More affordable version in the plans?

More affordable version in the plans?

About two years a Tesla CSR told me that they expected to bring out a car in a couple of years priced around $35K to $38K. That really excited me because I would love to have a Tesla but I really can't afford more than $40K on a car. However, looking at the current offerings on the website I don't see anything like that. Am I overlooking something or was that information incorrect?

joshuaeven | 06. januar 2013

Google Tesla Gen III or Bluestar. Nothing but speculation at this point, but this will be Tesla's mass market EV.

Jolinar | 06. januar 2013

Yes, we expect Gen 3 car after Model X, however be prepared that $30k will be the base price like Model S is based on $50k.

jat | 06. januar 2013

@rlynnc - basically the plan is to have the next car built after the Model X comparable (in price and performance) to a BMW 3-series. The plans are for late 2015/early 2016, but my guess is it will be a bit later than that.

@Jolinar - yes, though it is possible the 300mi version won't cost as much more because the car will be lighter and battery technology will have advanced by then.

Brian H | 06. januar 2013

2 hamster wheels in the frunk!

tranhv68 | 06. januar 2013

I think I may have seen the Gen III Tesla. I was at the supercharger today in hawthorne and looked inside the entrance to the Tesla Design Center. I was floored to see a narrower version of the Model S with the same grill but with only two doors. I should have taken a picture but it was late and I didn't think I would get a good picture. If anyone charges at the Hawthorne SC in the day, be sure to get a couple of pictures of the next big thing at Tesla.

MB3 | 06. januar 2013

Why not one hamster in the front and one in the back? AWD!

Timo | 09. januar 2013

@jat, I'm not sure about lighter because they use cheaper materials than with Model S (steel instead of aluminum). Smaller definitely so probably also more aerodynamic.

Timo | 09. januar 2013

@tranhv68, that would be consistent with Elons comment about "basically a smaller Model S" for GenIII affordable car.