One colored headliner

One colored headliner

Does anybody else think it’s a little weird that no matter what color interior you decide, it looks like the color of the headliner will be the same (off white)? When I first saw the Beta cars, I just chalked it to being just that – a Beta car. I saw the Model S’s shown at the Model X premiere – same thing. Even today on the Design Center portion of the website – same. I brought this up with a local rep and she’s asking around too.

I doubt I’m the only one that’s noticed – anybody else know if that was purposeful?

Jason S | 09. april 2012

Turns out it is pretty common for the headliner to be a light color. Heck, I never noticed the headliner in my cars before the Design Studio. =)

stevenmaifert | 10. april 2012

It's a neutral color. I'm okay with it.

Brian H | 10. april 2012

As I mentioned on the other thread, I suspect the color is light to minimize heat emission. A dark cover would "shine" IR from the roof.

EdG | 10. april 2012

While a black material over your head would shine slightly more IR, the reason for keeping the color a neutral off-white is so people don't feel closed in. The IR difference is inconsequential, while the feeling of open space above your head (even if it's only an inch or two) is not.

CIAOPEC | 11. april 2012

Sat in a mini cooper today. Two-tone tan and black seats and the headliner and A pillar were grey/white.

My Honda and my wife's Mercedes has the same light colored headliner. As others have indicated this is standard practice...

brian | 17. april 2012

We have a BMW 550 that we opted for having the headliner match the black interior. We thought it looked more harmonious and elegant. As I see the photos of a black interior, the light headliner looks incongruous to me. I hope Tesla decides to offer a matching headliner as an option as all the German manufacturers appear to do with their luxury vehicles. It is these small details that can really define the luxury automobile. Offering only one color headliner seems beneath the S brand that Tesla appears to be striving for.

petero | 17. april 2012

brian@ethanjames. Offering one color headliner might not be ideal for your tastes (or mine), but it is easily rectified at an interior shop for $500-800. Keep in mind, TM is just starting, this is their first production line car, a new factory, a new almost everything. TM has two goals: make the best car possible and deliveries to commence in July 2012.

It speaks volumes that you are considering an “S.” The “S” will be a great car and it will have profound effects on the auto industry. The BMW 550 is an amazing car, designed, refined, redesigned over decades - but it is evolutionary not revolutionary.

Be patient, give TM a little time and they will offer more choices in colors, accessories, etc. To me, it is more important to deliver a great car on time than a perfect car… never.