Pics of pano roof sun shade closed?

Pics of pano roof sun shade closed?

I'm in Dallas so the shade on the sunroofs on my current cars is closed much of the time during the day, especially in the summer. Audis and some other cars with oversized sunroofs have roller blinds with perforated holes that still let in a lot of light. Its both a heat issue and, for me, an issue of glare. I like being able to open up the car when I want to, but when the sun is overhead I like sitting in the shade so I want my sun-shade to be either solid or very close to it.

Does anyone have pics of the sun shade closed in the Model S? I was leaning against the pano roof but see all the comments about extra headroom that is opened up with it so I'm reconsidering. Thanks.

Brian H | 17. august 2012

Nobody has seen a sunshade yet. It seems to be a "later or never" option right now. Users have generally said they now think it unnecessary after seeing how effective the special glass pano is.

dbbtex | 17. august 2012

Thanks - that would explain the lack of any pictures. For me at least, its an important feature, even if the glass works great. No shade, no pano. roof for me. Hope the shades ends up being included and is solid (not perforated).

eval | 17. august 2012

I was told the shade was definetly included. I'm in AZ and it's a must have.

Rathjebaxter | 17. august 2012

I sat in a signature yseterday at the Get Ampd day in Austin and I was flat out shocked how much light the pano glass cut out. It sat in direct sunlight and I was in the back seat and never got warm. Very impressive. I too was looking at not getting it but if they can provided it with the shade, it will definitely be added when I get the call (hopefully around January)

Cattledog | 17. august 2012

dbbtexas - I agree with all other posters who like the pano. I live in San Antonio, so 100+ is just the way it is in the summer (though not 110+ like AZ, though sun is higher down here below 30N latitude). I test drove in Austin Wednesday - my BMW and iPhone thermos said 102, the Model S display said 109 as it was sitting in the sun. You don't feel like it's a glass roof when sitting under the pano until you look up. When just sitting there looking out, it's not hot and not bright. That's in contrast to my BMW's sunroof, where it's very obvious when the solid section below glass is open or closed.

When we opened the pano and the two layers of glass overlapped and I looked up, it felt like I was looking through welder's glasses at a solar eclipse.

I guess if they offer it for free, I might take it, but if it's a pay item I'll pass.


Larry Chanin | 18. august 2012

From the options and pricing page:

"Manual sunshades and wind buffet arm are included."


jerry3 | 18. august 2012


It was cool today for the Get Amped tour in Dallas so I wasn't able to see for myself how the pano roof did in the normal heat. However, the Tesla people at the event said it was actually cooler than the metal roof.

In any event the additional headroom in the rear makes the pano roof pretty much a mandatory option so I have changed my design to include it.

Cattledog | 18. august 2012

jerry3 - I think that's a good call. We sat in both a solid and pano roof in Austin, and without any influnce from me my wife and two kids all enthusiastically said pano. In addition to being a few inches larger, the view transparency out the top and the balanced light inside (w/a solid roof, there is the potential for glare and discomfort out windows) provides a more spacious feel. I think I like the car visually, from the exterior, better without the pano, but for me the interior feel is going to pull rank on this one.


Robert22 | 18. august 2012

Unfortunately an electrochromatic Pano was not available in time for Model S version 1. My neighbor has an SL 550 convertible with this "Magic Sky" sunroof. I'm sure this is a more refined and desirable solution to the need for a variably clear Pano, Picture a tap on the touchscreen turning your enire Pano from clear to tinted in a second. I can't imagine people not willing to spring for it .

bsimoes | 19. august 2012

I would so love that!

bsimoes | 19. august 2012

I also just thought that if they went with this it would eliminate the need for the huge bar that is there now to house the shade.

Volker.Berlin | 19. august 2012

bsimoes, it is still unclear if this bar houses the sun shade, and if it does, if that's reason enough for being huge and ugly. Possibly is also a structural part of the chassis, required for roof support safety. Up to date, it's all hear-say and guesswork.

Which provides a welcome opportunity to repeat once again: I don't want no sun shades with this pano roof, and if that bar could be smaller and nicer without them, all the better!

Michael23 | 19. august 2012

I was told the bar wasn't final, but not sure if it means it's getting smaller or if they are just covering it with the interior trim color.

jerry3 | 19. august 2012


The metal portion of the bar is final because it's part of the crash testing. The covering is likely not final. I didn't find the bar particularly onerous during the GetAmped drive.

bsimoes | 19. august 2012

Then I don't understand why it's not in the solid roof models if it is structurally part of the car for it?

BYT | 19. august 2012

@bsimoes, how do we know it's not? I think the roof is about 4" lower then the Pano and that bar is also about that thickness or perhaps slightly less?

jerry3 | 19. august 2012


As far as I know in the solid roof cars it's hidden under the headliner so you don't see it.

bsimoes | 19. august 2012

That would certainly explain why taller people feel like there is more headroom!

bsimoes | 19. august 2012

Sorry--more headroom with the pano roof!

Michael23 | 19. august 2012

yeah it's 4 inches lower haha. I guess they chose not to have a huge bump in the roof without pano

Robert22 | 19. august 2012

@ Volker-

I was told by the configuration rep that the bar is co-located with the black mesh sunshade spools which deploy fore and aft along their tracks. I can't quite figure out the mechanics of this, but that's what I was told.

Brian H | 19. august 2012

I doubt many will get ordered once buyers have a chance to test out the pano in full sun, and that few of those ordered will end up getting used. Lots of ado about little.

Michael37 | 19. august 2012

I have to say, I looked at that bar in several cars at the recent Palo Alto event, and it didn't bother me a bit. I actually think it would be a mistake to cover it with the headliner material, because right now, if you sit in the back and look up, you see a huge dark-tinted glass roof with a dark bar across it.

If it were covered in the headliner material, it would look more like two separate glass panes inserted into the roof.

There were some early photos of the bar that looked just atrocious. What I saw in Palo Alto was much improved for one simple reason. Those earlier photos showed the plastic extending all the way up to the glass. Now, the plastic is only about 1 or 1.5 inches high, and then there's the gap where the shades will come out. So, it feels much more svelte.

Volker.Berlin | 20. august 2012

I think the roof is about 4" lower then the Pano and that bar is also about that thickness or perhaps slightly less? (BYT)

4" as in FOUR INCHES like TEN CENTIMETERS (10 cm)?? *gasp*

Brian H | 20. august 2012

Most people have suggested 2". Much more likely/reasonable. 5 cm.

BYT | 20. august 2012

I put my fingers up against the slope and took a photo, it actually felt more like 5" and I was being conservative.

Brian H | 20. august 2012

!! Post photo, stat, SVP!!

BYT | 20. august 2012

I had a photo but can't find it, I recently cleared out a bunch to make space... I know, I know, who deletes pictures anymore right? Well?!?!

ruprecht111 | 20. august 2012

I ordered the pano roof based on my experience with my Cayenne, which has the pano roof with the black mesh fabric. The fabric works on a track from the rear to the front. It works great. I hope the S version does well.