A moment of pure happiness followed by reality hitting...

A moment of pure happiness followed by reality hitting...

I just got word that my gorgeous new car will be here on the 21st! I was over the moon with happiness until the realization that I leave the next day for a week long trip! DOH!

Bighorn | 12. september 2013

I went away for 5 weeks 5 days after delivery, so I guess it's kind of the same:)

Dreamknightmanga | 12. september 2013

Pretty much! I'll only get to drive it an hour... max...

qblack1 | 12. september 2013

I had the same painful realization. 10 day trip the day after delivery. Ouch!

S4WRXTTCS | 12. september 2013

That's probably not bad at all.

See that way you can be extremely nitpicky, and just point out any possible thing for them to fix.

Then when you get back it will be pristine.

bradslee | 12. september 2013

Don't feel so bad, Dreamknightman. There are some of us who took long assignment overseas for a couple of months without driving our MS and can only see our MS through iPhone App from the other side of the earth. Tell us how we felt. But the reward of joy after coming back to drive your MS can be only described as a big Tesla grin.