Placed an order!

Placed an order!

I placed my order today for a black S85. Thanks for all the help on these forums.

I have 14 days but figure I need to hit the confirm now in the next day or two so I don't drive myself crazy second guessing everything. Do most people wait the 14 days or do people typically try and get their order confirmed and to the production shops right away?

Haeze | 12. september 2013

I am glad I didn't confirm right away... I ended up changing the color of my car on the 9th day, and I am VERY glad I did !

Of course, then there is the fact that each day you wait, more EU orders come in that may delay your delivery further.

Bighorn | 12. september 2013

I confirmed immediately. No regrets.

Thomas N. | 12. september 2013

Ordered and confirmed within minutes of each other. I had built my desired configuration enough times to know what I desired.

I didn't want to delay my delivery another 2 weeks and now with only 5 days left I'm sure glad I confirmed right away.

N_Tesla | 12. september 2013

I slept on it then confirmed first thing in the morning the next day.

wmg | 12. september 2013

confirmed right away.

mrrjm | 12. september 2013

If you haven't played with configuration many times I would wait. I confirmed 2 days after financing was approved.

Anonymous | 12. september 2013

Waiting a day (to inform the wife) then confirmed.

TMCproud | 12. september 2013

Always go with your first choice / gut ; probably right selection 90% of the time...but this is not fact-based, just my own experience...

vipdoc | 12. september 2013

I waited the full two weeks to confirm. Not my situation was a bit different. I put the order in 8/3. This was one day after the new pricing and option change. I had a few things I was trying to figure out before the change but after the changes I wanted a little more time to figure things out.
Given that I am physically getting my car 4 weeks from confirmation. So only 6 weeks total wait time. Pretty good.

Dreamknightmanga | 12. september 2013

The first one (My car) I hit confirmed minutes after reserving. The second one we are taking our sweet time with...

konassc | 12. september 2013

In the spirit of offering an alternative perspective. I confirmed quickly but it might not have worked out well.

Within 24 hours of confirming my order I concluded I really needed (okay, wanted) the HPWC and dual chargers. Quick call to Tesla and was able to have them added. After another 96 hours of reading the forums I conclude that there seems to be a real solution to the panorama noise issues and start kicking myself for not having included on my order. A late night email to my DS explaining the change of heart was returned the following morning explaining I had reached out just in time to make the change.

In the end I consider myself lucky (even if lighter in the wallet) for being allowed two post confirm changes but if I had it to do over again, I would spend a few more days making sure my thoughts on the config did not evolve after making the initial purchase decision.

pz1975 | 12. september 2013

I confirmed August 27 and was still able to make changes (85S to 85P, wheels, spoiler) up to September 7. My car was still in the "sourcing parts" stage and I did it by calling Tesla directly and communicating by phone and email with a very helpful person there. Now I am in the "building your Model S" stage. If I had to guess, you can probably still make changes up to the building your car stage since it technically isn't being assembled yet. | 12. september 2013

I confirmed the next day. I was happy to have saved the two weeks when I was waiting for my MS to show up. :)


mario.kadastik | 12. september 2013

I actually put my order on hold to extend the guaranteed money back time until I get a reasonable answer from insurance. The moment that comes through I press confirm. The only fidgeting I did was take the leather option on ~day 3 after original design and deposit. Doubt I'll change anything anymore, now just waiting for insurance (financing already got a good deal on) as the first offer was ridiculously high (€7800 / year) because I live just outside of Tesla core market (sweden and finland have/will have in near term shops, Estonia just out of zone).

stevesmall | 13. september 2013

I confirmed right away to reduce the wait time. Ordered a black on black. Then, in a parking lot, I saw a black one and a white one---and liked the white better. Black looks great when it is newly washed, but shows dust so quickly, that I decided to go with the white. (and in my opinion the basic white is brighter and looks better than the pearl white.) Also decided to go with the higher end stereo (after hearing it). Luckily, because it was just a couple of days, I was able to make the change. Color is such a big thing that I would make sure I'd seen a few of the colors live before deciding.

leadbelly | 13. september 2013

Confirmed day after ordering, after hearing about the price changes in the US. Bought a fully loaded p85+, got worried about a possible price hike. Still not sure about financing, but the car is still a couple of months away, so i´ll worry about it then:)

Kaboom | 13. september 2013

did i read that right ? Over 7000 euros for insurance annually? Just how many 'at fault' accidents have you been in? Just to compare, i am getting about $1750, and thats canadian dollars, so only about Euro1250/year. Or are insurance premiums that whack in skandanavia?

a fully loaded P85? And you need financing? On the website fully loaded comes to $140k before tax. did you decline any of the option? What a ride though!!