new iPhone capability

new iPhone capability

Just out -- Tesla will be offering a newly updated software that will allow one to use their iPhone to unlock and start their Model S, among other things. Although it has just been announced for the Model S, I am posting in this thread as the timing in probably related to the soon to be released Model X. Part of Elon's "this car will blow your socks off" thinking.

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ian | 23. august 2014

Yup. Very cool stuff!

socalsam | 24. august 2014

I can already lock and unlock my car with my iPhone. Curious to see the features.

vperl | 25. august 2014

News mentioned other features, and did say Android app is on way

laurduncan | 26. august 2014

iOS 8 is out in roughly 2 weeks. Big day for Apple. Could be a big marketing day for Tesla if they do some kind of marketing push to coincide with all of the exciting apple news and releases. Especially since they've got some sparkly new features on the way.

Maybe even a build-your-own-x app! :)

vandacca | 27. august 2014

Apple invites App developers all the time on stage during their presentations. It would be really cool to have Tesla come out during Apple's iPhone 6 (iOS 8) launch to demonstrate some really cool new features. Two of my favourite companies on stage at the same time might convince me to get the new iPhone 6. ;)


TonyInNH | 27. august 2014

Sounds like it would be subject to hacking. Will it use BlueTooth?