My Husky pooped in my center console

My Husky pooped in my center console

I have a two-year-old male husky black-and-white that I rescued a couple months ago. He is a really smart sweet and gentle dog and pretty well behaved. On the morning of the 23rd I made the mistake of feeding him some ground beef with some cheddar cheese melted in it with his dog food. I guess I forgot he has a sensitive stomach. That evening I left him in the car for about 15 minutes with my cattle dog when I went in the grocery store. When I came out I was surprised to see that he had taken a dump into the center console. It was smelly liquid diarrhea poop. It had run down the side of the console in between driver seat and the console. I jumped in and drove home as rapidly as possible with the windows rolled down so I didn't gag. I rushed to get out my carpet extractor and cleaned it as best I could but I could not get the poop that had run down between the seat and the console and I knew it was soaking into the carpet underneath the console. I called Tesla on Christmas Eve and they gave me the instructions for removing the center console via email. I took the instructions to my car detail guy and he was able to get the poop out with very little residual odor. When I picked up the car he said no charge, Merry Christmas. I tried to talk him into letting me pay him but he wouldn't hear it. I thought my car would be ruined but I believe it has been saved. I was initially pretty mad at the dog but then I realized it wasn't his fault and he couldn't help it. Needless to say there will be no more ground beef and cheddar cheese and his diet!

bishoppeak | 25. desember 2014

Way TMI! | 25. desember 2014

lol. WOW

nickjhowe | 25. desember 2014


TaoJones | 25. desember 2014


Bighorn | 25. desember 2014

Good you left out the beans.

tga | 25. desember 2014

Pics or it didn't happen!

Sorry, someone had to do it...

It could very likely have been the cheese; dogs love it, but many (most?) are lactose intolerant.

My lab once had diarrhea in my old S4. Alcantara and leather clean up surprisingly easily...

bigd | 25. desember 2014

tga "Pics or it didn't happen!"
This story sounds like a bunch of crap to me!!!!

dborn | 25. desember 2014

Guys, guys, dogs are not children. They are carnivore pack animals. Their teeth show that they are carnivores. Human teeth show we are omnivores, and deer are herbivores and their teeth prove it.
You give 'em chocolate or bread or cheese, what do you expect?

mat.varghese | 25. desember 2014

hahah, awesome story.
poor doggie

Ohmman | 25. desember 2014

He was sending a message regarding the center console vs. opportunity console argument. At least he has an opinion.

Anthony J. Parisio | 25. desember 2014

Hmmm. If he chose the open center console to do his business do you think you might be able to train them to use the toilet? ;)

4SUPER9 | 25. desember 2014

OK, it took me a good 5 minutes to read your post, as I laughed so hard I almost completely lost it.

@bigd: "Pics or it didn't happen!" That did me in.

Red Sage ca us | 25. desember 2014

Good dog.

SoCal Buzz | 26. desember 2014

@jeff, glad it cleaned up. Just curious, what is required to remove the console??

FelixMendeldog | 26. desember 2014


AmpedRealtor | 26. desember 2014

Where's Mclary?

thranx | 26. desember 2014

Okay, I read the whole post, and can enter the new year confident I have done full penance in advance.

thranx | 26. desember 2014

@AmpedRealtor; maybe he's pooped out.

randrave | 26. desember 2014

My new favorite forum topic header.

bobrobert | 26. desember 2014

Santa's getting coarse - it used to be a lump of coal in your stocking. Vulgar way for him to tell you to clean up your act :)

staze | 26. desember 2014

I wonder how this will show up on the Carfax. ;-)

Glad it worked out.

eturner303 | 26. desember 2014


johncrab | 26. desember 2014

So THAT is the purpose of a console in a Model S. I had been wondering.

bobrobert | 26. desember 2014

You nailed it, johncrab - intended to be filled with kitty-litter

txakoli | 26. desember 2014

Darn UW grads....

GeekEV | 26. desember 2014

Well, that stinks...

rbgpgfl | 26. desember 2014

A very funny and bizarre story.

mrspaghetti | 26. desember 2014

Anthony J. Parisio do you think you might be able to train them to use the toilet?

He couldn't lift the seat; he lacks the strength and the opposable thumbs.

Iowa92x | 26. desember 2014

Me Tapping out on cheesy loose meat sandwiches for a couple years.

Rheumboy | 26. desember 2014

I trained my dog to go in the cupholder

PhillyMomof4 | 07. januar 2015


Brian H | 07. januar 2015

I will refrain from quoting Bjørn here. Barely. | 07. januar 2015


NKYTA | 07. januar 2015

@Rheumboy and @BrianH; thanks for the chuckles. :-)

renwo S alset | 07. januar 2015

I trained mine to go in the cupholder while watching himself in the lighted vanity mirrors. Top that arthritic person.

NKYTA | 07. januar 2015

Jokesters all of you!

Nice one tesla S owner in state of California of the United States of America. +1 to you too.

Thank goodness I've deciphered your handle!!!

Sully | 07. januar 2015

Your detail guy deserves something really special...

ElectricSteve | 08. januar 2015

You should have gotten the Yacht-floor in the center. The poo and pee can than slosh about more easily during accell. and braking.

Panoz | 08. januar 2015


Maestrokneer | 08. januar 2015

I don't know something stinks about this story. There's too many loose ends. I think he's full of shit.

mclary | 08. januar 2015

What is the point to this post?


Brian H | 10. januar 2015

I think you got your vowels backwards. Not sure about your bowels.

Qwiksilver | 10. januar 2015

And that's why we don't let our person in the Tesla

akikiki | 14. mars 2018

Time to bump this one to the top.

Mike83 | 14. mars 2018

Smells shitty to me.

GHammer | 14. mars 2018

This one is a classic.

blacktape242 | 14. mars 2018

kinda sounds like my diet! but wow, what a horror story, glad there was a good ending.

KP in NPT | 14. mars 2018

Wow that's a good one.

sentabo | 14. mars 2018

Besides a few good laughs I also now know the origin of renwo's moniker (thanks to NKYTA). Can't believe I missed that.

SbMD | 14. mars 2018

I forgot how funny this was. Thanks for bumping, @akikiki. Mahalo :)