MotorTrend Article.

MotorTrend Article.

Model S hits a home run with Motor Trend.

Check it out.

Volker.Berlin | 22. juni 2012

Wow, they are really turning somersaults to praise the Model S! Who would have expected this from a motor magazine?

NJS1207 | 22. juni 2012

This is a fabulous article. Elon and his team really have their stuff together. No coincidence, I'm guessing, that the Motor Trend article came out at the same time as the customer delivery event. I see there is a new article just posted on CNET as well. It is also incredibly postive. I can't wait to finalize my options this weekend!

lajollan | 22. juni 2012

Buy the stock! I bought 1000 shares @29.3. Hope to have half of my Model S (#8470) paid for with the stock by Narch or April delivery!

Volker.Berlin | 22. juni 2012
stuberman | 22. juni 2012

After reading that Motor Trend article I wish that I had a reservation. Oh wait, I do! Now, how do I sit still until my car's November or December delivery.

The only auto reviews I've ever read that have been anywhere near this glowing have been for BMW 3 Series.

kevjo | 22. juni 2012

And yet another very positive article from Yahoo.

cerjor | 22. juni 2012
olanmills | 22. juni 2012

In the gigaom video it briefly shows cupholders in the back seat at 2:50. Does anyone know of a video or image where we can get a better look? I'm assuming it folds out from the back seat.

Brian H | 22. juni 2012

I notice Motor Trend got to drive it for an hour and a half. So must have been done during June. The Tesla Grin, in print!

mdennick | 22. juni 2012


I noticed the that about the rear cup-holders. At roughly that same time you'll notice a what looks like a compartment under the touch screen too. Does that mean my sunglasses will actually get a home? That was one of my issues, no good compartments for glasses in the betas I've sat in. I hope those are in the car.

I'm looking forward to hearing from new owners on these forums soon.

Volker.Berlin | 23. juni 2012
Volker.Berlin | 23. juni 2012

The most interesting part (for me) from the Engadget article (it's in the video as well):

"Unlike cars like the Ford Focus Electric and the Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid, the Model S follows a similar strategy to BMW's ActiveE when it comes to regenerative braking. Instead of being triggered by the brake pedal, it only kicks in when you lift off the accelerator. As such, it's a lot like driving a manual transmission stuck in second gear and using engine braking to slow down. Where the ActiveE will turn the brake lights on as soon as you let go of the accelerator, the Model S relies on accelerometer readings to warn the vehicles behind you -- clever."

ViewAskew | 23. juni 2012

These are HORRIBLE articles that I REALLY wish people would stop posting. I'm EXTREMELY disgusted and annoyed with everyone here. Do you have ANY idea how difficult the wait until September/October will be NOW?! Geesh... have some compassion! ;)

dborn | 23. juni 2012

Try waiting another YEAR as we, in the Asia/Pacific will have to do!!!

Mark E | 23. juni 2012

dborn: I can relate to that!

Upside is that by the time we get one we will know how fragile or not the 21s are before subjecting them to Sydney's potholes!

kublai | 23. juni 2012

Road and Track initial review. Their pics confirm cubby storage under touchscreen and the rear passenger cupholders.

Steve841 | 23. juni 2012

Anyone watch the Endgadget video and see a little irony ...

As they passed the Solyndra building ????

Volker.Berlin | 23. juni 2012

I've seen even more irony: Of all articles/videos I've seen today, just the guy from engadget was the only one to cautiously question the touch screen, saying that he'd rather prefer physical knobs and dials. That comment was unexpected from that party... ;-)

jbunn | 23. juni 2012

Katie from gigaom had hand positions on the wheel that were truly terrifying. I had to turn it off.

Volker.Berlin | 23. juni 2012

jbunn +1!

I thought the same, couldn't stand watching. I was wondering if anybody else would notice. I have to bite my tongue in order to not leave some gender-specific comment...

Volker.Berlin | 23. juni 2012

And I was admiring the copilot from Tesla at the same time, who stayed entirely cool and unimpressed...

BYT | 23. juni 2012

I was annoyed by shaky cam guy! Get a Portable Tripod or something in there, maybe a monopod? You have a flat floor back there after all!! :)

Volker.Berlin | 23. juni 2012

Yeah, the engadget video is much better in all these regards. But Katie was first to publish!

Timo | 23. juni 2012

jbunn +1

That reverse grip turning the steering wheel was horrifying. I got a feeling that she will drive an accident at any moment. I hope she will never need to drive on slippery surface, with that kind of steering wheel handling she would find herself into ditch or oncoming traffic very fast.

PeterSZ | 23. juni 2012

Katie can't drive worth a ...

mvbf | 23. juni 2012

You guys are harsh. Regardless of her driving skill, I appreciate that she always seems to get one of the first video reviews out there. I do wish this review had been up to the quality of her model x review, though.

jerry3 | 23. juni 2012

- That reverse grip turning the steering wheel was horrifying.

Okay, I watched the video three times and I couldn't see it. As far as I could tell she held her hands normally on the steering wheel except for one turn where she moved her arm across the wheel when she was obviously distracted by talking.

Jason S | 23. juni 2012

She underhand gripped the wheel a few times. Not the best technique...

On the other hand, the car is super simple to drive. She just has to remember which way to jerk the wheel in case of a surprise.

Timo | 24. juni 2012

@jerry, you probably looked at the wrong video, I'm guessing the engadget show video. The one with Katie driving she did it several times. That's in fourth reply by Volker.Berlin.

jerry3 | 24. juni 2012


Okay, I see that now.

petero | 24. juni 2012

"Katie. ..that reverse grip turning the steering wheel was horrifying."

The sad truth is, she is driving the “S” and we are NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!

Esper | 25. juni 2012
digitaltim | 25. juni 2012

George Clooney and Matt Damon already have theirs?!?

digitaltim | 25. juni 2012

I meant to say Model S...we know they have Roadsters...

nav66 | 25. juni 2012

I have the same problem with others above watching the Katie video. Plus, her cameraman didn't use the best equipment for the ride. Tell you what, I am encoding the video my wife took yesterday when I drove the Model S Performance at Tesla. I am not a journalist, but I think our video is much more illuminating (and clear). Will have it available tonight.

Steve (nav66)

Epley | 10. august 2012
Brian H | 11. august 2012

That MT review has been out since late June. I just added a couple of more comments to it:

A few detail quibs:
"some 2250 [suitably modified] Lotus Elise rolling chassis"
"the brake pedal feel stands out as better than most Toyota hybrids, with no obvious handoff from regen to hydraulic retardation" -- there actually isn't any "handoff" programmed into the brakes; they're just pure brakes. The regen is on full as soon as you lift off the goose pedal; brakes add front-wheel drag and as much additional rear-wheel drag as the TC will permit.
The suspension detail is sorta not yet relevant, as described; only air suspension (the add-on option) is available until further notice. TM shows off how good the air is at every opportunity. Suggests the mechanical version suffers significantly by comparison so far (?!?).
"one-speed automatic" is kinda nonsensical; all non-existent gear changes are automatic? There's a reduction gear, around 9.3:1, IIRC. That's it.
Signature price levels are irrelevant. It's been long sold out, except for occasional cancellations/model switch openings with a waitlist.


I also think the EPA frigged up the mileage ratings. The big clue is city

Brian H | 11. august 2012

Oops; caret killed the rest:

I also think the EPA frigged up the mileage ratings. The big clue is city<highway. Just false. I suspect the "5-cycle" procedure mandated using the brakes full time; i.e., with regen switched off, or with instant stomping of the brakes at every slowdown opportunity. With about 5 min. practice, actual drivers bring it to a stop on pure regen, with maybe a brake-tap at <5 mph.
At a WAG, city driving should be ~130 MPGe, and the 50:50 split would then be ~ 110 MPGe.