Nederlanse levering

Nederlanse levering


In december 2012 heb ik mijn model s (85kw) besteld en geconfigureerd in mei 2013.
Ben erg benieuwd wanneer ik hem zal krijgen.
Iemand een idee?

Greetz Rick

Benz | 29. juli 2013


As from August about 70% of the weekly production capacity (which is about 500 Tesla Model S EV's per week) shall be used to produce the Tesla Model S EV's for the deliveries for the European market. That comes down to about 350 Tesla Model S EV's per week. Therefore it's most likely for you to get your Tesla Model S delivered somewhere in Q4 2013.

Kind regards,

pebell | 29. juli 2013

Did you order a SIG? Because I think they are already underway.

merijn | 29. juli 2013

I also ordered my car December 2012 and finalized May 2013. After asking Tesla, they told me delivery would be the third week of November. (The estimated delivery window when finalizing was sept-oct 2013.)

Benz | 29. juli 2013

Your Tesla Model S will be delivered when Sinterklaas will arrive in The Netherlands. He just might have loaded a container on his ship. Sorry, just joking. But the timing just might be around the 5th of December this year, you never know.

BertoBrink | 29. juli 2013

just received the manual for EU TMS, but when I try to open it, it sais: Can't open, it's damaged. Am I the only one? (it could be my computer)

tobi_ger | 29. juli 2013

Maybe try different browser as well for downloading?

Jolanda | 29. juli 2013

Same problem here. The Ipad can't open it. Thought it was the Ipad....

jeroens | 29. juli 2013

As fellow dutch guy (and to all belgiums) make sure you also check out this thread/forum:

Brian H | 29. juli 2013

Anyone try the Foxit PDF Reader?

Geert.Snijders | 29. juli 2013

@Benz: I hope DSinterklaas does not try to stuff the car in my chimney...:D

@Berto: same problem here in IE10

Benz | 29. juli 2013

@ Geert.Snijders

That's a good joke.
I hadn't thought about that one yet.
Really funny.


jeroens | 29. juli 2013

someone was kind enough to share it here:

pebell | 29. juli 2013

Thanks! And man, if I had seen that picture of the Pearl White on the cover half a year ago, I would have gone with that colour! Gorgeous!

BertoBrink | 29. juli 2013

@ Jeroens; thanks! with your tip using the thread I received the manual!

JaneW | 29. juli 2013

@ Geert.Snijders

Zwaarte Piet will be your Delivery Specialist. ;)

Zie ginds komt de Tesla ...

Musterion | 29. juli 2013
Jolanda | 30. juli 2013

Let's hope the blind spot detection is integrated as can be seen in the manual...

Brian H | 30. juli 2013

In time for Christmas.

Norse Santa?

Jolanda | 30. juli 2013

If I look at his cigarette and background, I assume that this is the Dutch Santa..

This is really great s.h.i.t....

Jackie425 | 30. juli 2013

Maybe it's time for a visit to a Dutch coffee shop. We might care a little less about having to wait ;-)

rch1708 | 30. juli 2013

Ordered in NL in January, delivery expected H2 November (2453).

And what is it with the American obsession with Dutch coffee shops? To those of us living in NL they're just another feature of the high street, same as working girls in red lit shop windows, etc. They cater to a particular section of society, like bookies and casinos. So what? Being a Brit living for 28yrs in NL, I've learned that there's advantages not being quite so.... Er, well, 'hypocritical' is the only useful word that leaps to mind.

Anyway, sorry for being off topic. It just that there's much more to my adopted country than weed, working girls, wooden shoes and windmills.