Navigation has traffic?

Navigation has traffic?

Does the Nav package have traffic? And if so how well does it work?

RAFellows | 30. mars 2013

Yes, it does and it works well for me in the Seattle metro area.

cerjor | 30. mars 2013

As long as you have a 3G signal.

cschock | 30. mars 2013

It does have traffic... where I live everything so far has always been green. One of the perks of living in the country I suppose. So I have no idea how well it works.

stevenmaifert | 30. mars 2013

You don't need the Nav package to get traffic. It is displayed on the Google map in the non-Tech MS too. On Friday I took a round trip from San Diego to Oceanside on I-5. Traffic was snarled both ways and the Green-Yellow-Red on the Google map was spot on.

smd | 30. mars 2013

Traffic is displayed by Google maps on the center console. The turn by turn directions is a different system (Navigon, I think) that used the address found by Google maps to create a route, and that route does NOT take the traffic info into consideration, so it gives you an arrival time based on no traffic. It's irritating to see the arrival time get later and later as you are driving in traffic. The other issue with 2 systems is that an address found by Google maps might not be available on Navigon, so it ends up giving you an incorrect route. It's happened to me once in 3.5 months with the car.

I hope Tesla will integrate the maps and routing better with future software upgrades.

bp | 31. mars 2013

Second smd's comments.

My previous car (LS 460) was one of the first with integrated XM NavTraffic. While it wouldn't use the traffic data to adjust estimated arrival time, what it did do was warn you about upcoming traffic problems and then offer to re-route around the traffic congestion. Because of that, I usually used the navigation system for any trip involving the freeways - so I'd get the warning on accidents or other highway problems.

With the MS, the traffic information is only displayed - not used to estimate arrival time, doesn't warn about upcoming problems on your route, and doesn't offer re-routing around traffic congestion. Plus, if you use the navigation routing, the routing line even hides the underlying traffic data - so you can't even see the traffic conditions on your route. To workaround that, I'll cancel the routing - look at the traffic data - and then regenerate the route from History.

The current navigation software is pretty basic - and because of that, it really isn't very useful. The lack of integration with the real-time traffic is one area that should be addressed, along with many other missing navigation features (such as waypoints, being able to route to a specific point on the map, POIs, route customization, ...).

Since the MS has all of this data - and all that's missing is the software to take advantage of it - hopefully they'll get around to nav software improvements in the next couple of updates...

stimeygee | 31. mars 2013

Hm. That's not good. Decent traffic is kind if the whole point of navigation for me (NYC dweller).

bp | 31. mars 2013

The real-time traffic was a major feature when I purchased my last car - and the Model S has that information - just not integrated with the navigation software.

Since Tesla has indicated they plan to update the car's software, and the car has the navigation and traffic data already, a future update should address the deficiencies of the current nav software - and has the potential to be a pretty powerful system - especially with the large display and the Internet connectivity.

For now, the traffic information is there - in Google maps - just not very useful while navigation routing is active - which is pretty easy to toggle on and off - at least for now, until the software gets better.

stimeygee | 31. mars 2013

I wonder if they would be allowed to license google's traffic in the same way, though, once its integrated into the inboard Nav.

ir | 31. mars 2013

I just run Waze on my iPhone for my daily commute. Wish Tesla would integrate Waze, the traffic information is much better in the Bay Area than the government feeds shown on Google Maps.