Quality of Standard Sound System

Quality of Standard Sound System

Can someone comment on their satisfaction with the standard (as opposed to premium) sound system?

Mayhemm | 14. august 2013


I would get a Reus system put in my MS in a heartbeat, even if it meant traveling down to the US from here in Canada. The only dealbreaker for me is I need satellite radio. Do you know if Reus could add it to their setup? Or is it a fixed system they've developed for the MS?

There are large communications dead zones (no AM/FM/Cellular coverage) between communities up here, so when I travel satellite is the only thing that works (and keeps me sane). Obviously bluetooth streaming the SiriusXM App, as others have suggested, only works if you have a data connection.

GeekEV | 14. august 2013

@TeslaTap - Excellent point. The same is true in home theater. Good quality components and speakers can actually make subpar material sound worse by revealing all it's flaws. Many systems have a "warming" or "smoothing" effect that many find pleasant, but it's just not accurate. A high end system will reproduce things much more accurately - for better or worse.

kickgas | 14. august 2013

@ Mayhemm

I'm not sure about satellite radio. Contact Reus @ 800-276-8865

mdemetri | 15. august 2013

Thanks for your suggestion on the Standard Sound system. I followed your advice (bass/mid/treble set at about 8.5/0.0/ 2.0) and the system sounds 100 times better. I am no audiophile but my only disappointment with my MS has been the standard sound system and I have been kicking myself for not upgrading. However, now with your advice the system rocks and I now have complete happiness with the car. Thanks again!

Speed Racer | 15. august 2013

I still think the mid needs to be at least at 5 and the treble at 7... but to each there own...

Maybe for blues and jazz (mostly what i play) the treble and mid need to be raised..

J.T. | 15. august 2013

@Speed Racer

I used your suggested settings and feel it's a huge improvement.

Sailor | 15. august 2013

I instinctively went for the studio sound system. I may be right or I may be wrong but it sounds great to me.
My S 85 was delivered last Wednesday and I have a Tesla smile that has not stopped since...(and my wife too)!
I am still playing and fine tuning but people I have given rides to are all of the sale opinion, the system is great!
I would add, they mean unlike what they see in most cars.
Ok, the Tesla S is not like any car, but after the accerelation , the smoothness, the quietness, the thrill, the amusement park quality.... People then focus on what else, and my experience is that they like the tech side of the car and land on the quality of the sound system among other aspects.
@amped... Go for it. I cannot say that I know the standard package but the studio sound with the tech package is great. The car is a lot of money and I just figured that the better ( more costly) system would be that...better.
I think s that Tesla is aware that premiums need to deliver and I trust that they are doing their best to provide it.
How else does a 62k car end up being 102K?

Brian H | 15. august 2013

"the sale opinion" - did you plant that in them? <8)