Nigel Tufnel's car?

Nigel Tufnel's car?

Just picked up my MS over the weekend and am loving it. Anybody notice that the volume control on the media player goes to "11". Suppose those nerdy Tesla engineers are Spinal Tap fans?

nickjhowe | 19. februar 2013

Hi there - and welcome to the forum. Yup - this was discovered ::ahem:: a little while ago. :-)

54trombone | 19. februar 2013

Oops, so sorry. Didn't search. I shall resume lurking.

nickjhowe | 19. februar 2013

Hope I didn't scare you off. We're not a bad bunch, generally.

jk2014 | 19. februar 2013

Maybe he thought you were the other "nick"

nickjhowe | 19. februar 2013


Robert22 | 19. februar 2013

If you need to build an adapter talk to Nick, AKA MacGyver.

hfcolvin | 20. februar 2013

There's also a cucumber hidden somewhere in the car.

Michael S | 20. februar 2013

...and a really small paper mache Stonehendge............

.....I know what you're thinking....don't go there....

Jewsh | 20. februar 2013


"There's also a cucumber hidden somewhere in the car."

Hopefully it is not to be found in the driver's seat.

Kal-el | 20. februar 2013
PBEndo | 07. april 2013

The fan speed even goes to 11

dstiavnicky | 08. april 2013

Generally, I find my whole MS goes to eleven in every way.

DFibRL8R | 08. april 2013

Bass level goes to 12.5.

citroNord | 08. april 2013

How about blood pressure?