Proposed Minimum Sound Requirement Rule for Hybrids and EVs - Please comment

Proposed Minimum Sound Requirement Rule for Hybrids and EVs - Please comment

Here are is the article published by the NHTSA about their rule proposal for noisemakers on Hybrids and EV's. The proposal was sent for publication in the Federal Register yesterday. After publication in the Federal Register there is a 60 day public comment period. You will find a link to the proposal at the bottom of the article. Instructions for submitting comments are in the document.

I would encourage thoughtful comments on this proposal. Personally, I think that the requirements are excessive and I am not convinced that it will have any impact at all on their safety goals. I think that constant noisemaking at speeds of 18 mph and below will just add to the problem by increasing ambient noise and confusion making it even more difficult to identify moving Hybrids and EV's.

I think that they can do much better.

tes-s | 24. september 2014

Looks like the NHTSA rules are delayed to 2014, and are being asked to delay implementation form 2016 to 2018.

Why would minimum noise apply only to hybrids and electric vehicles, and not all vehicles.

Should there also be a maximum?

Should it be illegal for pedestrians and bicyclists to use any device that impedes their ability to hear the minimum sound?

Jonathan C. | 24. september 2014

This noise thing is crazy. What about looking right and left when crossing, and use crosswalks!! We need quitter cities, not EV street concerts!!! With all the noise we have today, blind people cannot rely on hearing anyway, so they know how to cross safely!

Captain_Zap | 24. september 2014

@Jonathan C

Perhaps there is still time to write the NHTSA since there is a delay. They have industries pushing for these items. We need greater numbers to be heard.

FelixMendeldog | 24. september 2014

This is infuriating, ridiculous and intrusive. It will make the city more of a nightmare of noise pollution than ever before. In my city, people walk in front of cars all the time, most quite deliberately, you know, DARING you to hit them. What the hell is *more noise* going to do for this; and the oblivious earbud crowd?

Jonathan C. | 24. september 2014


Well I’m in Switzerland so I will not be able to help you much I guess. But Europe already ruled this nonsense:

Good thing I’m in Switzerland for once ehehe.

mrspaghetti | 24. september 2014

I'm sure some people would disable this on their cars, legal or no.

david.baird | 24. september 2014

Personally, I reckon blind and partially sighted persons probably would have no problems hearing a Model S, they hearing way surpasses that of normally sighted persons.

It's the dopey dipshits walking about with headphones or talking on their mobiles who are at risk.

FelixMendeldog | 24. september 2014

I’ve said it before: in every city in which I've ever driven (there are hundreds) pedestrians jaywalk in front of all vehicles with a "I dare you to hit me" attitude. We don't need government mandated noise! We need fewer idiots/assholes/whatever.

jackhub | 24. september 2014

I have barely missed being hit twice in crosswalks by the most quiet threat . . . a bicycle.

Dwatson102 | 25. september 2014

Toyota already does this on my Camry hybrid. A little growls nois celebratory behind the grill. Can't cost more than a buck or two. If others did this the reg would not be needed. I remember when seat belts were a controversial regulation also.. Manufacturers fought paying the $ 10 per car ('60's pricing) so they got a regulation instead.

Same story for airbags in the 90's.

Regulations are what you get when manufacturers don't do easy and obvious remedies to problems that hurt and kill people. It's unfortunate but that's the way the world works.

Chunky Jr. | 25. september 2014

The sound of the tires on the road is plenty loud enough for me hear. When a model S drives past my house, it isn't completely silent. When I walk across a parking lot, you can hear a Prius driving by.

A non-problem.