'As of now" No 40kw deliveries till 2013

'As of now" No 40kw deliveries till 2013

From my advisor today,
'As of now the 40kw battery packs won’t be delivered until 2013' so there goes my hopes for a Dec 24th delivery as #3562. I need to ponder it a bit more but will likely defer my delivery for 6-9 months.
I don't want to float $7500 tax credit for the entire year.
Possibility of a broader exterior and interior color palette.
Maybe even get a few option and refactor updates as well.

Anyone else in a similar dilemma?

hallphilip | 04. september 2012

Yes I am in pretty much the exact same spot. I do not want to cough up the $7.5k and have to wait 12 months to get it back. On the flip side I am not sure I want to wait until the back end of 2013 to get the car given I am already floating $5k to Tesla. Back on the other flip side it's almost become corporate policy that the first delivered cars may not be "perfect" and additional options/refinements could come into play next year.

It is indeed a dilemma.

Brian H | 04. september 2012

As I keep reminding folks, U can simply not finalize at the end of your 30 days, and then the delivery date "walks" day-for-day until you defer formally, finalize, or cancel.

Sudre_ | 04. september 2012

You might be lucky waiting. I think in a similar topic someone had mentioned changing your taxes withheld so you get your 7500 back sooner. Then change them back.

Longhorn92 | 04. september 2012

I just finalized my 40 kWh Model S, and besides just wanting it sooner rather than later, I justified it as only $2,500 of float between delivery and tax return. I am already floating Tesla $5,000 until I take delivery, so if I delay delivery, I am just extending my $5,000 float. Once I take delivery, then I substitute the $5,000 float for $7,500 of float. Makes me feel a little better anyway.

Plus, even with the 40 kWh selection, my delivery estimate is Dec/Jan, so there is some slight possibility (depending on deferrals/cancellations/status of 40 kWh ramp-up), that I still take delivery this year.

Crusoe | 04. september 2012

@ Brian H - Good to know but still bummed. Well I'll keep an eye on production and keep it day to day.

hallphilip | 05. september 2012

This is why I like forums. Plenty of helpful information. Sudre that is actually a very good point. I can just reduce my withholding given I know my liability will be lower. At least that will enable me to drip back the float over the course of the year.

Robert22 | 08. september 2012

Check to see if your state excise tax is pro-rated. If it isn't that might be another advantage to deferring until 2013. If I take delivery on Dec. 31st I pay the full annual 2012 excise tax here in MA.

DickB | 09. september 2012


Excises are prorated on a monthly basis. If a motor vehicle is registered after the beginning of any calendar year, no excise will be imposed for those months, if any, which have fully elapsed before the vehicle is registered. If a vehicle is registered for any part of a month, however, the excise will be due for all of that month. The annual excise due on a car registered after January 1 will be reduced, therefore, by one twelfth of the full year’s excise for every month prior to the one in which the vehicle was registered.

I live in Mass. and it looks like I will only pay for one month when I get my Model S.


Robert22 | 09. september 2012


You're absolutely correct. I was apparently given the wrong information when I spoke to the DMV last month. My fault for expecting DMV employees to actually know the rules, should have stuck with the web. Thanks for the correction. I'll post an amendment to the Massachusetts thread. Pleaae stop by the state thread under "Other" on the state topics main page. We're trying to start a forum for local drivers and their issues. Looks like you hold the lowest number to date!