Non USA Model S.

Non USA Model S.

Being from Australia, the questions i have which I am sure apply to Europe as well are as follows.

What is the advantage of a signature vehicle beyond some colour options and badging? In 2013, All 3 battery sizes will be equally available as will all suspension options. The production line will have ramped up to full capacity by then and so there is not even the advantage of getting the car sooner. In Australia, Known reservations are less than 50 total. A single day's production if the factory is working 24/7.
I personally am going to expect some VERY tangible exclusive inclusions to make the additional cost worthwhile. Either that or a very different interior with a heck of a lot more storage than the current known iteration. Perhaps a 500mile battery capacity. All wheel drive? Other luxury goodies not yet mentioned?

Our cars will be very much more expensive than in the USA, maybe as much as double the price in real terms, taxes, homologation, marine insurance, shipping, included.

I sincerely hope executives at the factory are reading this, and i hope that non-USA reservationists respond appropriately to make the point to the executive.

jerry3 | 04. juni 2012

- What is the advantage of a signature vehicle beyond some colour options and badging

Early delivery. Being first in line is really what you're paying for.

dborn | 04. juni 2012

Jerry3, not if total reservations are as low as they are.

Volker.Berlin | 05. juni 2012

dborn, I don't expect any advantage besides color, interior, badging. I already considered this when I originally placed my reservation back in April 2009, and I just recently reconsidered whether I should jump ship from EU #P3 to Sig. The result was the same then as it was just now: The Sig may be interesting for people who are late to the party and not willing to wait until all the Ps in front of them are delivered. Besides, it offers exclusive bragging rights and some uncertain collector's value (if you intend to mothball your Model S vs. actually drive it). No added value for me there.

Brian H | 05. juni 2012

The early delivery advantage will come only when the EU and Aus reservations surge into the thousands, sometime next fall.