P85+ upgrade available?

P85+ upgrade available?

OK, I'll admit it. I am one of those losers that always wants the best and the newest. I guess in the tech world, having the best and the newest is fleeting.... Always something new.
I was one of the first on the block to get a Model S- Signature P85- but now I'm pissed. I want a P85+.

I there an upgrade package available?

nickjhowe | 18. kan 2013

Yup. $13,500 retrofit.

ajamison | 18. kan 2013

what is in the p85+ that is not in the P85?

rchiang | 18. kan 2013

Do you mean what is in P85+ that you can't upgrade on P85 even if you paid $13,500? I curious to know, I don't know if I want to upgrade or just wait for after market parts..

ajamison | 18. kan 2013

No I mean what make it a + package as apposed to a normal Performance package

nickjhowe | 18. kan 2013

From the website:

In addition to upgraded dampers, bushings, stabilizer bars and tires (Michelin Pilot Sport PS2), the rear tires are 20 mm wider and staggered for improved acceleration on low grip surfaces. Range improves 6 to 12 miles over regular 21” wheels. Requires 21" wheels, available in Grey or Silver.

Other than that the P85 and P85+ cars are identical.
If you retrofit an S85 all you get is the above. You don't get the P85 inverter, etc. etc.

DouglasR | 18. kan 2013

@nickjhowe - For the $13k upgrade price, I assume the wheels and tires are included, correct? But you would get to keep your original wheels and tires (in my case, 19"), which would give you spares for winter, etc. So that would lessen the sting a bit.

Brian H | 18. kan 2013

Would that be an S+?

nickjhowe | 18. kan 2013

@Brian - I guess it would.
@DouglasR - assume so.

Aleksandyr | 18. kan 2013

they have commented on this multiple times. but main point is a retro-fit does not include the full suspension upgrade. I believe the stabilizer bar need to be done at factory at time of build and would not be included in retro-fit. I noticed the suspension was not quite as sporty as I would have liked when I took the car home, also lost traction easily on wet surfaces. At this point I would wait for AWD version or new roadster.

lolachampcar | 18. kan 2013

I spoke with Tesla engineering at length on this issue. Here is some of what I learned-
The decision on what to include from the factory P+ package in the retro fit P+ package was based on value. Specifically, what was the best bang for the buck (presumably while keeping the package within a certain price range).

All the links are changed in the rear of the car including the lower a-arms, upper links, toe links and torque arms. These items are assembled by an outside vendor and thus Tesla Ca does not deal with bushings alone. The complete arms must be swapped out to get the stiffer bushings. The geometry (part dimensions) stay the same.

Sway bars are not included in the retro package as too much of the car has to be disassembled to install them driving up the price to include them.

Dampers are not included in the package presumably because the dampers themselves are expensive and there is significant labor to install them.

The wider rear tire Pilot package is required to maintain balance (to offset the change in balance from the stiffer bushings).

rchiang | 18. kan 2013

Thanks Loloachampcar that was very informative. So basically the P85 can not fully be a P85+ with just $13,500 retrofit? It can only get close to P85+. Right?

Brian H | 18. kan 2013

The P85+ +/-.

mdemetri | 18. kan 2013


Is the wider rear tire Pilot package include wheels and tires or can you use the original 21" wheels from the P85 and just add the wider rear tire Pilot's? Sorry if it is dumb question, but I know little about wheels/tires and want to know if I would have to deal with a non-useable set of wheels/tires if you get the upgrade.

lolachampcar | 18. kan 2013

My understanding was that the retro package as installed by Tesla requires the retro 21" rims and tires. The kit was tested/certified with these rims and tires and thus they are required when having Tesla do the package. These would be slightly wider rear rims with matching slightly wider rear tires. Others here and on TMC have documented the exact information on the rears (something like 1/2" wider rim and 20mm wider tires). Pilots are used all the way around.

Supposition on my part but I would expect Tesla to provide all four rims and tires as a kit. There were very few cars delivered with Pilots (I got lucky there) so the idea of keeping some of what was currently on the car would make kitting too difficult. Providing all four in the package would remove those issues from consideration. Again, this is supposition on my part and I did not ask about specifics on wheels/tires.

EMDoc | 18. kan 2013

@rchiang - yes, about 90% of the ability is obtained by converting P to P+ per the notes and descriptions provided by Tesla.

Shakespeare | 18. kan 2013


We have the performance plus... When do we know if there is a Camber improvement over previous versions.

I'll have to wait I assume until someone puts it in for an alighment test.

olanmills | 18. kan 2013

I wish I could upgrade my regular 85 to P85 without the summer tires and 21" wheels, carbon fiber, different stitching etc. I never wanted that other stuff. I would pay $7500 for this.

lolachampcar | 19. kan 2013

Download one of the free IPhone apps that give you the ability to measure a vertical (isn) angles. Then take a small straight edge the length of the wheel from top to bottom edge such that you can use your IPhone to measure the angle of the wheel. Make sure the straight edge is cut to only touch the rim and not the tire so you get an accurate reading of the rim tilt. I've got a SmartCamber gauge left over from a previous life that I bolted a 1/2" diameter piece of aluminum tube cut to the length described above that performed the exact same function. You can then measure how much the top of the wheel is tilted in towards the center of the car (negative camber). This also help in picturing why the inside shoulder of the tire wears when there is high negative camber if you are not familiar working with this stuff.

tari | 17. kan 2014

My only regret with my brand-new S is not getting the P package. Got to test drive a loaner for a day and wow, what a difference. Has anyone heard of anyone actually retrofitting or upgrading to just the P after taking delivery on their S and the cost involved? Literally just adding the inverter... I'm not even so interested in the carbon fiber spoiler or the red brake calipers or even the Alcantara headliner...

LEvans | 17. kan 2014

Are you sure you want the 21" wheels and all the issues that come with it? I will buy a P85 but will not accept the 21" tires even if they are free. If you care about cost, longevity, durability, and comfort, you are better off with the 19" wheels...

carlk | 18. kan 2014

" If you care about cost, longevity, durability, and comfort, you are better off with the 19" wheels..."

Few people even select their mates by this standard. By all means get that stunning trophy wife if you can.

LEvans | 18. kan 2014

@carlk: Who said anything about selecting mates? For wheels on a car meant to be driven and not prone to damage, I stand by my advice that if someone cares about cost, longevity, durability, and comfort, you are better off with the 19" wheels. As for advice on selecting mates or a trophy wife, I suppose they can talk to you about that... :)

carlk | 18. kan 2014

I was only joking about mates. I have a (sort of) 19" wife and I'm happy that I do. You can't ask a man not to dream though.

As for the wheels it's just different philosophy. People buy cars not for the same purposes. I have had low profiles long before I got MS. No trouble for me and they are all well worth it, to me.