reverting to ICE car for memorial day travel

reverting to ICE car for memorial day travel

Sadly I can't risk having crowded SC stations. I decided I would scope out the chargers and see the status. My parents are going to wonder why they installed an outlet for me!

shop | 21. kan 2013

Why can't you risk it? Wait times, if there are any at all, usually aren't that bad.

Tâm | 21. kan 2013


Harrris Ranch Supercharger used to have 1 bay, now it has 7 bays.

How did that happen? Not because owners were silent and switched to ICE.

You need not to revert to ICE. Tesla has so much cash that it will announce tomorrow to pay back government loan 9 years early!

You need to document that there is a bottleneck or a need for additional Supercharger somewhere and send it to

Aleksandyr | 21. kan 2013

we have three kids, one 8 months. wife doesn't want to wait. I can't stand driving the Prius or highlander anymore!

SonomaDriver | 21. kan 2013


Get an early start and its HIGHLY unlikely you will have to wait. Explain to your wife (patiently) that you paid almost 100k for a car and want to use it. Package the whole thing up as an adventure and go for it.

If I already had my MS, there's no way in hell I'd take an ICE vehicle on a road trip if there were SuperChargers along the route.

negarholger | 21. kan 2013

What the wife doesn't understand yet is that any long trip in the MS is half as fatiguing as in any ICE. In the beginning my wife was always suggesting to take the Benz, now she packs the MS without asking.

Brian H | 21. kan 2013

Even a SC with wait is faster than a 20kW charger.

skymaster | 21. kan 2013


I hope safety plays into your decision. There is no car as safe as a Tesla Model S. You can not put a price on safety. There are to many distracted drivers out in the wild.

skymaster | 21. kan 2013

Sorry Brian...tooooo Many!

Aleksandyr | 22. kan 2013

hoping I have swayed my wife to let us take the MS. just don't want to hear 'I told you so'!!

Chuck Lusin | 22. kan 2013

When I got my MS, the old ICE started to melt, now, it has completely evaporated!

Tâm | 22. kan 2013


I agree with skymaster's emphasis on safety. I posted pictures on the other thread when kids and yellow bus were mentioned and now, I re-post it here:

Tesla Model S earned a five-star safety rating (maximum NHTSA rating.)

"The Model S is so structurally sound, that the NHTSA’s roof crush resistance testing machine actually broke when they tried to test the Model S under it.

The Model S’s roof crush resistance is over twice the requirement by the NHTSA."

Look at the all mangled Honda Accord then look at the intact Model S' cabin as its driver walked away with minor injuries.

I guess you can already figured out but if you want to know the fate of 2 occupants of the Honda Accord, watch the Youtube below

Mark Z | 22. kan 2013

Driving to International CES at Las Vegas last January, I had a friend who refused to ride with me because he thought the wait would be too long at Barstow. No wait then and today there are four SuperCharger stations. Drive both cars and see who gets there first. In my case, I left an hour early and arrived before the friend with the ICE car!

PS: If you do drive only the ICE car, be sure to stop for a minute at all the SuperChargers to prove that there is no line!

Panoz | 23. kan 2013

OMG - the YouTube link blamed the Tesla driver for hitting the Honda. I thought it was illegal to even scratch a Tesla...

Earl and Nagin ... | 23. kan 2013

Harris Ranch has a pool. In the unlikely event get detained waiting for an open station, ask if you can go for a swim.

Tâm | 25. kan 2013

Since Aleksandyr worries about long line cueing up at Tesla Superchargers for this Memorial weekend so I checked out late Friday night 05/24/2013 11:41PM at Tejon Ranch

And my Tesla Model S was the only one there. Boohoo, myself out of 6 working bays is a very lonely number. May be it's too late at night for the holiday crowd.

I assumed that late night is no good for holiday crowd so I checked out Harris Ranch on Saturday, 05/25/2013 at 3:58PM, but the result was the same!

ICE were all packed at the parking lot, but my Tesla Model S friends were no where to be found. Myself out of 6 + 1 = 7 working bays is a very lonely number!

Hmmm! I must be an odd ball! May be Tesla owners took Aleksandyr's precaution and switched to ICE for the holiday weekend instead!

negarholger | 25. kan 2013

That might have been his strategy all along...

negarholger | 25. kan 2013

Btw - thanks for the pictures of the SC.
I would love to check out Harris this weekend just for fun, but the DMV suspended my car license on Friday because my insurance screwed up the paperwork a second time. The S is in my garage jailed until I can fix it after the long weekend - grrrh.

Ven Rala | 26. kan 2013

Don't know about Cali, but went to Delaware supercharger on friday night, only Tesla there out of 4 bays.


Brian H | 26. kan 2013

Yeah, with the current # of Teslas on the road, and the % in that specific area at any one time, with the # of bays and the brevity of the traveler-in-a-hurry stops, I think the worry-warting is entirely unjustified. So far. I think TM's intention is to keep that ratio of open bays to thirsty cars >1:1 continuously.

Dr. Bob Reinke | 09. juni 2013

Sorry, that you in California, have to wait sometimes for a SuperCharger. My experience here in the Midwest has been that even if I drive 5 states in any direction, I can't find a single SuperCharger to wait in line for---Perhaps Elon should consider that some of us in the Midwest, have also bought MS and would be wonderful if he would stop saturating California (look at the SC map) with unused SupercChargers and consider the rest of us.