Red Model X delivery

Red Model X delivery

Ankit Mishra | 16. desember 2015

So beautiful! Thanks. Does Model S lights also light up in this way? The headlights slightly lighting up adds to the beauty.

Red Sage ca us | 16. desember 2015

Thanks for sharing! | 16. desember 2015

Evino is everywhere!

I like the look of the DRL. Makes the X look kind of angry and intimidating. Not a sissy-boy car.
Makes me hanker for more was-ab-i.

Triggerplz | 16. desember 2015

Congrats!!! It came out like the birth of a new baby!! What's her name??

rossRallen | 16. desember 2015

Who drives with the driver's door open like that? And, why?

Roamer@AZ USA | 16. desember 2015

@Ross, The door is not open. It's a scratch pad hanging out the open window. Entering a car in an enclosed hauler is often done by sliding in thru the window since the door often can't be opened wide enough to enter the car.

DarthB | 16. desember 2015

Congrats! Looks great!

Curious, what's your sig# and how long did it take from "order confirmed"?

KyleGoss | 16. desember 2015

This is most likely a Founders Edition delivery as there have been no confirmed reports of Signature deliveries.

Ross1 | 16. desember 2015

Looks like they mighta damaged a rim coming out

Red Sage ca us | 16. desember 2015

MODEL X AT SYOSSET SERVICE CENTER IN LONG ISLAND 12/15/15acegreat1 | DECEMBER 16, 2015I wish I knew how to post pics on here. I will post them on plugshare at the Syosset supercharger. Last five of Vin 00664, red

ian | 16. desember 2015

EVino is usually better about quoting sources! This video was posted by cbin97 here...


ian | 16. desember 2015

That one looks like multicoat red to me! Could be just the direct sunshine though.

madodel | 17. desember 2015

That is redder than I thought Sig Red would be. I thought Sig Red was more a darker, burgundy red.

Brian Vicars | 17. desember 2015

I have noticed in many posts that vehicles are being delivered to Tesla stores & homes in small one vehicle trailers. Does anyone know if this is the regular method of delivery rather than on a standard, open to the environment, 7 vehicle transport truck? Thanks.

aljjr2 | 17. desember 2015

It appears Sig Red. The multi-Coat red seem (to my eye) more "orange-red" Hard to tell depending on the light. Seems a little early for a Production X--so many Signature series awaiting delivery. When I was at the Service Center here, they said they were instructed that should a Production Model come in at the same time or slightly before a Signature, they were NOT to deliver the Production before the Signature. Make sense -- $40,000 should give some priority in the pipeline.

@Brianiars1, there are pics of Model X from a standard car carrier on It was temporarily off-loaded on its way to Florida.

finman100 | 17. desember 2015

I see the X front end 'smirking'. anyone else see this, as if the X is thinking, yeah, I exist and I'm the s%$t! Get outa my way you oil-burning relics!

Ross1 | 17. desember 2015

It looks to me as if it was modelled on Elon's face.

Red Sage ca us | 17. desember 2015

finman100: I concur and acknowledge the Model X Smirk.

paradis | 17. desember 2015

I was at Paramus, NJ today when an open car carrier pulled in, but alas, it only had 7 MS's onboard.

ian | 17. desember 2015

Saw the other pictures of it. Definitely sig red. Wasn't sure if the sig folks had the choice of sig and multicoat red.

condo_minimum_logic | 17. desember 2015

my sig is #833 res and it has not been put into production yet as far as i know. last week however, I toured the factory and there were about 20 x cars on the assembly line with the s cars.the tour guide told me the ramp up to 20 cars a day had only been started a week earlier. the problem has been that the cars in the beginning needed to go through the line two or three times before they passed the inspections. the x and the s are on the same line, they can not stop the whole line just because some part does not fit right on the x. the x just has to keep going to the end. then the x is taken apart and sent back through. it is really starting to happen now, I saw it with my own eyes and it is breath taking. anyone who has not toured the factory must put that on their list. I might be partial after all my 6 year old son is named Tesla and he cannot wait to take the plates off of our prius and put them on our new tesla. the plates ? TESLA O

Ankit Mishra | 17. desember 2015

Woah! Cool name for your son bro. Respect for the great scientist.

ken | 18. desember 2015

@condo_minimum_logic,I am VIN 834, and my DS told me they are expecting to reach 400 this week coming off the production line. Where is yours being delivered?

carlk | 19. desember 2015

@condo_minimum_logic You can keep your X for 10 years and give it to you son when he's 16. He would say the car is rightfully his.

jarbet3539 | 21. desember 2015

ken, I am number 501 and my ds wont tell me anything. And the company wont either. In fact they said my ds shouldn't promise anything as they are told nothing. I live in Dallas. I would love to talk with yours. do you mind sharing his name and number?

Does anyone have any teslas signature xs being told theirs is n the truck and what number are you

Ankit Mishra | 28. desember 2015
Guys this is Max from TMC delivery video of his Model X. Some more videos on his YouTube profile. | 28. desember 2015

Today I took my S85 for its annual service to the Tampa service center and found a newly delivered blue Signature Model X behind the building complete with the plastic wrap on it. It looked great. As I was about to take a picture, a mechanic came running up and asked me to desist per the owner's request for privacy. In person the X is a very good-looking car, definitely better looking than any comparable SUV on the market.