I am curious as to what type of people the reservation holders are. Let's share some personal information while we wait for our babies to come.
I am a 48 year old internist. I have been in practice in Gurnee Il for 20 years. Married, 2 teen boys. My hobby is building wooden ship models. I drive a Chevy Volt. Now you know!

TikiMan | 10. desember 2011

I'm a 45 year old videogame producer/consultant from Laguna Beach, California. I currently drive a 2011 G37 convertible.

Mycroft | 10. desember 2011

51 years. Retired Navy, I now provide IT support for small businesses; married ~25-years. Too many hobbies to list, but current one is to obsess over my new Model S. Currently drive '06 SLK55 and '97 Escort wagon (with >280,000 miles).

stephen.kamichik | 10. desember 2011

Retired electrical engineer. Wrote seven engineering books and several freelance articles for engineering magazines. Married for 33 years. I drive a 1976 Datsun 280Z and a 1999 BMW 328i.

dborn | 10. desember 2011

Retired 63 year old Orthopaedic surgeon. i drive a Merc B class turbo which goes like a bullet. Love technology and anything new. Love boating and own a large cruiser in Sydney Australia. Other hobby is woodturning. Orthopaedics is medical carpentry after all!!! Loathe the idea of my money funding camel jockeys lavish lifestyle. Hence the electric car! Will be installing panels on the roof as insurance against our escalating electricity costs - projected to go up 17% next year!!

Andrew18 | 10. desember 2011

1976 Datsun. Wow!

TikiMan | 10. desember 2011

I use own a 1994 Nissan 300ZX twin-turbo. I had it chipped, with upgraded intake, turbos, and exaust, including 20" Volk wheels, with over 400 HP! It was a super fun car... I miss it.

Mike_ModelS_P457 | 10. desember 2011

34 year old VP of Marketing Technology at a large NY based ad agency. Live in CT with my wife and two boys; 3 and 6. My station car is a '05 Ford Escape Hybrid, my other car is a '10 Lexus HS250, and my wife trucks the kids to and from in a '09 Highlander hybrid.

My hobbies are skiing and I'm a volunteer EMT on my town's fire department.

Andrew18 | 10. desember 2011

My record for new cars is terrible- about every 2-3yrs. I think my wife will kill me if I ever get rid of this one. I think I'm in for the long haul this time, but I think the car will hold its value better than an ICE. We'll see. I think the battery will hold up better than predicted given normal driving.

Jason S | 10. desember 2011

42 yr old Test Engineer with heavy programming and telecommunications background. Married 15 years now. Drive 2010 Jetta TDI and the Signature S is my next car (the TDI replaces the wife's 2000 Altima). Have experience rebuilding and modifying rotary engines (RX2-4, RX7), but stopped that stuff 10 years ago.

I play WoW, keep Koi in the backyard pond (6500 gallons) and enjoy skiing when I can but haven't bought my own equipment for 3 years. My last set of skis were 203 salomns with race bindings. Hard to justify when going less than 10x a year.

Have panels on the roof for ~25KwH per day. Mostly for the fish pumps.

I'm already disliking going to the gas station. Looking forward to never having to return to one.

stephen.kamichik | 10. desember 2011

Andrew18......I am the original owner of my 1976 Dastsun 280Z which still has original paint and exhaust system. It runs and looks like new.

Discoducky | 10. desember 2011

37 yr old Computer Hardware and Software Project Manager my whole career. We hate our HCHII since the software "upgrade" and can't wait to get the Model S. Should only have about 19 trips left to the Middle East filling stations. Hobbies include racing sailboats (J24 mostly), driving/racing my MINI Cooper S (heavily modified), racing bikes (mostly Crits) and raising my new son (he has his Mom's good looks thank goodness)

TJK | 10. desember 2011

I'm 25 years old and an Air Traffic Controller at PHL. Good to see some Z enthusiasts here! I have a 1991 Twin Turbo 300ZX and a 2003 Honda Accord.

David70 | 10. desember 2011

I'm a retired 70 year old physics prof, married 46 years. The only new car I've ever owned was a 2005 Prius with all the bells and whistles. It burned up due to a shorted extension cord in very cold (~ 7 degree F) weather. I suspect the cause was that the extension cord was made brittle in the cold weather. I'd done a PHEV conversion, but hadn't installed a socket in the bumper, so the charger was plugged in inside the car. If I had, the fire wouldn't have happened. The car was totaled. The batteries were destroyed by (but not the cause of the fire). Burning gasoline is what totaled it. Amazingly, there was no damage to the engine compartment. All fire was restricted to the interior by the firewall.

More information than any of you wanted, but that's it.

I'm currently driving a 2004 Chevy Classic.

If (hopefully when) I get my Tesla, it'll be the last car I need to own. Every other car I've owned lasted ~200k miles. The Prius had 110k miles on it at its demise.

Andrew18 | 10. desember 2011

David 70- I thnk you are the patriarch.

Robert.Boston | 10. desember 2011

50 years old, 25 years married to an insurance lawyer, daughter just started at Yale, son a HS sophomore. I lead the energy & environment practice of a global economics consultancy; much of my professional career is built on designing wholesale electricity markets.

My primary recreation is singing; I performed the solos in a world premiere at Carnegie Hall, and my men's choral group won top honors at the world's leading choral competition in Wales. Much of my singing these days is around an old tradition of "shapenotes", explained on my website: .

I drive a 2007 Audi A3, which my son will get once my Model S arrives. My wife's car is a BMW 535i xDrive Sportswagon.

BruceR | 10. desember 2011

52 years old, 21 of it in the US Coast Guard. Currently design power electronics for LED products at GE. Married 30 years, 24 year old autistic son.

Drive a MINI Cooper S and an electric motorcycle. LiFePO4 powered bike was custom built in my garage from a 1984 Ninja. (Think "Top Gun")

Have owned and/or converted several electric vehicles including an OEM S-10EV which I just sold to a museum to make room in the garage for that shiny new Model S.

Klaus | 10. desember 2011

63 year old nobody. Retired military and airline, married 41 years, 3 kids (2 still living) 6 grandkids. I drive a 2002 Jetta and hope my Signature Model S (#280) will make a difference in the world.

David70 | 10. desember 2011


Not quite. There's at least one person age 73 on either this or the TMC.

Brant | 10. desember 2011

43yo ex-professional musician turned Orthopaedic surgeon specializing in hip & knee replacement. Married 10yrs, 2 girls 3 &5.
Living in San Jose, CA 17 miles from the NUMMI factory. Currently driving a 2001 Toyota Celica which has given me 10yrs of 100% fun and 0% grief....just like my wife! ; ) She has a 2006 Highlander hybrid which has been good as well and gets the same MPG as the Celica. Looking forward to getting off the OPEC nipple.

jbunn | 10. desember 2011

51 yo technologist working in software and telecom industries. Seattle metropolitan area. Currently rollin in a 1998 Ford Explorer w/200,000 miles I bought new.

Great topic by the way. Wish I could create a profile here. I've been delighted to learn more about my friends here.

Timo | 11. desember 2011

I'm actually surprised people tell these things about them this freely and you, jbunn, actually call this as "great topic". I'm very reluctant to tell any specifics in the net about myself.

For this topic I can just tell that I seem to fit in general profile quite well, even that I'm not actually a reservation holder (waiting a bit smaller version of Model S that fits my needs better).

Brian H | 11. desember 2011

I think it's a N.A. vs European cultural thing. An Austrian friend once expressed amazement that we NA types didn't have a shield separating inner and outer selves. To him, we were "mush all the way down"! ;)

David den Boer | 11. desember 2011

40 year old engineering manager at the fruit company. 4 kids, oldest is 6. Been married since 2004. Living in Morgan Hill, CA, but from Canada.
Currently drive a 2007 Civic Hybrid that at one time got 51 MPG, but after service packs, only gets 36 now.

adurstewitz | 11. desember 2011

30 year old IT Architect, 1 17 month old baby - with my wife for 7 years living in Charlotte, NC.

I currently drive a BMW X5 - I thought this would be a good idea having just started a family but this vehicle is starting to drive me nuts. Aside from being sluggish and heavy, it costs a fortune in fuel.

pk | 11. desember 2011

It's very interested to read the very differnt blocks from the people of this group. I am from Austria and my profession is roofing. I want to buy some E- Cars from Renault for my Company. But Renault hasn't any car for me and so I reservated a Model S for my self.
Some fakts: I'm 45 years old, have a beautiful wife and 3 kids.
I hope I get some nice contakts in America. I was ther this year the first time in holyday an I come again next summer.
Many greats from Austria, Vienna

sunnysailor | 11. desember 2011


41 year old patent counsel working in the pharmaceutical area. My current car is a used Prius that I just bought due to an auto accident which caused the insurance company to total my Saab convertible with 115,000 miles on it. Fun car to drive with the top down and it had space from my sailing gear. I like the Prius, with its excellent gas mileage, but it does not drive so well. I own and race an inshore one-design racing sailboat. I have lived several places in the US and abroad. So, far it looks like I may be one of the few women on this site.

EFusco | 11. desember 2011

Soon-to-be 45 year old male ED doc also working part time in the regional health plans office as a medical director and getting ready to go back to school to earn my MHA.

Currently driving a 2004 Prius that's a bit over 8 years old with 117K miles.

I'm married with 3 children ages 7, 12 & 12, so the Prius is getting a tad cramped for longer drives. I'll probably hang onto the Prius when I get my Model S for longer drives and potentially to hand down to my twins for their first vehicle.

I've never owned a luxury vehicle and am looking forward to moving into the world of EVs with a beauty like the Model S.

Soflauthor | 11. desember 2011

64 years old. Married for longer than some posters have been alive:) 2 great sons, 2 grand kids. Drive a 2002 Lexus SC430. Career trajectory: engineer, manager, professor, author (7 software engineering textbooks, 2 novels). Single digit golfer and 4.5 NTRP tennis player. Don't buy cars often, but when I do, I look for an "exceptional" vehicle—hence Sig 422.

Peak Oil bruin | 11. desember 2011

51yrs. peak oil/eco activist, semi-retired ad agent, TSLA stock daytrader, with beautiful wife, 2 girls, fox terrier.
Traded an '01 S-class straight up for an '06 Prius (dealer thought I was nuts)- stealth electric mode fanatic!

pmeyer1106 | 11. desember 2011

70 year old retired mechanical engineer. Married for 46 years with three children and six grandchildren. I currently drive a 2002 PT cruiser with 129000 miles. Will probably retain it for long trips and use the Model S for everything else.

Andrew18 | 11. desember 2011

Peak oil-what is a Peak oil/eco activist?

pbrulott | 11. desember 2011

From Quebec PQ, Canada, 38 YO, 2 boys 8 and 10 YO, General manager in a Telecom company. Drives a Subara Tribeca and Mazda 3 (this is the one going when I get my TMS)

PS please keep this for yourself, my wife doesn't know I reserved one ;-) but my 10 YO finds his father pretty cool to shop for an all-electric blue Telsa Model S...

David70 | 11. desember 2011


Our immediate family is identical, except we have only 4 grandchildren. I will retain my Chevy Classic, except I hope to use the Model S for trips to southern California, and maybe even to Missouri. That's because I wouldn't want to leave the Model S home alone for a month or more.

Andrew18 | 11. desember 2011

Welcome pk!

Mark2131@CA-US | 11. desember 2011

55 year old who expected to be driving an antigravity flying car by now! Instead, I drive a Prius. Bought it when I realized it was going to be a long wait for the model s.

My day job is VP of Post Production for a reality TV company. I'm sure all you doctors, engineers, and dreamers on this thread never watch reality TV, but hey, somebody has to distract the masses while
the economy tanks!

Married. One son. One dog.

stephen.kamichik | 11. desember 2011

pbrulott......What are you going to tell your wife when the model S is delivered?

Mycroft | 11. desember 2011

LOL, you're right Mark, it's a dirty job, but someone has to provide the opiates for the masses. :)

@Andrew18, Peak-oil is the theory that soon oil production will peak and will begin the long, expensive downward slope to empty as the supplies dry up or are more difficult/expensive to extract/refine.

I don't want to go off topic, but chicken littles have been screaming peak-oil since the 70's. There's no doubt that we'll run out of easily refined oil soon, but I think solar technologies will advance in plenty of time to save us from doom.

Thumper | 11. desember 2011

Wife and I retired high school teachers. 66 YO. Two kids in Chicago subs one in AU. Replacing 2003 Passat AWD wagon. Really splurging on what could easily be last car. Only own one car and an ECO-speed electric BikeE. Taught lots of kids, built lots of different things, wrenched a F5000 racer in 72. Bike lots, still give tough game of table tennis.

cerjor | 11. desember 2011

I am a 73 year old retired physics prof. Currently drive a Pleasure Way RV on a Ford E-350 chassis.

Dave70: Were you are EWU?

xhawk1011 | 11. desember 2011

43 yo psychiatrist, replacing 06 slk (still a great car only 75k miles, therefore ok to wait some on model s), partner's car is 09 g37 infinity, 33' sailboat and 28' formula sun sport w twin 350 v8 inboard. reserved smart car for 100$ on a whim and ended up buying that which was fun, but sold over a year ago. The S will help me feel better about the gas wasted boating!

David70 | 11. desember 2011


Yep. Have I met you at PNACP?

What school were you at?

If you're on Tesla Motors Club, PM me there. I'm dmckinstry there.

pbrulott | 11. desember 2011

@ stephen.kamichi

planting seeds every day... I estimate I sill have 8 months before I get a call from Tesla and a year before delivery.

jackhub | 11. desember 2011

76 years old retired from telcom/computer industry after 35 years. Driving a 2005 Buick LeSabre which, curiously, seems to have the same external dimensions as the Model S. Split my time between midwest, the bay area and other points hither and yon.

CPM | 11. desember 2011

39 CFO living in Chicago Suburb with wife, 2 sons (3 years old and 4 months) Grew up in Green Bay so living is Chicago is pretty easy, GO Pack!! Play between 40-50 rounds of golf per year as a single digit.

Leofingal | 11. desember 2011

34 YO Mechanical Engineer working in the metrology instruments (science of measurement) industry, married 2 years, living in Rochester, NY.

Current car is a 2001 Audi TT that I bought off e-bay in '04 - still only has 80k miles due to my short commute. My wife told me my next car had to be practical (read 4 doors!) since I have to put my seats down in the TT to fit a set of golf clubs). Got sucked into buying my first new car (never thought I would do that) by early adopter syndrome. I am totally on board with Tesla's vision, and figured I should put my money where my heart is.

Sports include curling in the long winter months, and golf (definitely not in the single digits!) in the short but beautiful summer months.

Other hobbies include architecture, gaming, and technology - and this year tracking Tesla progress.

Peak Oil bruin | 12. desember 2011

Andrew18 - peak oil/eco activist indicates i rarely accompany my wife to cocktail parties, molotovs aside!
NRDC member, blogger

Larry Chanin | 12. desember 2011

64 years old, enjoying retirement with my wife in beautiful sunny Sarasota, Florida. Formerly an engineer and manager at an electric utility in the nation's capital. Avid home theater enthusiast and and frequently an early adopter, for better or worse. ;-)

Drive a 2003 PT Cruiser. Never been a "car guy" until now. Attempting to organize a Tesla Motors Club for permanent and part-time residents of Florida. If interested, please contact me at


Andrew18 | 12. desember 2011

Which suburb you in? Im in Buffalo Grove.

phb | 12. desember 2011

30 y/o attorney with two kids. They're 4 and 2, both boys. My wife and I have been married for 6 years and live in Eugene Oregon. We currently have 3 cars: 2005 Audi TT Roadster, 2008 LandRover LR3 and a 2010 Suburban. The plan is to sell the Audi (even though I love it) to make room for the Model S. My wife loves the LR3 and will probably keep driving it until the Model X comes out. The Suburban is a necessary evil as we have an Airstream trailer and need to have something to pull it. I'm just looking forward to not having to drive it around town during the day getting 13mpg.

olanmills | 12. desember 2011

If this thread was 'reservation holder only', then I'd feel more comfortable sharing more details. I'll just say that I have a great job, and I drive a "normal" American sedan (albeit with all the bells and whistles). I have little interest in luxury brands (cars or otherwise) or showing status in general.

I am generally not an early adopter. I usually jump into new things second gen, but I'm pretty excited about the Model S.

While I am interested/concerned about the environment, I'm not out to make a statement (as environmentally speaking, that's all this is; this isn't forcing change), and I don't have that doom & gloom mentality. Change will come naturally IMO. And what's happening now in the automitive industry is the beginning of that I think.

The reason I'm so excited about the Tesla is because of the technology and the convenience. Yes, I actually think that owning an electric car, at least one that performs as Tesla has claimed, will be more convenient than an ICE car. I'm going to really enjoy not having to go to the gas station or consciouly worrying every second of driving about how I'm wasting gas/money depending on the type of driving or getting stuck in traffic etc.

However, most of all, I am simply excited by both the new drive technology, and how that has allowed them to incorporate technology everywhere such as with the gauges and dash, or mobile apps, etc.