got a Model X Test Drive Invitation!' thread?

ian | 10. juli 2015

I would, but there are about 3500 that might beat me too it.

lynn_faiferlick | 12. juli 2015

I have signature reservation #257 and am pretty resigned to designing my X without ever having seen one in person.

After reading this thread, I considered deferring - even if it meant going to the end of the sig res line. But I suspect that still wouldn't be long enough if they are going to start producing Model Xs as fast as they are promising.

gerardP | 12. juli 2015

Well, one way out of reservation holders blindly designing their exclusive dreamcar, which would also be a tremendous publicity, would be for TM to send a travel ticket to the reservation holders for a special advanced test drive around Fremont ;-)

jjs | 15. juli 2015

I'll drive my wife out to Fremont for that test drive in my S. She can drive home in her X! :)

And please, no one ask which drive I would enjoy more, the trip out or the trip back. ;)

rossRallen | 16. juli 2015

Here it is 16 July and nothing but rumors and cellphone videos out car windows.

It's time Tesla Marketing (assuming there is such a thing) engage people who have put up $40K for 2+ years on a Sig and gotten only a Christmas card and a web page that never changes.

It's time to open the Design Studio if a car is going to be delivered in 60 days from now. Right? | 16. juli 2015

@ross: What does being right have to do with the X and Tesla's reticence? :-))

clublon | 17. juli 2015

My understanding is that there's nothing to design on signature models. They're fully loaded with all options in one special color. The issue is whether or not the special color is going to be Signature Red again or a new signature color. Signature reservation holders only have to decide if they want that color.

jjs | 17. juli 2015

@clulon - It is true that the signature models do come fully loaded, but there are more options to choose from than just color. The Sig S reservation holders could choose the type of tires, the interior options and a regular or performance motor. I believe similar options will be available for X reservation holders.

Take tires as an example. I would be most unhappy if there is not an option between 19" and 21" rims. I currently have a S with 21" rims. Love them and hate them. Just blew out my second tire due to the narrow side wall. DO NOT want 21"s on the X.

The X Sig reservation holders will want/need design options.

sra | 17. juli 2015

If I don't have design and tire options for my sig reservation, I will cansel the reservation. I need tires for rough conditions, and therfore I want higher profile and 19".

Red Sage ca us | 19. juli 2015

Color for interior/exterior, third row seats, towing package, Winter/Summer/All Season tires, and incidentals such as cargo nets, weather resistant floor mats, or mud flaps will likely be the only options for Model X Signature reservation holders.