New Reservation Holder!

New Reservation Holder!

I've been pondering putting the $5,000 down for quite a while now and after talking to Steve and Will at Tesla, I finally pulled the trigger (read: clicked enter). Getting married just a little under five months ago and now proposing an "investment" in an intangible can be a hard sell to a new wife! The fact that she also would like a new car sooner than the possible delivery date of 18-23 months made it even more of a challenge. But the good news is that she agreed and I'm constantly selling her the idea of the Tesla Model S. We are both excited to be part of this "club" and have yet to try out the Roadster and see the technology up front. Looks like the lady and I are going to make a day trip to San Francisco and visit the Menlo park office tomorrow (9th of January).

A little about us: We're are a new young couple in the San Diego area both born and raised down here. I haven't seen too many roadsters around or know of any meets but I'm more than excited to get a group of enthusiasts together. Anyone?

ggr | 08. januar 2011

San Diego has its own representative: Diego Villamizar

There are a few events scheduled for the smallish and lazy group in the area... a run to Julian is scheduled for Feb 19th.


adellelijah | 08. januar 2011

Hey Greg, thanks for the quick reply. There was a test drive event today at Coronado which I read about and Will contacted me when I said that I was interested but he advised that it was for Roadster customers only so I didn't even bother on top of other errands today.

If anyone is looking for a co-pilot on the 19th, I'm all in pending on my schedule. =)

ggr | 09. januar 2011

I probably have a spare seat on the 19th.


toxdok | 09. januar 2011

Adellelijah- I'm about to do the same. Do you know what your 'number' is, in terms of the wait list? I have a friend who just asked for his deposit back because he doesn't drive enough to justify the (future) purchase, and I'm curious to know where they are at now with reservations. I might be able to buy his slot.

Somewhere on this or other blogs I've seen discussion about the 'number', but couldn't find the latest on this.

adellelijah | 20. januar 2011

Hey Greg: I'm sorry I didn't see that invite! I wish I had checked back sooner but the date just lapsed my mind. But next time, I'm in! I really appreciate it.

Toxdok: Can't say that I know my "number" is just yet and it's been a little while now. I'm definitely eager to find out but I'm hearing that it'll be somewhere at the tail end of 2012 or early 2013. Sounds so far away!

adellelijah | 20. januar 2011

Just looked up my profile and apparently I have a number!!! It's #2850!!! Hopefully that's something in the 2012 year?! I was wondering also if that number includes the first 1000 that are reserved for the Premium guys. Anyone?

Volker.Berlin | 20. januar 2011

As far as I can tell, there are separate queues for signature models (first 1000) vs. "regular" production, and for US vs. Canada vs. Europe. I have not found any official confirmation on this, but this is my impression from the numbers people post on this forum.

This means that if at the time production starts all 1000 signature models are reserved in your region of the world (which seems to be a safe bet), you actually have #3850, but you won't get the 3850th car they build because they also have to serve the queues in the other regions.

BYT | 21. januar 2011

If Tesla's goal is 20K cars a year and they begin full production the middle of 2012 then I would assume that if they kept to those numbers that all reservation holders would get the Model S in 2012 who place an order by the middle of this year (assuming again that 6k more reservations are not made between now and then). Of course, things can come up that delay full productions so final number of Model S's produced in 2012 would change if that were to happen.

Roblab | 21. januar 2011

This last week it seems that a lot of the production numbers changed, at least in the Sig Series. I wonder if there were a lot of Sig Series that decided since they wouldn't be all that far waiting for a regular P series, why put down the extra. Many numbers jumped lower almost by 50 to 100. It doesn't seem like there are that many Sig reservations.
Personal opinion, which seems to be standard on these forums, is that TMC will NOT make 20,000 cars first 12 months. It seems that most manufacturing lines take a few months to get up to speed, and I have heard 7000 the first year. Of course, if you are number 3000, it won't be a long wait.

Volker.Berlin | 21. januar 2011

Well, I guess you could read Elon's comments quite differently. He reportedly said (did not find the 1st hand source) they want to produce 7000 units in the first 12 months. Which translates to 3000 units or less in 2012, assuming that they start production around the middle of the year and gradually increase their output during the first 12 months. 3000 units, that's 1000 signature models for US, Canada and Europe each, and not a single regular "P" unit. So, be prepared to hold your breath a little longer...

ggr | 21. januar 2011

@adellelijah, the Julian run is in February, so you haven't missed anything yet! Contact me offline (ggr at if you're still interested.


Tim10 | 21. januar 2011

There is currently no sig option available to Canadians.

Douglas3 | 22. januar 2011

Don't forget that the Canadian cars will appear at least 6 months after they start selling in the US. I have Canadian R10 but even if they do launch on time I'm not really expecting to see the car until well into 2013. Any schedule slippage, or DOT being finicky about something on the certification, and it could easily be 2014.

nlukin | 08. februar 2011

Just got my reservation in! Number 3,014 in general production.

adellelijah | 09. februar 2011


msiano17 | 12. februar 2011

@ BYT, Roblab & Volker

I beleive (unfortunately cannot remember where) I read that Tesla's plan is to produce 20,000 units a year, and since the first releases in 2012 are just a partial year they will be producing 10,000 only.

So that is 1000 Signature and 9000 Gen Production grand total only and no others for the first year

then it would be 20,000 gen production from then out maybe until the 300 pack is released and they do a special promo then of some sorts

Vawlkus | 14. februar 2011

Actually msiano17, Tesla isn't expecting to clear 7000 units in the first year due to tooling up and to give themselves some flex room for the inevitable delays.

Sammy | 14. februar 2011

I am # 3058. Looking at early 2013 hopefully

msiano17 | 16. februar 2011


Fair enough. I rather have them under predict and over promise. Typically a best practice for customer service. I will find out more information when the Prototype is here in Chicago and I chat with some Tesla Reps and get back to everyone.

msiano17 | 16. februar 2011

oh and btw everyone this thread is already going on the forums I'd say join in on the other one, more information there