Note to Elon

Note to Elon

I have been in line for over 2 years and you have held my deposit of 5K the entire time. I never once complained about the delays because I believe in you. I believe you will sacrifice time in order to put out the best quality vehicle.
Now that my # has come up, there has been a lot of confusion and uncertainty of important features of the Model X or maybe something as simple as which color will look best on that car.
That can cause a person in line to wanting to make changes when they click the order button. Your 7 day change feature addresses that but what is missing is what happens if someone elects to hold off until they see the car in person after the clicked order but before the 7 day period elapses.

What I found out from a Tesla employee is, "Your space in line is forfeited"
Nowhere on your website is that mentioned. Nowhere on your website is that even alluded to. When pressing the Tesla employee, he stated I am not the first person to bring this up.

I have no issues with policy. My issue is with TRANSPARENCY! I do not understand how you can let people make changes to the car in 7 days but not let them hold off until at least the car is somewhere a buyer can see it. In the very least, post that next to the order button. maybe something as simple as, "By pressing this button, you will lose your space in line should you elect not to confirm the order withing 7 days, even if you need more time to decide"
Ludicrous for sure!

Jack B

PBEndo | 05. desember 2015


MyXinTx | 06. desember 2015

Hear Hear... but here is more....

How can a person expect to make option choices without having detailed information/specifications/videos about those options?

All Automaker's online "Build it" configurators have extensive details about those features, at least enough to make a reasonable decision whether to select now or pay more for it later.

However, this pales in comparison to the issue of purchasing it with an only 7-day delay.

So the early reservation holders are really testing their trust to select options and purchase a $100K vehicle sight unseen with minimal information upfront.

Did the early S buyers face the same obstacle?

Remnant | 06. desember 2015

@ WaitN4myX (December 6, 2015)

<< ... 7-day delay. >>

Is that 7 days from the notification, or from the order date?

Ankit Mishra | 06. desember 2015

There are a lot of Sig owners who didn't configured their car till now. So I think normal X reservation holders can also wait out. Dont configure at all. Dont cancel, dont configure until you can see the car. Let Tesla do the whatever they find necessary. You dont need to be pulled into action when you don't have enough data to make a decision (differs from person to person).

AlMc | 06. desember 2015

The basic transparency question you have is a good one. Configuring without all the 'specs' being given or hiding some options, Example: the 72amp charger option, can not be argued as a 'good' thing.

elguapo | 06. desember 2015

If you believe, then order and confirm now, if you need more data, wait. It's pretty simple. I think what TM is doing is nearly identical to the S process a couple of years ago. There are plenty of people who will confirm without getting their questions answered or seeing a car and I think it is appropriate for those people to have priority as it allows TM to geek the X sooner and get more revenue in the beginning - as has been discussed elsewhere on the forums. The earliest adopters get rewarded for their willingness to take risk.

aesculus | 06. desember 2015

You can configure until the cows come home. Just don't press the Order button until you are ready.

BTW I agree with others over at TMC that maybe this order thing should be changed a bit. Telling you to order now with a 7 day grace period, and then not actually making the car for 6 or 12 months does not make sense.

They should probably have you really make a 'reservation' now, and then have you confirm it when the car is 30 days away from production. This way they can plan inventory and build out but you are not forced into something that is way off in the future with all sorts of changes possible over that time.

Remnant | 06. desember 2015

@ elguapo (December 6, 2015)

<< If you believe, then order and confirm now, if you need more data, wait. >>

Good advice!

I'll do that.

jackbitton | 06. desember 2015

Thank you for your comments and feedback

I have no issues with the way Tesla wants to handle the ordering of a car My issue is that when I hit order I am notified that I have seven days to make any changes to the ordeR. No where on the website does it tell you that once you hit order you cannot go back and undo the order altogether and keep your place in line

Had I known that I would have waited until I felt comfortable enough to learn about the car and the specs without having to lose my place in line

So now I am stuck with buying $145,000 car and not knowing what the options will be like or losing my place in line which I have waited over two years for. so now I am stuck with buying $145,000 car and not knowing what the options will be like or losing my place in line which I have waited over two years

jackbitton | 06. desember 2015

The transparency question is not about what options may or Maine be on the car The transparency issue is about Tesla letting people know that once they click order there is no way they could retain their place in line again if they elect to hold off with in the seven day period.
Not only do I find this to be problematic and unfair but even the Tesla representative said I am not the first person to make this complaint yet they haven't even done the most simplistic thing of posting that verbiage next to the order button

carlk | 06. desember 2015

You meant to say you don't know order means order? Click the order button if you want to order, and get the car sooner. Wait if you're not ready. It couldn't be simpler than this. It wouldn't be fair to others if you want Tesla to hold your place and put you ahead of people who have already ordered.

MyXinTx | 06. desember 2015

Somewhat confused about ability to delay and hold your position in line.

Is it a fact stated by Tesla that once notified that you can now configure and order your vehicle, you can hold off INDEFINITELY until you have enough information before engaging in that process?

If so, will that then place you in line with all other orders?

If Yes is the answer to both questions, then that may be the brilliance of the current system.

However if NO is the response, then it is unfair to those that deposited their commitment in the beginning.

ian | 06. desember 2015

I don't believe it's stated anywhere that's how it works but it seems to be the case. I was invited to configure last Monday. I have not, as yet, clicked the order button on a configurations as I need more info to make a decision and ideally would do a test fit in my garage. I'll let you know if they say anything tomorrow.

teslaliving | 06. desember 2015

I already decided I'm holding off on any further commitment until I can drive one. I'd love to get one early (my place in line) but if that means buying it totally sight unseen i'd rather give up my spot in line. Im just a regular res holder in the middle of the pack and am quite happily driving my S in the meantime.

carlk | 06. desember 2015

Did anyone force you to place the order sight unseen? I don't think you got a problem.

AlMc | 06. desember 2015

@CarlK: I think it is fair to *think* that you will be able to get full 'specs' or get a chance to see one, as with the 'amped tour' with the S.

Certainly there is no language in the TM agreement that says they have to do this but I think most people spending in excess of 100k on a vehicle would agree that having more information is what they expected.

Obviously no one forced someone to order sight unseen but come on CarlK have a little sympathy for people in this predicament.

elguapo | 06. desember 2015

By the way, it should be noted lots of S drivers made changes to their orders even after they were "confirmed" back in the beginning - think Summer/Fall 2012 through early 2013. I wouldn't count on this, but since it seems there will likely be a significant wait between confirming configuration and production, you will likely be able to add options for a limited time. Probably can't take things away. But changing paint, adding an option, etc will likely be possible.

MyXinTx | 07. desember 2015

As I have mentioned I know of at lease one who has 2 reservations, placed about 6 months apart. The theory being that if when the first one comes up for order and the 2nd row don't fold, he would need to pass and hope that by the 2nd res came up, folding seats may be available.

But if one can indefinitely delay ordering an X at the time of the invitation to order, then he would only need one. Not a huge deal when deposits are fully refundable.

There can really not be any criticism of the need to lock in the options once the order is submitted, but is 7 days enough time???

Red Sage ca us | 07. desember 2015


MyXinTx | 07. desember 2015

Having said that, I am extremely empathetic to all of those early holders that will need to commit to selections and an order of a vehicle they most likely have never seen, driven, or even sat in...a complete leap of faith.

The trade-off of early delivery vs complete confidence in the vehicle...I don't think I could do it, but that's just me...but I admit I do participate in some Kickstarter gadgets...much lower investment.

kittylitter | 07. desember 2015

My 'leap of faith' in ordering my signature X sight unseen is nothing compared to those who did the same with the model S. I have a proven track record of the production S to look at while they only had the 'every car hand made' Roadster as a basis for their faith that Tesla could mass produce a quality automobile.

The X will be awesome!! (And soooo worth the wait.)

carlk | 07. desember 2015

@AlMc Likely so and sight unseen too but I would take a look at the real car the first chance I have too. You should know the way I operate the chance that I would regret the decision is zero. I've done my research and never look back. I know for sure there is no better alternative at the moment I buy the car which is good enough for me. I don't need the "perfect" car. People with too many consideration would never be satisfied since there will always something new come up later.

@kittylitter Absolutely. It's your personal decision whether you want to take the risk or you want to wait. Just to understand the universe does not evolve around a single person. Everyone should just take whatever the best option available to him or you will be forever miserable.

carlk | 07. desember 2015

@Red Sage ca us


ken | 07. desember 2015

@jackbittonm there are a lot of us on this forum who saw the X at the reveal in Freemont, so a lot of questions can be answered here. However, if you need to feel and drive it before you order, then you will have to wait until sometime in the first quarter when it is expected that the X's will be in the showroom. Many have had their $40K down for years and still do not have their questions answered, but I believe, as others have stated, that it will be worth the wait. You need to wait until you are satisfied, but feel free to ask questions. Many have already been answered.

aesculus | 07. desember 2015

@jackbitton: You are not stuck yet. You can still cancel without penalties in your 7 day window. You are then back in pre order stage like everyone else who has not ordered. You can ask them to make sure you still have access to the configurator.

Eracer | 07. desember 2015

Sorry I think it's the same with every new car. If you order it before you could test it you get it earlier than those who waited.
Of course I have to admit I attended the launch event in September so it's much easier for me.

AlMc | 07. desember 2015

@CarlK: I am happy for you and others that have the information they need to buy the X asap.

I do not think that most people who are having trouble with their decisions are waiting for the 'perfect' vehicle. Just one that fits their minimum 'needs' in an SUV.

It appears many of the people are struggling with the second row seats.

I will buy the X when it has second row folding seats in a 6 or 7 seat configuration option. That is my impediment to buying at this time.

Even then it is not 'perfect' for my family. My wife would prefer a vehicle without Falcon Wing Doors (but it is not a deal breaker).
We would prefer a higher towing capacity (as mentioned by Jim Chen)...but this is also not a deal breaker,

So, I am not waiting for the perfect X. I will be 'satisfied' with one that has more utlity. Similar in that regard to the prototype.

MyXinTx | 07. desember 2015

@AIMc Well said, no need for me to repeat.

I now have concerns about the enormous front windshield, primarily about the amount of the blazing and blinding Texas without any dropdown visors.

It looks like the S may be a better fit for me, but will I be the only one who realizes this without seeing an actual vehicle???

Orthopod | 07. desember 2015

Have faith

Ankit Mishra | 07. desember 2015

X is a much more advanced car than S in my opinion. It will also be a newer product which brings more attraction. @WaitN4myX don't make any decision until you see X rolling in stores or customers hands. Too much speculation sometimes makes us uneasy. Patience.

carlk | 07. desember 2015

@AlMc I don't have any more info than you do. I just take whatever is available and I'm sure it will be an awesome car for me regardless. Like I said the difference between your thinking and mine is I'm only looking for the best possible one, and possible is always the key.

Even with every info and real car to drive and see the (top of line P85+) S I bought in the early 14' became non-perfect in just 6 months. No offense but if you're looking for a miserable life you likely will get it.

AlMc | 07. desember 2015

@CarlK: Who ever intimated that I have a miserable life (OK, I guess you did) :) You do not even know me. we interact on a forum.

I am very fortunate to have two Ss and am looking forward to an X. Neither S was 'perfect' when I purchased them but they met all my needs for a sedan.

It is a first world problem for anyone thinking about buying vehicles in this price category. If it meets your 'needs', I am happy for you. (really)

It does not meet my family needs for one simple reason. You seem to have this confused with happiness in life and I don't see the connection.

Because one expresses a view/opinion contrary to yours does not mean that person is unhappy/miserable.

You disagree with some of my views. I do not think you are unhappy. :)

Be well. If it improves your happiness: You will be driving an X long before I will. That will not make me unhappy :)

carlk | 07. desember 2015

@AlMc Good to know that you're happy. It would be pretty silly to be unhappy when you're buying a car that a lot of people like to own but 99% of them proabaly could not afford to. It looks my number 12xxx will be called next week or at most for another week. I will leave you alone and go figure out what I'm going to do.

AlMc | 08. desember 2015

@CarlK: :)

Uncle Paul | 09. desember 2015

It may be that this forum is the cause of many of these anxieties. We have parsed and examined so many design and manufacturing issues of this vehicle, that most everyone can find something they would prefer to have been done differently.

When I upgraded my last Jeep Grand Cherokee to a newer design, it had lots of differences, some I liked and some not so much. Learned how to work around many of the issues (no longer had flat load floor, headrests were different (closer) transmission shifted differently, tow/haul button eliminated, automatic flipper door on rear deleted. So many little and significant things changed, but also so many things improved that I love my newer Jeep.

Will be the same, for many people on this forum. There will some items that when under close scrutiny will seem like deal breakers, but after using them for a while, their benefits will become more obvious.

This is not the time for so much self doubt. Just take a deep breath and push the button. You will be overjoyed when the totally of your purchase arrives at your door.

I have never purchased a perfect car, a perfect house, a perfect spouse, a perfect pet, a perfect computer, a perfect TV...anything. Good is it's own reward :>)

Purchasing a totally electric vehicle is a leap of strong.

ian | 09. desember 2015

You purchased your spouse? ;-)

carlk | 09. desember 2015

@phawker1 +100. I need to find out if you are my long lost twin brother.

@ian Talk about spouse there are some on this board I feel if married a beauty queen, Harvard Ph.D. and the only daughter of a billinaire would still be unhappy that she can't cook the best French cuisine. Such are people.

AlMc | 09. desember 2015

@phawker1: I agree with your general premise that nothing in life is perfect. Here is the But.....But, there are some things that can be deal breakers. In the case of the X there are many people that feel it has lost the utility they need/expected to be able to replace their ICE SUV. Many of us are willing to overlook some things that are not perfect in the X, a house, a TV, a pet and yes, even a spouse but there are certain items with each of these that would be a deal breaker.
Ex: House....location
Pet.... Great in every way but aggressive with strangers
TV.... Great features but won't fit in cabinet
Spouse.... Unfaithful.... May be great looking, good mom or dad, excellent cook

The above would be deal breakers for me....can't speak for everyone

MyXinTx | 09. desember 2015

@AIMc I echo your response, but I was expecting you to list some of the dealbreakers that some consider to be the reason to walk away from the dream of owning an X... The top being the reality of the final price to get all desired...and the 2nd reason in my opinion... the lack of a folding 2nd row seat.

I know I will piss some off with this one again true statement..."Every other SUV has a folding 2nd row seat...The U stands for Utility", but I keep hoping the Tesla staff forum reviewers will read it at least once or twice.

From recent posts in other threads, some of us are hanging in there hoping Tesla corrects this error.

If I am going to shell out over $100K for a vehicle that gets from A to B, it better not require any significant sacrifices...other than the money spent.

*Hey Tesla, fold them seats* (New Signature)

AlMc | 10. desember 2015

@Wait4myX: Based on my conversation with TM people in California, I think TM has heard the message about the seat options loud and clear. Whether it be people delaying or canceling reservation OR just registering their opinion about the matter.
Personally, I was not surprised by the pricing. As the price of a fully loaded S went up I knew the X would be 5-10k more than a similar S.

MyXinTx | 14. desember 2015

@AIMc Thanks for the acknowledgement and feedback, as many of us are of the same opinion. I just wish there would be some announcement of why they changed the option and if they are working on it.

True, many of those who waited long and hard for their X may not have that feature of it is added in the future, but I hope that is not a reason to not move forward to revise in the future.

*Hey Tesla, Fold Them Seats*

AlMc | 14. desember 2015

@WaitN4myX: I doubt we will ever get an announcement/explanation for the lack or addition of a feature other than 'we are pleased to announce an additional seating option'.

Personally, I just want to see the option available to you, I and others. An explanation would be appreciated but not expected.

The longer wait *could* result in some other options being available. A 3 or 8 camera AD system and 100 bat option(s0 come to mind.

MyXinTx | 14. desember 2015

Cool...those would be such welcome additions

*Hey Tesla, Fold Them Seats* | 14. desember 2015

While it may seem a curious process to lock orders in many months in advance of production, it makes sense when a company has tens of thousands of reservations with no real commitment other than a few bucks paid for the reservation (Sig. Reservations notwithstanding.). To minimize the cost of parts they need to contract for the largest supportable quantity of each part. This serves both the customer and the company well. While they can lock in a price for say 120,000 falcon wing door motors for example, they need only order the actual quantities needed at any time to meet the weekly build rate. This minimizes cash flow.

Stressing the building of performance models first is a somewhat vexing issue but could be self-correcting in that they could run out of PX90D orders from reservation holders in a couple of months in preference to the more popular X90D cars. In this case I expect them to start building the nonperformance models earlier than expected.

Hope I'm right.

Remnant | 16. desember 2015

@ AlMc (December 9, 2015)

<< But, there are some things that can be deal breakers. >>


In my case, it's the rearview mirrors. They make absolutely no sense in the context of 360 view cameras, available even as aftermarket add-ons for under $500.

Likewise, the incredible package of contraptions in the middle of the pano windshield is a vestigial no-no, along with the sun visors. Electronic sun shading would be the way to go.

I'll wait for the amends.

carlk | 16. desember 2015

@georgehawley That's entirely possible. One thought is the margin consideration. Margin can be small or non-existent in the initial ramp up stage since everything from parts to labor costs is high. Tesla may need to concentrate on the higher margin model to meet the financial target. In a few months when the ramp up is completed and production costs lowered I see no reason why it will not produce both models parallelly just like they do with the S.

AlMc | 16. desember 2015

@Remnant: While I would never encourage people to cancel their reservation I do accept that many people have 'deal breakers' with many things in their lives. I also accept that nothing in life is perfect and while your reason for waiting on placing an order is not one that would delay mine if it is a valid reason for you that is all that matters.

MyXinTx | 16. desember 2015

@AlMc I agree with you, but it is challenging for some to dish out over $100K for a vehicle and still have to accept compromises. Technology will always improve, and most things are soon out-dated upon production.

It also depends on what one is waiting for...To those stuck on a folding 2nd row, waiting for 6 months may be more likely to result in satisfaction than waiting for a electrochromic pano windshield. Even the hardware harness connecting the mirror to the source may be integrated within the windshield by 2017... imagine the cost of windshield replacement then, and Safelite cannot do at your home, or can they?

AlMc | 17. desember 2015

@WaitN4myX: We are on the 'same page'. Everyone has a deal breaker. The deal breakers are different for different people.
To some it is the long rumored electrochromatic roof (will it happen and/or cost of repair); will the X be prewired for the newest 8 camera MBLY system that may allow for true autonomous driving for an easy retrofit of cameras; bigger battery.

In my personal case I can wait for a little longer...until the ICE SUV my wife drives mostly becomes a money pit to repair/unreliable.

carlk | 17. desember 2015

It all depends on whether you see the half full glass or the half empty glass. My deal breaker has always been anything with more than two doors since sports car is the only type of car I was interested to drive. Then came the Model S that has so many things I like even the deal breaker is no more. That is until I have a better option such as when Tesla (or Porsche? Nay, I don't think so) releases the Roadster II/supercar. What is you guys' better option that does not have any "deal breaker"?