Programmable passenger seat

Programmable passenger seat

My wife is not happy that my MS60 does not allow a memory setting for the passenger seat. Is it available on any of the special packages? Do you think
It's a feature they can add later?

JDPink | 05. april 2013

I hope so because my wife has the same complaint when she gets into my S60 after my friends have been in it.

olanmills | 05. april 2013

Well I wonder if the computer can control the passenger seat and if it can sense what positioning it is already set to.

jbunn | 05. april 2013

Have not checked since 4.3, but the passenger seat is weight aware, which it uses for airbag control. Be nice if it would turn off seat heat if there is no butt in the seat.

perlovl | 08. januar 2015

Does anyone know if enabling memory for passenger seats requires wiring/hardware upgrade, or is it just a software upgrade?

Captain_Zap | 08. januar 2015

The real question is, who has been sitting in your wife's seat?

mgboyes | 08. januar 2015

The passenger seat does not have a memory.

This was made all the more frustrating by the fact that until very recently the specs page on the website said "12 way adjustable heated front memory seats" or similar (it has recently been changed).

I did not discover that this feature was missing until after I took delivery of my car. It may sound petty but this is a really annoying omission - my wife frequently transports her grandmother around (who is about 4'6" tall) and it takes ages to figure out where the seat needs to go back to afterwards.