I am curious as to what type of people the reservation holders are. Let's share some personal information while we wait for our babies to come.
I am a 48 year old internist. I have been in practice in Gurnee Il for 20 years. Married, 2 teen boys. My hobby is building wooden ship models. I drive a Chevy Volt. Now you know!

TheAustin | 05. september 2012

As per Volker's suggestion, let's revive this thread :)

I'm 40, married for 10 years and living in the Hamptons, where my wife and I have an Interior Design firm. We have 2 boys (6&9), 4 dogs and 2 cats. They may or may not be allowed in my Model S when it arrives this fall/winter!

Our current cars include a Land Rover Discovery (me), Range Rover (wife), and Suburban (kid transport, long car trips with lots of gear, and client installations). My mum will inherit my Discovery, and I'm hoping to talk me wife out of her Range Rover and into a Model X when the time comes. She's a bit of an EV skeptic (range anxiety/recharging practicality), but she's also a gear head (she owned a Corvette shortly before we met)...So I'm hoping some hand-on time in my Model S will convert her :)

J King | 05. september 2012

58 Engineer for BIG OIL. 7 Kw solar panaels on the roof Grid Tied.
Retiring soon, or semi-retiring. Neither the Solar panels nor the Model S is an economic choice. Both are about My own version of fighting for survival of the country, and still living the good life.

dondennis | 05. september 2012

I'm 53, married. My husband & I put 6kW of solar panels (Grid Tied system, break even point on our electric bill!)on our house four years ago. Sold my '69 Corvette to my brother-in-law last year, and been saving ever since to pay for this revolutionary car. We won't be at the break even point on our electric bill anymore, but still better than ga$oline!

Jewsh | 05. september 2012

Hi everyone,

I am a 32 year old network admin for a community college in Toronto, Canada. My wife and I enjoy being active and are rabid ecomentalists. We are looking forward to sticking it to "the man" (big oil) by very seldom burning another drop of gasoline in a car we own. (The wife will keep a beater for the times she plays hockey in Brampton. Otherwise all other Km's will be electric-driven.)

We're super early adopters and willing to live with most inconveniences in the name of environmentalism and early adoption.

To us the Model S will be a big reward for penny pinching for years and fuel my desire to drive a high performance sedan. (While keeping with our values, no less.)

I hope all of you enjoy your cars and stay safe.

DennisM | 05. september 2012

I turn 60 in October - a former broadcast journalist (TV news anchor) turned television and communications executive in San Diego. Have driven multiple Mercedes - wife drives a Mini Cooper S. But I've always been a gear head - had a Dino 246 in my younger, wilder days. Looking to recreate that exhilaration in the next couple of months!
...and I definitely signed up for Model S because it's new, American technology that shows how well we can still innovate and create and manufacture (and inspire).

N8Tyler | 05. september 2012

I am 30 yrs old and will celebrate my 10 wedding anniversary this winter. I have 2 boys (4yrs & 2yrs). I am an assistant principal at a high school in Oregon, after teaching science for 7 yrs; my wife is a nurse, which is how we are affording the car. I currently drive an 07 Honda element.

Ceilidh | 05. september 2012

37 year old Emergency Medicine physician with an OBGYN wife. We are both hippie tree huggers at heart and are buying this car because we feel the need to put our money where our mouth is. For years, we have been saying that we will buy the first all electric vehicle that can carry a soccer carpool of kids and has reasonable range. How nice that it happens to be a luxury sports sedan! Go Tesla!! We have 2 kids, currently 3 and 6 years old.

Cheers to all.

rterry | 05. september 2012

57 yo radiation oncologist in GA driving an '05 545i purchased new with now 150k miles. Trying to talk my wife into reserving a Model X but she remains concerned about range anxiety. We are empty nesters with our daughter working at UW in Seattle and our son at Vandy. Also going solar at our residence so I will be driving on sunshine...

trapae | 05. september 2012

40 year old interventional radiologist. Currently driving a 2010 natural gas Honda civic to get me to work and back in Southern California carpool lane. The Tesla S will be a welcome upgrade.

rmitchum | 05. september 2012

50 year old public school teacher that has been dreaming about pure electric transportation for 40 years. I have a 4.5 kW grid tie solar, and a 50 MPH electric scooter. My utility company has (under) paid be for net generation for the last five years. It will be nice to zero kW out. I'm still figuring out how I'll pay for my Tesla when the wait is over late next Spring.

dduvall | 05. september 2012

46 year old Design Manager in Austin, TX. Married - no kids, three Jack Russell terriers.

My current car is a 2009 Infiniti G37 Convertible. Will take delivery of a Model S with 85 kWh battery pack in November or December.

dbullard | 05. september 2012

53 hear old software engineer in Portland, OR. No kids. No wife. One cat.

Current car is a 13 year old Audi A4. Car before that was a 15 year old Toyota. I keep them a looong time.

Currently have a reservation for a 60 kWh with air suspension, pano roof, tech package, and studio sound system.

I'll probably have this car at least 10 years :)

archibaldcrane | 05. september 2012

I'm a 32 year old television editor in Los Angeles. Engaged to be married (Sept soon!) and just bought a house last December. Decided to put off putting down a deposit on a Model S for now, finishing the landscaping/deck/kitchen and paying for the wedding/honeymoon are more important at the moment - hard to predict my income when I'm jumping to a new show every 3 months. I drive a 2003 Nissan Sentra with 105k miles on it, my fiancee drives a '11 VW Jetta TDI Sportwagen.

Hopefully by this time next year I'll have a bunch more saved up and feel good about making the Model S my next car. I think the ol' Nissan will hold up that long.

Electric Machete | 06. september 2012

39 year old ER doctor living in South Florida. Almost 10 years married with two kids, 8 and 6.

'68 Camaro
'82 Corvette
'96 Accord (ugh, the worst)
'08 BMW 335i convertible

I am P#3820, and I am eagerly awaiting some more reviews from Model S owners before I sign my paperwork.

Brian H | 06. september 2012

Close enough for horseshoes. Sit on your finalization a few months till leasing comes out.

MikeUpa | 07. september 2012

i am a 38 y.o. married for 10 years, 2 boys ( 8 and almost 4). Live on Staten Island, NY. Husband drives E63 Mercedes, i drive 2009 Toyota minivan! had VW toureg V8 for 4 years before it. Executive of an IT firm. Sig 382, just got the news that it is pushed back till Nov.

ItsNotAboutTheMoney | 07. september 2012

Early-40s-year-old kibitzing an important step to a better future (at least that's how I view Tesla's role in PEVs).
Computer programmer.
My main hobby is wasting time on sites like this.

John56 | 07. september 2012

I saw this great comment left at a Seeking Alpha article today...
"Vico Confino will turn 80 on March 11, 2013.
In 1978 I purchased a Toyota Carolla for $3,200 out the door. Since then I have owned a total of 19 Toyotas, trading up to the Camry when it first came out. Early last year I began researching electric autos like the Tesla. I ordered one for me and one for the wife (#2600 & #2601)
From what I had learned about Elon Musk and his vision of producing the finest EV, I followed his every move very closely. The naysayers were pounding away at how he would fail just like other visionaries.
I disagreed and bought Tesla stock. My vision was that by the time
my two sedans were ready for delivery my profits from the stock would cover at least the cost of one of the autos. Looks to me like
today's naysayers are the grandchildren of the naysayers who predicted that the auto would never replace the horse. If I am wrong gentlemen can I rent one of your horses.
Stay well, stay in shape, the car of the future is here.
Vico Confino"

After reading that, at 66 I feel like a kid on this forum! As for me I'm a retired software company VP. I've owned lots of cars and loved them all! Cars such as BMW 740IL, Corvette Z06, Porsche Boxster S, and now as a retired grandfather of 6 my daily drive is a Sienna Minivan fully outfitted with the requisite car seats! But the grandkids are growing up and so it's now time for another "mid-life crisis"!! It's just so much darn fun and how better to experience it at my age than in a Performance Model S!! P#1117 and can't wait!

George with SacEV | 09. september 2012

I am a 68 year old, retired Psychology Professor, CSU, Sacramento, and we anticipate delivery of our Model S, probably performance version, July 2013 upon returning from a Fulbright Scholar appointment in Warsaw, Poland. We currently drive a 2011 Nissan Leaf and 2011 Chevy Volt, migrating to them as early adopters from our 2006 Prius and 2007 Camry Hybrid. I have been a "car addict" from childhood and my first new car was a special ordered 1969 Olds 442 upon leaving grad. school at Michigan State. Wife of 26+ years is a research biochemist at UC, Davis, no kids and we connected through our mutual interest in marathon running. Between us, we have finished over 300 official marathons and my wife has won a dozen around the world. We live in West Sacramento with a 5.5 kw Solar PV system and solar hot water system on our roof and all low water, natural plants around our house--no lawn. We are ZERO on actual electricity use cost with our solar PV system and charging both the Leaf and Volt, so I don't expect the Tesla S (which will replace the Leaf) to have any real impact in our electricity billing. I also expect to replace the Volt towards the end of 2013 most likely with the new BMW i3 (with range extender) or perhaps the Cadillac ELR?

zwjohnston7 | 10. september 2012

I am 27, from Omaha, NE. I am a protection engineer (setting relays and automation in high voltage transmission substations and power plants) with the electric utility here. Married with a 4.5 month old son.

DanielR | 11. september 2012

Waning days of 57th year. Retired Navy, currently working in aeronautics industry. Drive a 2006 350 Z Roadster and 2007 Prius. Having Solar City do an install on our home this year. Living the dream north of LA.

RobS | 11. september 2012

51 year old music educator / business owner in Atlanta. My wife drives a Smart Car convertible - which we both love. Funny is that she's the one who just decided we need to upgrade to the performance model. I'm excited that they just announced there will be a service center in Atlanta. Now all we need is a supercharger station between Atlanta and Hilton Head and we'll have it made.

prash.saka | 12. september 2012

I am a 34 year old (33 when put my Model S deposit) married guy from the Boston area. I was born and raised in India, came to the US in '99 as a 21 year old grad student, and been here ever since. I am software engineer, have been one all my adult life. I am very environmentally conscious - seldom use the elevator or clothes drier, prefer to take the stairs and line-dry my clothes. I would love to be more respectful towards my planet, and the Model S is another step in that direction.

We currently have no cars and take the T (the public transportation) everywhere. Once in a while, we borrow my in-law's 94 Lincoln Towncar. As smooth as the ride is, I feel really guilty driving it. We aren't sure how we will use the Model S once we have it as we will continue to use the T. We will have to kid ourselves (a lot) and pay $1200+ loan installment, $200+ parking, and $75 insurance per month.

My favorite quote: Live and let live.

seegem | 15. september 2012

I'm 33. Dutch-American. I run a product design company in NYC (formerly in Singapore for many years). Model S and a Model X! :D

seegem | 15. september 2012

Oh, and, I own a 2012 Audi Q7, that I just bought new, with 5.6k miles on it. I'm selling it once my Model S arrives! :D

seegem | 15. september 2012

gah, im really bad at this: NYC, manhattan

majgill | 15. september 2012

38 year old. Happily married for 12 years and have 3 kids. I currently drive c300 and gave away my bmw 550i lease. My c300 lease will be over in feb next year and i will get my Tesla s on december. I manage my own business Travel For Less Inc in fremont and guess what i am 4 miles away where they are building my car Tesla. I pass by and mostly i see them test driving. Can't wait to get mine. I will keep this car for long time.

langzaiguy | 15. september 2012

29 year old special education teacher in Kentucky. Still trying to figure out if I can afford an S. Currently, I have a pristine 1992 MR2, 1989 4Runner, and a 1976 BMW R90/6. Looks like they'll have to be going :/

KathleenL | 15. september 2012

My wife and I are 39 years old, #1462, non sig, ordered Dolphin Gray Performance with carbon fiber, child seats (we have 5 and almost 4 year old boys), my wife - management consultant, me - pediatric surgeon. Married 13 years, met in college, extended family all on the East Coast, we live in Seattle. The S will be only my third car since I was 16. First one '88 Chrysler LeBaron GTS (geriatric mobile), my second one a'00 Honda Accord with 105K miles. Our other car is a '09 Subaru Forester. Made deal with my wife - I stop talking about getting '67 GTO until I'm 50 and she agrees to Performance S.

Brian H | 16. september 2012

You have a wife? Or are you using her sign-in?

bfudge | 16. september 2012

59, real estate investor (income properties only), do what I want (unless my wife disagrees), 81 Delorean, 2002 NSX, 07 Scion XB (for the kayaks), 07 Prius, 2011 Leaf (going away as soon as the Tesla arrives). Love to fly. Switching to all electric. Hear that Tesla will be producing a new sports car designed from the ground up (I plan to be one of the first to order). Live in Ptld, Oregon.

MandL | 17. september 2012

No reason Kathleen shouldn't have a wife. I think you'd be surprised how many same-sex married couples are in this community. We are one (M&L is Matt and Larry).

loco | 17. september 2012

33 yrs from Poznan, Poland. Married with 2yr old son. Placed deposit on Sig. Currently driving A8 TDI. Past cars: Mustang, Mitsu Evo, Ferrari 458, Big fan of general aviation. Long on TSLA :)

Volker.Berlin | 17. september 2012

Thanks M&L. I wanted to post a similar response (although married with the opposite sex) but I had difficulty hitting the right tone (not that Brian H would care much about the right tone, but I do).

Brian H | 17. september 2012

What you know about what I care about is less than nothing. I.e., it's into the Definitely Erroneous Zone.

lajollan | 17. september 2012

57 year old lawyer with lawyer wife, no kids, Chicago area. Have 2007 Lexus ES350, 28k miles, 2011 Hyundai Sonata Turbo 16.5k miles and the toy my wife won't let me get rid of: 1993 Honda del Sol with 30k miles bought new. Selling Lexus and probably Honda, wife willing, (ANYONE OUT THERE INTERESTED?) when Model S arrives.

Davis | 17. september 2012

51 year old money manager in Memphis. Currently splitting between a Roadster and 2009 Jaguar XJ Portfolio (which will leave when the Model arrives). By the way, following the same sex electric car theme, my sisters-in-law just got a Leaf.

Timo | 17. september 2012

Volker.Berlin +1

Teoatawki | 18. september 2012

MandL +1

Brian H | 18. september 2012

I wonder if any reservers are TM production line workers (ploughing back in some of that "as much OT as you can handle without getting goofy" pay now starting to pile up).

jinglehyme | 10. november 2012

Are we all fifty? I turned 50 this year, partner is 51. We were early save the planet adopters, were sold on Tesla after seeing the presentation at the LA auto show several years ago.

He's a corporate middle manager from the aerospace world and I'm an X-corporate creative director now managing our investments and creating art. We are investment risk-takers into real estate investing, property renovations, art, antiques, wine and travel. We have houses in San Diego, Pasadena, and the northern Sonoma coast. Our S will shuttle us between them powered by the sun.

jinglehyme | 10. november 2012


That DelSol would be nice for my son and his girlfriend. How Much?

roseland67 | 10. november 2012

56 years old, married 32 years, 2 kids, grown and out making their way. EE working for Schneider Electric in power quality group.
Play guitar and piano in some local bands, 3.4 handicapp.
Absolutely no one of consequence. Try to greet each day with a smile on my face and love in my heart, and
hope I live long enough to see the end of the ICE.
Go Tesla

Alastair.Nantes | 10. november 2012

45 years old. Born in USA, raised in UK, live in western France. Married to a gorgeous woman and we have one delightful son. Head of sales in Europe for a US software company.
Left London for a more family friendly and financial crash-resistant community.
Fortunate to have already been able to test the model S in California but my car not due till Q3 2013 (Europe #P853).
Alastair (near to Nantes)

RedShift | 11. november 2012

42 year old Electrical Engineer and Entrepreneur trying my luck at starting a company. Own an Acura TSX 2008 which will be replaced by the Tesla, and a 2005 BMW 325i, much adored for its handling. Skiing 2-3 times a year, fast competitive badminton on weekends, fast hiking. Married for over 15 years, 2 kids. Atheist, registered democrat, but libertarian leaning. believe in sustainable development, hate wall street.

jchangyy | 11. november 2012

38 year old pediatrician with a 2 year old girl who has my stubborn streak--think she's worse than me, but my wife disagrees.

It'll be replacing my wife's 2010 MDX (gets 16mpg). I drive a 2012 Camry hybrid. Prior to that, had been driving 1997 Accord with 150K for 14 years. I feel like I've been buying new cars since I got married and had a baby. MS will likely be my last purchase for a long time--until my little starts to drive.

TeslaModelSOwner | 11. november 2012

I am 33 years old and am an M&A advisor working for a Big 4 consultancy. I specialize in operational integration, divestiture, and due diligence.

I live in the SF Bay Area and currently drive a BMW M5. Prior car was a BMW Z4.

lajollan | 11. november 2012


Are you serious? Are you in Chicago area?

RZitrin1 | 12. november 2012

Are we all 50? No....

I'm 65, junior to many, I hope....

Reserved my S in 2008 after sitting in the Roadster and realizing it wasn't built for 6'3" people. Or 5'10"+.

Lawyer/writer/law professor. Recreational basketball player.

SD Supercharger | 12. november 2012

I am 62, live in Socal and drive a BMW 7 series which will be dumped once the S arrives. Been driving BMW's for 25 years, prior to that I had a 911. Can't wait for the S---especially after the test drive--loved it.