New pictures

New pictures

There are new pictures on the event galary. You can see all colours now!
Looks nice, next interior?

Volker.Berlin | 31. august 2012

Beautiful! :-) | 31. august 2012

You just can't fully capture the blue model S in a picture-- but this is damn close (& pretty)

Tesla229 | 31. august 2012

WOW! The Signature Red just became my new desktop photo!

dahtye | 31. august 2012

That Signature red has the exact same configuration as the one I ordered:
Silver wheels
Pano Roof
Black leather interior

VERY nice photo!

Steve841 | 31. august 2012


You clearly have good taste.

(Exactly what I ordered)

dahtye | 31. august 2012

Agreed StevenR!! I'm in the SF Bay Area and hope to get mine in October (was originally est Sept back in June when I configured). I'm Sig #567. I'd expect there will be at least a few "twins" in this area once all Sigs get delivered.

BYT | 31. august 2012

Pearl White for me! Dark rims, pano, carbon fiber, black performance interior! Sig#1,186, CAN'T WAIT! Also in the Bay Area.

dahtye | 31. august 2012


I saw a pearl white with Pano Roof this morning on Hwy 237 between Mathilda and Lawrance going eastbound at around 9:30am. It was going pretty fast in the left lane. I didn't see the type of wheels.

I also saw a sig red with pano roof Wednesday night in Palo Alto (on Arastradero, near the TM headquarters) at around 7:35pm.

This is the first time I've seen two in the wild in the course of 3 days!

EdG | 31. august 2012

@BYT: I've got the same configuration. Other coast so we don't get confused.

prash.saka | 01. september 2012

Stunning. I love these pictures. Have you noticed that the cars are lined up in almost the exact same spot?

I just wish I was there to see them in full glory.

~ Prash.

BYT | 01. september 2012

I keep seeing the same Sig Red around Menlo Park, never seen a Pearl White with an owner in the wild.

@EdG, I like your taste... obviously... ;)

Michael23 | 01. september 2012

White with dark rims all the way! I got regular white though for more contrast. Pearl is nice though!

mdennick | 01. september 2012

I told my kids the first to see a Modle S in the wild gets a treat. In So Cal/OC I'm thinking it will still be a while. Amusingly my 7 year old spotted the new Service Center in Newport from the freeway. I didn't even know it was there.

Tesla229 | 01. september 2012


So, it's not on PCH anymore? Where's the one your kid saw?