Wondering how many miles have been logged on ACTUAL driving of an 85. I have 3000 on mine in just a months time and have a terrible grinding/clunking sound that is making it necessary to have the car serviced. Others have posted similar reports that point towards axle failure and I am NOT HAPPY! I could have stuck with my original plans to buy a Panamera. I am not one who chooses to waist time on servicing my cars.

nexnbax | 16. oktober 2013

VIN for the above post...20751

bp | 16. oktober 2013

Almost 17000 miles on my P85. I'm planning to take my car in for the 6 month tire service soon - and won't have any major problems for the SC to address.

With the increasing number of cars being delivered, we should expect reports of various problems. Which shouldn't be a large concern, unless quite a few people confirm they are seeing the same problem.

jjs | 16. oktober 2013

16,650 Trouble free.

KOL2000 | 16. oktober 2013

5000 blissful miles

GLO | 16. oktober 2013

13,000 blissful miles here and a very happy Well baby check last week at our new service center in the sacramento area. Love that car more each day...

jonlivesay | 16. oktober 2013

7800 miles, some minor problems, all taken care of with a visit to service center. One day, all things fixed up, loaner supplied, zero time wasted as I wanted to see the new service center/store here in Rocklin.

Panamera? Passed one of those on the road the other day, problem unknown but the guy needed a tow truck.

No car is perfect! But Tesla makes things right when there is a problem, enjoy the ride.

What is the price of gas now? Haven't looked in a few months. Agree with Glo, love the car!

DannyM | 16. oktober 2013

20,500 miles. I've had the car just over a year. Except for some of the early "One Point Uh Oh" issues (bad 12V battery, door handle issues... all resolved), the car has been unbelievably reliable. It drives the same as the day I got it and I don't expect any degradation over the next 8 years or more. That is something people don't fully understand... electric cars just work and don't have hundreds of subsystems that can degrade over time and impact performance.

Gizmotoy | 16. oktober 2013

@DannyM: electric cars just work and don't have hundreds of subsystems that can degrade over time and impact performance
To my mind, that's only slightly better than having a single system (battery) that degrades over time and impacts performance.

cpetrush | 16. oktober 2013

11,000 miles. As good as day one.

JayBoy | 16. oktober 2013

17,000 miles in 5 months! Couple of teething problems, but nothing big. I will test the 'unlimited miles' on the battery!

jbunn | 16. oktober 2013

Mine is only a baby at 7,000 miles, but they were tranquil, zen miles.

NKYTA | 16. oktober 2013

Zen 7.5K here. A few issues all promptly addressed.
Grin! :-)

nexnbax | 16. oktober 2013

Thanks for the posts. I am hoping that the grinding noise will be gone with the next service appointment.

Chuck Lusin | 16. oktober 2013
Brian H | 16. oktober 2013

Said battery degradation has yet to be demonstrated. I believe the Euro Roadster owner who had a couple of hundred thou km saw enough to get the battery replaced. I think he favors driving in the Alps for kicks.

tes-s | 16. oktober 2013

4,000 in 2 months. No issues.

Another 4,000 had the summer SCs on the map been built - those are ICE miles for now.

July10Models | 16. oktober 2013

15200 grinning all the way. Out gunned a Panamara once with four adult passengers on board. The car was in service for one day and all minor problems were taken care of. The car is better now than the day I took delivery

makemeupkc | 16. oktober 2013

12,000 miles in 4 months
40kw model no issues.

Mathew98 | 16. oktober 2013

@makemeupkc - You're getting your money's worth on the joy rides in a short amount of time. How much do you save on gas for 36K miles a year? Over 5 years? Over 10 years?

All the thrills in a software limited S40...

When the time comes for an upgrade to get extra 60 miles range, all you have to do is fork over another 10 grands. You are my new Tesla idol...

makemeupkc | 16. oktober 2013

Mathew98- I will probably spend the extra 10k on the Model X in the beginning of 2015.
I'm not looking for the upgrade on our 40kw. The 40kw has been fantastic in town for my day to day needs. I'm patiently waiting to do the 85kw for our Model X.

Mliss | 16. oktober 2013

I am at 16,000 and just scheduled a regular service for early November to rotate the tires and change the oil :-). Awesome car!

drp | 16. oktober 2013

22000 miles now
P85 delivered 3/2/13
314 kWh/m average
Just replaced the 21" tires at about 19300 miles and using 19" for chicago winters then back to 21" in spring.

Roamer@AZ USA | 16. oktober 2013

7000 on a March delivery S85 and have a P85+ just scheduled today for Nov 16th delivery.

Had a 12 volt battery problem the first week. Pretty painless, they picked it up and dropped it off. I never left the house. While they had it they added a 12 volt accessory connection at no charge to make up for my inconvenience. Have wind noise on my pano but have decided to wait for a service visit to have the upgrade to the seals done.

Did not ask for or want a loaner, I have to many cars laying around already that need exercise. I am a little bit of a car guy.

Only complaint is that I am Tesla land locked in Phoenix until they get a few more super chargers on line. I knew the situation when I bought the cars so I just have to wait to be able to use the cars on longer trips.

Funny thing. My road trip car is a 2006 BMW 760i with every imaginable bell and whistle. Thought I would miss all the extra options. Many are nice to have like door closers and adaptive cruise etc. The Tesla is so much nicer to just drive, I have not missed any of the added options.

You can't compare a Tesla directly with other luxury brands because 20 to 30k of the price is like a prepay for energy. If you put the car at 150k with all the options that extra 25k would buy, it would compare to a Beemer or Benze at 120k. So instead of bells and whistles that last 25 k is a prepayment for the gas you won't buy.

I see the Tesla as a very nice 45 to 75k car with a 25k energy prepayment built into the final cost. You are paying up front to not have to buy 20 to 30k of gas.

Roamer@AZ USA | 16. oktober 2013

If Tesla R & D can lower battery cost and increase power density they will absolutely smoke the ICE market.

But then that's the real "if" in the battery world.

fuellss | 16. oktober 2013

8500 perfect miles. Best car ever. OP needs to go back to Porsche so he can spend time at their service center like I use to.

Bighorn | 16. oktober 2013

Friend is suffering from PTSD from a Panamera Turbo that had a defective and irreparable PDK that almost killed her. Dealer bought it back and resold it to some unsuspecting customer who is dealing with the same nightmare. Just FYI when you're pining for the greener grass...

suratchai | 16. oktober 2013

3 months 5800 no gas

Chuck Lusin | 17. oktober 2013


Impressive 100 miles per day with a 40, and still has an extra 30-35 miles per day extra!

Brian H | 17. oktober 2013

"an extra 30-35 miles per day extra!" That's an extra extra. ;p

church70 | 17. oktober 2013

24,000 kms 6 months no issues

rd2 | 17. oktober 2013

17000 miles, no major issues. Loving it. About to take in for annual servicing.

edcalis | 17. oktober 2013

Hit 22,000 miles today. Seven month old.

jason_freedman | 17. oktober 2013

18,910 miles after almost 9 months. Only problem of any sort is tire changes and some wear on the leather of the b pillar. Otherwise drives better than new.

Hogfighter | 17. oktober 2013

17,000 miles on my P85, got her in Jan.

The wheels are canted -2 degrees which caused early replacement of the tires. I had the guys at the shop take out as much as possible, which will really help reduce wear.

I'm still enamored with the silence of the car, and the screams from folks when they experience the acceleration.

If anyone is out there pondering whether or not to get this car, I hope they check out this thread. It will ease their mind about the long-term viability of this car.

Doug H | 17. oktober 2013

15,000 mile in 4 months. I love it. My baby is in the shop right now for my 12,000 mile checkup and I'm liking my loner just as much.

jason_freedman | 17. oktober 2013

I should say I have a beautiful white p85 that we took possession of in February.

Reli | 17. oktober 2013
Brian H | 18. oktober 2013

15K around the US in a 60! With a largish dog!

Lament the coming of the SCs because it will detract from getting-to-know-the-locals-and-locale time. The gf/fiancee had to abandon the trip halfway because she got accepted for a job at Tesla in LA. Great read.

Mathew98 | 18. oktober 2013

@Brian H - You got me for a minute thinking it was your personal experience... Are you still holding out for the Gen3?

I've been bolting every chance on my S60 over the last 3K. I might have found a cure for mid life crisis (for others, of course)...