Performance child seats?

Performance child seats?

Have been enjoying driving a P85+ loaner while my S85 has been in for some "fit and finish" fixes. One of the more unique differences has been that the child seats in the P85+ are different than mine. Mine are all mesh. These are trimmed with black leather and have a small leather wrapped roll bar on top by the head. Think those small differences is whet makes Tesla so unique. Overall though, glad I went with the S85. my cars ride is so much softer than the + suspension. No doubt the P85+ is glued to the road. The accel in that car is just obcene.

romainiacWV | 29. oktober 2013

Maybe something for @nickjhowe to add to the checklist??

shao | 29. oktober 2013

I think this was a change that occurred with the change in pricing scheme back in August. My P85 which was delivered at the end of Sept has all mesh kid seats. I had an older P85 loaner for a day that had the leather wrap.