More incompetence from the SF Chronicle

More incompetence from the SF Chronicle

SFGate has an article about the bitcoin Tesla sale, but while they claim it is from Bloomberg news, they call the seller a 'Tesla Dealer', when all versions of the Bloomberg article that I found call him a Lamborghini dealer.
I didn't want to give SFGate my email address, so I didn't post a correction. If anyone has a login and cares...

Car t man | 06. desember 2013

That dealer calls himself a Tesla dealer. He also resells Teslas, so in a way, he is...

Bonlaw | 07. desember 2013

The automobile dealership is located in Newport Beach California and our own local newspaper identified it as a "Tesla Dealer" - it's not.

shop | 07. desember 2013

Eh, I wouldn't get too worked up about it. Frankly, this whole Tesla dealership thing is going to resolve itself within a few years anyways.

SOMEONE is going to take on the business of buying and selling used Teslas. That is actually one of the major functions of a dealership. For trade-ins. Yeah, everyone knows you don't get as good a price on the trade-in, but it is convenient.

Now, it is possible Tesla will want to do this job themselves too, but I haven't seen any progress on this front. They are barely (not really actually) being able to keep up a service center business - and all the services centers I've seen do not have space for used cars lots. Ditto the stores. So unless Tesla is thinking of unveiling a THIRD type of Tesla store in metro areas - the Tesla used car store, then I think they will implicitly be allowing dealers to sell used Teslas (Tesla can't stop this from happening actually).

I suspect that Tesla will realize that certifying and training dealers to recondition and sell used Teslas will be a consumer friendly move.

And then you can see the path towards Tesla branded dealerships from there.

While Tesla has been smart, overall, to have company owned mall stores, I really do think the stores are a transitional strategy. I suspect that about 1-2 years after Gen III is being sold, Tesla will start to train and certify dealers.

AmpedRealtor | 07. desember 2013

Why does it even matter?

Car t man | 07. desember 2013

Exactly. It doesn't.. But boy was I attacked every time I would say that Tesla simply has factory owned dealerships... Glad the passions are tamer now..

Captain_Zap | 07. desember 2013

@Car t man

The problem isn't about the passion, the problem is in the legalese. This is because dealers want to subject Tesla to franchise laws even though there are no franchises. The dealers do not like a different auto sales paradigm and they wanted to protect the way that they did business. Some wanted Tesla dealerships but they were turned away, for good reason. The term "dealership" and "franchise" is touchy in some circles and it is one of the many flags that the dealership lobby is waving an attempt to diminish Tesla.

Brian H | 07. desember 2013

Giving up the online config/order option would be a bad decision, IMO. It should be scaleable, without resorting to franchising. And giving up the "no profit service" model.