Name your car

Name your car

My understanding is you can create a name for the car. I am curious what clever names people have come up with.

Spooky | 19. september 2014

Although wholly unoriginal: Tess

mathwhiz | 19. september 2014

There was already a thread awhile ago that asked this...

jordanrichard | 19. september 2014

I know it's not too creative, but I named mine Sparky. Though it's nice that the name appears on the "software" screen, I think it would be great if in place of the words Model S, it would have your car's name in the same size and font.

BrianSY | 19. september 2014

"It's the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs."

Millennium Falcon

PBEndo | 19. september 2014

speaking of names, James are you a dentist?

Haggy | 19. september 2014

He could be a DMD, which is a medical doctor/dentist. Or he could be a doctor from Maryland. Or maybe he went to medical school twice.

PBEndo | 19. september 2014

"medical school twice" - that's why they call it practice!

PBEndo | 19. september 2014

A DMD is a dentist (no different than a DDS, just depends on which school you attended) so the M may be a personal initial. However, I am wondering if he is a dual-degree oral surgeon. Some oral surgeons get both MD and Dental (DDS or DMD) degrees. MD+DMD = mdmd.

Anthony J. Parisio | 19. september 2014


NOGAS4G | 19. september 2014

Stela (an anagram)

Haggy | 19. september 2014

I may have gotten it backwards then. Perhaps he's a Marylander who is a doctor.

Red Sage ca us | 19. september 2014

Probably will be either 'RED5IVE' or 'RED5AGE'.

Joules II | 19. september 2014

My white MS is Joules.

Captain_Zap | 19. september 2014

Mine too, cathy.

mbirnie51 | 19. september 2014

Blue Thunder...a P85 with 30+K miles and 3 weeks before my first anniversary...I used to walk 3/4 of a mile to get the mail, but I now can drive an electric automobile...

jbunn | 19. september 2014


julierca | 19. september 2014

Wattson. Or Wattsun. Haven't decided which yet.

jcaspar1 | 19. september 2014

Thinking of "M Slayer" for my BMW friends...

dborn | 19. september 2014

RedDevil. She is a sig red.

mtambr31214 | 19. september 2014


sbeggs | 20. september 2014

14TFOR2...affectionately known as "the T".

RonaldA | 20. september 2014

Mr T

BrassGuy | 20. september 2014

Defender. I wanted something like a superhero name, but not too aggressive. It defends our bodies and the planet. It was also my favorite arcade game.

Mistry | 20. september 2014

My kids came up with the name "White Lightning" for our white model S. No relation to the Burt Reynolds movie.

lunknugget | 20. september 2014

Ours is "Toothless" from How to Train Your Dragon because the face of the car looks like Toothless the dragon every time we see our reflection in the back of another car.

Ryan D. | 20. september 2014

Silver 85 called "Quicksilver", an homage to the cartoon (Silverhawks) from the 80s.

allan817 | 20. september 2014

Black Mamba - swift acceleration, deadly on curves and just bad *** to look at.

ronmarcusps | 20. september 2014

Mine is currently DR TSLA (which will also be my personalized plates), but I'm now thinking of STELA if can steal NOGAS4G's idea of an anagram. . .

SCCRENDO | 20. september 2014

Trying to get ideas from you guys but you're not being very helpful. Maybe I should stick to my old faithful sccrendo.

Bill D | 20. september 2014


amitb00 | 20. september 2014


SamO | 20. september 2014

Gray Deceiver

#2 on the list of bad-ass flying cars

mjsais | 21. september 2014

Although not very original - The Tardis

SeattleSid | 21. september 2014


KidDoc | 21. september 2014


MarkMaslan | 21. september 2014

The Batmobile (black interior with the red piping , black ext)

Mireille and Conan | 21. september 2014

Ruth - named for the White Dragon from Anne McCaffrey's Pern novels.

ssarker | 21. september 2014

Tessa Eevee

TheAustin | 21. september 2014

Blue Steel (Zoolander reference, but also, it's Blue)

Ohms.Law | 21. september 2014

Wholly original. Know no one would have thought of this without seeing it here:



Red Sage ca us | 21. september 2014

Mireille & Conan wrote, "Ruth - named for the White Dragon from Anne McCaffrey's Pern novels."

Excellent! After decades, I finally took the time to read these, and I loved them! I had put off reading them far too long, just as I had the books by Octavia E Butler. Glad I did, though!


moorelin | 21. september 2014


judimasters | 21. september 2014

MIDNIGHT cause it is the darkest of blues.

TeslaTN | 21. september 2014

I like, the Tardis. It's like magic and can take you anywhere.

sbeggs | 21. september 2014

the volcano? | 21. september 2014


A play on "EV" (my plate is TSLA EV)
The female names "Evie" & "Evey"
& Electronic Virtual Interactive Entity

Do you suspect I may over-think this stuff?

moorelin | 21. september 2014


yes - eruptive, disruptive, Earth power unleashed

furbrain | 21. september 2014

Tessie. Sorry.

bucuneer | 21. september 2014

Anyone know how to change your car's name after entering it?
My kids don't approve of the hugely clever name...Silver.
Don't they get it? The car is...silver. So I named it Silver.
Right then - how do we change what we've done?