Quite price increase and more to come

Quite price increase and more to come

I found this posted online.

Is it true that Tesla is increasing the price quietly and plans to do more of it in 2014?

Beginning in August, TESLA quietly increased the price for many of the options on the Model S by unbundling many of the features that were packaged together. Among other changes, the “Tech Package” which used to be a $3,750 was lowered to $3,500. However, this package previously included a (now unbundled) feature now dubbed “Premium Interior Lighting”, which is a separate option that cost $1,000. The Obeche Wood Gloss Décor, which was previously included, became a $650 option. These changes along with others increased the overall price of the Model S.

I’m told that TESLA increased the price of these features as it determined the true cost of parts and labor (installation) in its factory. I’m told the 2014 Model S will likely have another set of price increases which is one of the reasons I want to order a new Model S now rather than later!

kback | 02. oktober 2013

Don't feed the troll

bronto | 02. oktober 2013

@mna123 - you make so many ill-informed remarks that's it's hard to respond!

"Even iPhone is now sold at walmart at discount and you think price of model s wont come down down the road?"

Yes, it will so please stop purchasing ANYTHING because down the road the price of whatever you want to buy will go down. Thanks for that astute observation.

"If Gen III is 200 miles with a price tag of 30K in 2016, what would 100K model S get me? I bet 600k range."

I'm pretty sure you won't get 600k miles (I'm sure you meant 600) and you are comparing two classes of cars. The MS is a sophisticated, fast, safe and superior-handling car. The GenIII emphasis is on keeping costs down and many corners will have to be cut. Your comparison is like saying a Mercedes S-class better be able to fly in 2016 because Toyota Camry will have some technology only the Mercedes used to have. Very silly...

"Don't underestimate German resilience, they are hard hard working and intelligent nation."

Well sir, you should not underestimate American resilience and specifically the hard-working and highly competent engineers in Palo Alto, CA who are upstaging the tired old car-building paradigm.

"Point is if you are holly wood or silicon valley rich and money does not matter then go for it. I am an avg person"

Sorry but 600-700 MS being delivered weekly is not just to wealthy rich people. Many average folks have made a financial stretch to buy a MS. Some did it on principle for what a MS represents, some because it's unlike any other car ever made in the history of cars, and some because it saves them money long-term on gas. Your assumption that a MS is only for the "wealthy cool kids" just sheds light on your ignorance and bias.

"Another thing, go to ebay and check tesla roadsters, 130k car is now sold for 60K and they have only 5-15k miles and 60K is asking price, I am sure they are sold for 50K."

The Roadster has nothing to do with a MS. You are, again, comparing two classes of cars - a sports car and a sedan. If you look on ebay you will also find that a used Ferrari sells for a lot less than they are new. And your point is????

"If you are willing to buy car for 110K and see its value goes to 50-55K in 3 years, be my guest."

25,000+ of us did exactly that this year. And your point that the value goes down with time is tiresome. Do you know what the resale value of any high end car is? MS may end up being one of the cars to lose the least value in the end.

Conclusion: The MS is not for you. Recognize that and move on. You need to buy a used Toyota Corolla. It has a pleasant interior, gets great gas mileage, loses very little value and gets you from point A to point B. I refer you to the Toyota forum where you can converse with like-minded simpletons.


AmpedRealtor | 02. oktober 2013

+100 bronto!

mna123 is obviously someone who desperately wants a Model S but cannot purchase one for whatever reason, so the only way to deal with the emotional disconnect is to label those who are able to purchase one as elitist, rich, celebrities, etc. mna123 is simply trying to take control of an emotionally uncontrollable situation. Tesla lust is a difficult thing to handle when you have never experienced it before, and it's even more difficult to deal with when you don't have the ability to buy one.

mna123, my suggestion to you is exactly what bronto suggested above. Model S is clearly not for you, but not for any of the reasons you cited. Dig deeper.

Brian H | 02. oktober 2013

"The grapes are probably sour, anyway."

cfOH | 02. oktober 2013

Dig deeper somewhere else.


RIsquare | 03. oktober 2013

New technology, new way of distribution, new way of "re-fueling" I was hoping that Tesla is a new kind of car company.

Secretly jacking up the price and playing the old dirty tricks of a car salesman tells me that it is not.

The well of wealthy people who pretend to care for the environment will dry up and the market will put Tesla where it belongs.

BTW the market couldn't care less for the 25% profit target. The market sets the profits not the boardroom. They will get away with this short term because they are a monopoly in the 200 miles range segment. It won't last long IMHO.

Mathew98 | 03. oktober 2013

@RIsquare - If you agree with TM's way of selling car and like the product then configure to the way you want. Have a base model with no superfluous options and the price changes wouldn't affect you.

If TM's practices are too outrageous for you then by all means shop elsewhere. It's a free country and you care allow to do whatever you please (within the confines of the law).

You have to know that MS owners are quite happy with the purchase experience and their thrill rides.

What other kind of reactions would you possible expect?

If you like it and can afford it, buy the MS. Otherwise, just keep on moving to the next brand. No one is forcing you to buy the best techno ninja on wheels.

AmpedRealtor | 03. oktober 2013

@ RIsquare,

With respect... Tesla did nothing "secretly" - the price increases were obvious, visible, and pre-announced by Tesla to existing reservation holders. Did you know that? Most of the people who were upset by the price increases were warned that their current prices would only be honored through August 1st or so and would have to finalize their order by that time. They got mad because they did not head the warning.

Can you please explain "Secretly jacking up the price and playing the old dirty tricks of a car salesman tells me that it is not"? I'd like to know what specifics lead you to make this wholly inaccurate statement. What was secret and what dirty tricks? Your pronouncements are quite dramatic, yet contain surprisingly little substance.

I know of no other car manufacturer that doesn't raise prices on a regular basis. The longer you sit on the fence, the higher price you will pay. That is a fact of life with cars. Yet I've never seen so much whining and such an incredible sense of entitlement among people as I have in this forum. You act like you are owed something by Tesla because they did not meet your internal expectations or did something to set off your PTSD.

Perhaps the Model S is not for you. Sadly, I think you would not be happy with this car because your personality seems to be of the kind to look for problems where there aren't any. Sorry, but that's how your last few threads have come across.

AmpedRealtor | 03. oktober 2013

head = heed

bronto | 03. oktober 2013

AmpedRealtor +1!

lolachampcar | 03. oktober 2013

There is Supply and there is Demand.
Somehow, Tesla is balancing those two incredibly well. I suspect price is just one tool in that bag of tricks. I say "Well done" (and also that I am very glad I had a couple of reservations in last year, the second of which was done after Tesla told me they would raise prices in 2013 for those without a 2012 reservation. If that was "in secret" then they did a poor job of keeping it :) )

Brian H | 03. oktober 2013

You should indeed be humble about that opinion. It's nonsense.

Brian H | 03. oktober 2013

↑↑ is addressed to risquare, of course.