To "reluctant/hesitant" wives. Intangibles

To "reluctant/hesitant" wives. Intangibles

I've enjoyed reading many of the posts. I get a kick out of comments from 'excited' & 'eager' husbands saying the wives need some convincing. Here are some intangibles that may help.

My husband took delivery on 5/10/13. On 5/11/13, I heard words from him I have never heard during our 21 years of marriage. They were "Honey, do you need anything from the store?". That may be common place in your home, but for me, it was priceless. :-))

On 5/12/13, we drove 20 miles to pick up his (84&86y/o) parents & continued to drive another 30 miles to the family gathering for Mother's Day. During the trip he asks them for their favorite musicians, & the next thing you know we are listening to a trumpet player from the 40's. (The name escapes me). I look over to see my mother in law smiling, enjoying her kind of music instead of the popular songs she does not care for. (For those withouts their cars: you just say "play" & any artist or song name and it comes up). Funny how many people we ask...."what's your favorite song" & they can't think of one.

I read many nay-sayers complaining about price saying it's for the rich....etc. I'm sure many very wealthy families own one, but you may be surprised how many "average" families have one also. It's been said, but is worth repeating. This IS a game changer! I am not a "car" person, but this has me excited about what's in store for my children & grand kids! This is the Model T of our generation.

We chose to use some savings for this purchase, and we consider this an investment! It's very true that this car is NOT for everyone. But as for my family & I, we are VERY happy with our Red P85.

The car is almost 2 weeks old & has 2,000 miles on it. We've had lovely day trip drives to our little mountain town (Julian) for apple pie & ice cream. I realize we are still in the Tesla honeymoon phase, but it's been wonderful to spend more time together going places. Musk has been called many things....entrepreneur, visionary, can add marriage counselor to the list. HA. What we saved in therapy can help pay for the car. jk.

My husband works very hard and is a smart, wonderful provider for our family. This car is double what we've ever paid for a car and is WORTH the cost! This comes from a mom of 2 who shops for sales & watches out how we spend our money. We don't have a second home, we fly coach, you get the idea.

So that's my 2 cents of wisdom to other wives out there. Let your husbands reserve their Model S and after delivery come back and share what fun unexpected intangibles you got from it.

Happy Wife of ppape.

ian | 29. kan 2013

Thank you for the post! As the husband of one of these wives I'll be sharing this with her.


holidayday | 29. kan 2013

"We've had lovely day trip drives to our little mountain town (Julian) for apple pie & ice cream."

Ahh, I miss those nice drives up to Julian. . .

I'll be able to afford a Tesla before I'll be able to afford housing in San Diego (in the near future, without winning the lottery).

Great post!

cloroxbb | 29. kan 2013

Very good post. Fortunately, my wife doesn't need any convincing. She wants the X.

KOL2000 | 29. kan 2013

Awesome post

Captain_Zap | 29. kan 2013

More intangibles:

You never have to stop and pump gas again. No more tiptoeing around the oil slicks at gas stations in your nice shoes. No more grimey gas pumps. No worries about gas dribbling on your clothes or hands. No more getting out in the blowing rain on the way to an event or after a long day.

No more ruined manicures with the extending door handles either.

jnb | 29. kan 2013

Thanks for the post. I now have a hankering for Julian Pie Company but live in L.A. Hey, good excuse for a ROAD TRIP!

kelly | 29. kan 2013

My wife wasn't very excited about my large purchase either. I think I actually had the car a month before she even road in it. Then one day she asked if she could take it to the grocery store while I washed her minivan. Needless to say, she came back with the Tesla Grin and now she wants to drive every chance she gets. And my two daughters love it too...they also want to ride in it every chance they get! I recently had to take it in for service (kids jump seats installed & windshield replaced) and the service center needed it over night, so my 3 yr old ran out to the garage and physically "kissed" Model S goodbye....left a wet, greasy spot on the back fender, but I gotta admit it was cute! This car has serious appeal!

ppape | 29. kan 2013

@Kol2000. Loved your review! Great pics. Wonder if we passed each other at Hawthorne this weekend? Red P85, no tags yet. We were there Fri/Sat & Sun for our sons hockey tournament at Toyota Sports Center & charged everyday since we went back n forth from San Diego. The SC worked great! We really are lucky to be in the Musk state with the most SC!!

@jnb. Road trip sounds great!! I say we set a date & time & invite all the Teslas! That little 5 block quaint mountain town won't know what hit em. :-))

@goneskiian. Good news yet?? When is the delivery date?? ;-)

@cloroxbb. Reading fun posts this afternoon & ready to go out for a spin when hubby returned from work. But it's only two weeks old, & he's not soo good with sharing yet. Very overprotective. Looks like I'll need to reserve the X too!

Not so happy wife. :-(

Mark K | 30. kan 2013

Today, I brought home a Model S for my wife.

It's a lot of change for her to swallow in one gulp, but she is thrilled.

She has now forgiven my OCD with this car and this company, and she's beginning to comprehend the historic quality of what is happening right now.

Beyond all of the joys of this car, the decisive factor in getting one for her was safety.

The knowledge that my wife and kids are now protected by the safest car in the world was compelling.

portia | 30. kan 2013

+1 great post!
Game changer, I have read so many people on this form who have said the same thing, this is the most expensive car they have ever bought, easily 2x of the previous record, same here, and I can't be happier. the honeymoon is a LONG one, I have had mine for 7 months now!

ppape | 01. juni 2013

Husbands be forewarned!! My wife, who started this post has caught the Tesla fever. She is now reading and watching everything Tesla. I find this amusing because she is now catching up to my manic research for the last four years. When I come home she asks, "Can I drive it now? You get to drive it all the time . . . " This is a first for us. She has never wanted to drive any of my other BMW sports sedans. She has her own newly purchased Acura to drive but wants to drive the Model S instead. She tells me, "if I had driven your Tesla before I bought my car, I would have never made the purchase.. I would have waited for the Model X or Gen 3 car."

There you have it folks, Teslas aren't just for guys. They are for anyone interested in driving the future of automobile transportation now.

gibbs | 01. juni 2013

First, thanks for talking about this.

I've spoken to my wife about buying the Model S, and she hit me with as many excuses as possible. After putting all of her concerns to rest, the last, and final excuse was that it was just too fancy, and it looks like we're showing off.

I told her to imagine that our kids never knew what a gas station was

She's mulling it over now...but any more ammunition that you folks have to give, would be greatly appreciated.

J.T. | 01. juni 2013

I only needed one argument. I work very hard and have for a while. I've never been ostentatious and all I aspire to is to have enough money to live as well as my wife and kids.

I wanted this car, I earned this car, I deserved this car. I'm worth it. Are you?

gibbs | 01. juni 2013

Yeah...I don't think that I can get away with that. Heh.

Right now, my wife's driving an Infiniti FX35. I even told her that I would give the car to her, so I can trade in my G35x and take the FX.

I'm trying everything. I even tried to get her to watch "House of Cards", so she could see the fate of Peter Russo, and how he would have been better off if he had a Tesla.

Brian H | 01. juni 2013

Tell her once she has 100 miles in the TM under her belt, she'll never want to drive a non-Tesla again.

Xerogas | 01. juni 2013

My wife and I put down a deposit for a 40kW model about a year ago, because that was the most affordable (and even at that, it was 2X as much as I've ever paid for a car). For the entire year, she told me "the 40 is fine; you're just going to use it to commute to work, so we don't need more range or that fancy supercharger stuff. And besides, I like my Mazda a lot, so we can use that for long-distance travel".

Well, you guessed it: within 5 minutes of riding in it for the first time, she asked sheepishly, "Can we upgrade to the bigger battery and supercharger, so we can go on road trips?"

She said it's the nicest car she's ever been in, and never wants to go on a road trip in anything else. She and I were not "car people", but I guess we are now. Everything else just seems so old-fashioned and smelly and slow and noisy in comparison.

If you're looking for more wife-friendly rationales: point out the purse cubby where most cars' center console would be, and remind her that she'll never have to stop at a (sometimes dark and dangerous) gas station to accidentally spill gasoline on her nice shoes again. My wife is always nervous about how little gas is in her tank, so she thinks it's cool that the Tesla is "full up" every morning.

Good luck!

gibbs | 02. juni 2013

Finally! She caved!

First, a big thanks goes to the original poster. After she read the original post, we went on a road trip with our two boys. Half a tank of gas cost $65.

When I handed her the receipt, all she said was, "Whaaaa?? How soon can we get a Tesla?"

Now it's time to get on my best least until the deposit is in! i kid...i kid. ;)

Dave-LasVegas | 02. juni 2013

No wife here. My Model S is officially my MLCM (midlife crisis-mobile).

In the medium and the long term, a Tesla is far, far cheaper than a trophy wife -- those cost at least a house.

rrc | 02. juni 2013

Wonderful post. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts. I will share your post with my wife of 21 years who will, I'm quite certain, love the car when it arrives in 1 month, but will need and appreciate the extra reassurance your post will provide.

GLO | 02. juni 2013

As the wife and owner of a Model S I am now trying to give my Model S to my husband when the Model X that I want comes in...:)

ppape | 03. juni 2013

My wife picked up the MS from service today as a "favor". Than continue on to run all her daily errands with it. Not sure one MS will be enough for us. Can't seem to get keys out of her hands.

FLsportscarenth... | 03. juni 2013

@ ppape

Time to order a second... hehe

ppape | 03. juni 2013

Congrats!! Yeah!! You put a big smile on my face as I read your post. If I helped even a teenie tiny bit..... I am very glad :-)) Keep us posted on your progress. We are cheering you on!

I'm sure she will love it. 21 years also....awesome! I hope the next month goes fast. Delivery window yet?

Since most of us have only one Tesla in the household,..(Husbands)...don't forget it's important to share. :-))

I find it exciting to be Tesla "ambassadors". Our stories are all a little different, our geography spans many, many miles, yet the exhilaration over this car & vision of this company make me feel like we're neighbors. What an awesome community!!

Jackie :-)

stealth_mode | 04. juni 2013

Same here - I am obsessed since 20 months:
Wife finds the S to big- to expensive- to fancy - to show-off and so on.., so i still reserved
I wanted her to do a test drive she was upset that i just made an appointment for her to drive in such an expensive car with a stranger (very well known and polite Tesla Rep)
so I finalized anyway.... but from what I am reading here i am afraid she will abduct this beautiful piece of engineering quite fast :-((
well at least she agreed on the color and interior ... so let's hope for early delivery of the first EU-batch here.

PS: my 4y old loves the "Get Amped" Temp-Tattoo ;-)) - just his friends don't understand it...

ramtaz | 04. juni 2013

@ppape/ Very Nice Post!. I reserved my Model S 3 years ago. When I took delivery May 29,
I parked the car in driveway and asked my wife to come check out the TESLA!.
She said "WHAT IS THAT"?? and walked away... Then came the questions? Where did you get that car? Who makes it?How much? With that question , you know whats coming next!!
I asked her to drive the car and she said she was not interested.
You'd think she owned a gas station!

Brian H | 04. juni 2013

Just tell her it's regarded by the most prestigious reviewers as the best car in the world, ever, but it may be too good for some people. Then laugh maniacally, and run.

ppape | 04. juni 2013

LMAO, that is really funny! I love it. As a (woman) believer, I can read that and really enjoy the humor.......

Just in case Brian's advice doesn't are my tips..
Maybe start with the magical words that rocked my world. They are. "Honey, do you need anything from the store?" :-))
It will be important to be patient. Remember Kelly said it took a month for his wive to drive it. For many woman, (including myself) change is really hard. My husband gets a new tv, or a new cable provider and I have to learn new controls & remotes! At first it makes me CRAZY! Slowly I realize that without him I may still be watching a 15" tv with 3 channels. You men (boys) like your techy toys, but advanced technology can be scary for ladies who don't understand it. Leave the "tech" out of it for now. Offer to take her to her favorite restaurant for dinner. Play her favorite music while driving there. She needs some time to get use to it and she will come around and soon the fever will spread!

Now if you ask my husband his advice will be....Count your blessings and enjoy your Tesla solitude, cause soon you'll need to start hiding your key fob!

ppape | 04. juni 2013

Forgot to sign my last post.

Jackie. :-)

ajamison | 04. juni 2013

I am both blessed and cursed I suppose, While i do not own a Model S yet I will some day but my wife she does not drive she has Cerebral palsy (minor she can still function without a wheel chair) and I have been trying to help her learn to drive for several years its hard for someone with that kind of developmental disability to learn something as complex as driving (which when you stop to think is really alot more complex then it seems)

SO When I get one I will be the only one driving but that means i will have to do all the errands :(

Brian H | 04. juni 2013

Yes, women seem to have the theory that if you use it enough, you own it. Especially if the item is a replacement they bought for something they wore out or broke in the first place. >:(

Brian H | 04. juni 2013

^ was to Jackie.

I would think the MS would be vastly simpler for her to drive.

ajamison | 04. juni 2013

Brian H true but when learning to fly one does not first take out a F15 ! lol It would be to powerful for her to learn on once she learns she could tackle it.

KenG | 04. juni 2013

My wife has hated all of the cars I had owned over the last 13 years, including a few BMWs, a Mercedes, and even my Roadster (that is almost inexcusable). But after she drove in the S once or twice, her question was "when is the X coming out?"

We have a deposit on the X. She never complains about driving the S.

Contrary to what the oil industry fan club says, it's not just the geeks and greens who love this car.

Brian H | 04. juni 2013

The S behaves very well at low speed. Just use the goose pedal lightly. Learning tool: put a "stop" under the pedal so it only goes down half way! Clip the goose pedal's wings.

Lyll | 05. juni 2013

This thread is hilarious. As a wife who plunked down the deposit last May for the S, I keep joking to my husband that he needs to hit mid-life crisis already and let's finalize the order. Forget the purse console, and however you want to woman-it-up for your wives. This car is a beauty AND responsible. Keeping fingers crossed to get the car in a month or so...ladies, you will not regret your/your husband's purchase.

Philip2 | 18. juni 2013

We were early adopters of EV (we were involved in the mini E tria) and early reservation holders of the model S so were familiar with EV technology. The car is a beauty and very easy to want to drive. The rule in our home is who is going the farthest distance for the day gets the model S. Guess who drives it more? :)


brandtlings | 18. juni 2013

Neither one of us wants to drive the other car... Solution: Taking delivery on another July 2. :)

Neech | 18. juni 2013

@ ajamison
The Model S is a lot more user-friendly and should be easier for your wife to drive. There are minimal controls she would need to manipulate. No key or knobs to turn, steering can be adjusted with a tap on the screen, with active air suspension the height can be adjusted to get in/out easier, and there are devices out there can could make using the touch screen easier. Hopefully in the future Tesla (or other app developers) will create more voice commands.

mmtx | 18. juni 2013

My husband and I took delivery of our Blue 85 on Saturday at the Service Center. Love it!!!

We couldn't decide who should get to drive the S home and who should drive our other vehicle back, so we took a cab to the service center. We took turns driving our beauty home. The longest route possible. :-)

It is such a joy to drive this game changer of a vehicle.

Brian H | 02. juli 2013

Today's the day! Let us know how the "doubling down" goes.

brandtlings | 02. juli 2013

Delivery over lunch!! Update at 1:00!

AmpedRealtor | 02. juli 2013

Good luck!

SamO | 02. juli 2013

98837 @1021am

SamO | 02. juli 2013

oops cross post.

brandtlings | 02. juli 2013

Big grin! the + is definitely tighter, noisier (Not that I mind) and just as wonderful! Beautiful, love it in grey with grey wheels. Drove the white home and came back to work in the grey. Won't have time to do much driving around in it 'til later. May the grins never end! The wife will now have the grin too. ;)
I have to say the S was at least as much her idea as mine. I showed her the car in the fall and told her I wanted one but she pointed out we'd never spent that much on a car before and she wasn't entirely thrilled with spending that much now. Me, being an agreeable sort, not prone to arguing about small things left it there. A few months later she read an article about Musk in Discover magazine (I think) and informed me we need this car! I couldn't think of an argument against her logic, so I went along... She said "I know you're going to have to have the performance model. (being the agreeable sort) I of course went along. Now she will be driving the white, and I will be driving the grey. Sounds like a most agreeable arrangement that leaves everyone with grins!

tobi_ger | 02. juli 2013

It's such a nice way of you to agree to all of your wife's ideas! :)

brandtlings | 02. juli 2013