review of premium rear console with pictures-updated with design flaw

review of premium rear console with pictures-updated with design flaw

Addendum: After owning my original console less than a month it broke at the plastic hinge. Tesla sent me a replacement which broke at the same spot. Regrettably I can no longer recommend it until they fix this widespread design flaw. It doesn't prevent using it as an arm rest or cup holder, but it does prevent you from opening the console.

First impressions: Feels high quality, looks a perfect match, won't be especially quick to remove for those times I need 5 seats (probably 3-5 minutes and some minor contorted body positions to unsnap it from the rear seat back), reasonably stable once in position although the front will wiggle from side to side, drinks will be perfectly stable and not tip, the interior is finished nicely, it's worlds better than any aftermarket option. Overall I like it, the nice bag with the Tesla logo is a nice touch, it was packaged very Apple-like, and I'm glad I have it.

Chunky Jr. | 21. februar 2015

Thanks for the pictures. How does it attach to rear seat?

mathwhiz | 21. februar 2015

Can we trouble you for a peek inside the box? ;)

mathwhiz | 21. februar 2015

Ah, instant improvement. Thanks. :)

mathwhiz | 21. februar 2015
sagebrushnw | 21. februar 2015

Am I missing something? Is it rather shallow inside or does it have two levels?

mathwhiz | 21. februar 2015

The last picture in Shop Tesla Accessories clears it up...

eye.surgeon | 21. februar 2015

It has 2 levels. The upper level is a sliding/removable tray. It's actually quite spacious.

Deltaflaze | 21. februar 2015

Looks great. Would love one... just a little expensive for what it is =/. Probably worth it depending on the circumstance.

Ronald S. | 21. februar 2015

Congratulations, and enjoy!

I would've preferred if Tesla somehow managed to still have the premium seats in the back, but also make it so they incorporate the standard 60/40 folding rear seats, with the middle seat having a flip down armrest with storage and cup holders in it.

Ronald S. | 21. februar 2015

Does this pretty much give the same look/feel of the Rear Executive Seats?

SoCal Buzz | 21. februar 2015

Nice post, thanks! I was wondering about the quality, and it looks like you are happy with the materials and workmanship.

Anthony J. Parisio | 21. februar 2015

Very nice and helpful post. Thank you.

jamesmdmd | 21. februar 2015

Will you post a picture of the strap securing it to the back of the seat?

ImaJean | 21. februar 2015

wow. that looks cheap. compared to like a bmw, the executive seat for a tesla sucks. no way i'm paying for that.

NKYTA | 21. februar 2015

@imaJ, simple, then don't. Meh.

ImaJean | 21. februar 2015


NKYTA | 21. februar 2015

@imaJ, so if you aren't a MS enthusiast, why exactly are you here?

mclary | 21. februar 2015

ImaJean - You're still an idiot!

Keep your BMW!!

SoCal Buzz | 21. februar 2015

@eye, what are the sides made of, and what's the texture? Is it plastic or the synthetic leather?

kwen197 | 21. februar 2015

Ima.Jean: I am sorry the idiot police treated you this way. However the PO was talking about his add on rear center console & you seem to be talking about the optional Rear Executive Seats.
You are correct the Executive Seats should have had a pull out console, If they had I would have changed my order. All other cars have this feature.
The idiot police hate the mention of any ICE car in a positive way, it is not just BMW.

kwen197 | 21. februar 2015

P.S. Eye.surgeon. thank you for the excellent post.

eye.surgeon | 21. februar 2015

feels/looks like synthetic leather

mathwhiz | 21. februar 2015

It should precisely match your seat material. If not, are you sure you got the right item? Check the order page selector... There *is* a synthetic leather option...

SoCal Buzz | 21. februar 2015

@math, he was answering my question about the sides, not armrest.

mathwhiz | 21. februar 2015

Oh, nevermind... ;)

Brian H | 22. februar 2015

The OP. Nothing to do with the post office.

stevenmaifert | 22. februar 2015

@eye.surgeon - Where did it ship from? Tesla sent me the FEDEX tracking number for mine on Saturday, but the number isn't showing up on FEDEX yet. The package probably won't go into their system until tomorrow (Monday).

eye.surgeon | 22. februar 2015

@stevenmaifert - it shipped from Newark CA. I paid for standard shipping only but got it the following day here in Clovis/Fresno.

P85D | 22. februar 2015

Panda Express!

renwo S alset | 22. februar 2015

If I get that, where am I going to put the G-daughters car seat?

stevenmaifert | 22. februar 2015

@eye.surgeon - Thanks.

jordanrichard | 22. februar 2015

In the picture of the underside, what is that part with the Tesla logo on it? Seems odd to place a logo where no one will see it.

eye.surgeon | 22. februar 2015

It's a rubber pad presumably to prevent chafing the leather seat.

Brian H | 23. februar 2015

include width="600" in your HTML to match the column.

jordanrichard | 23. februar 2015

Still seems odd to put the "T" on it when nobody is going to see it.

hpjtv | 24. februar 2015

@kwen197 how do you know he's talking about the executive rear seats? The title is "review of premium rear console with pictures". One must be blind if they can't tell the difference especially with all those pictures.

rstein | 27. februar 2015

Got this, installed. Fantastic. A "tad" disappointed that it will take a pretty big effort to remove it, but that's a very small price to pay for this since 90% will not require third person in back seat. Very nice. Now I want to thread some USB to it and make a charger back there in the box.

SoCal Buzz | 27. februar 2015

To anyone who has this already, can just the smaller rear seat fold down without removing the console? Thanks

Mystery Lab | 27. februar 2015

Nice kitchen too! Looks like ours. Unfortunately I have a need to fold down rear seats often. Sounds like the console won't work for me.

eye.surgeon | 27. februar 2015

@SoCal Buzz:

Yes it can.

SoCal Buzz | 27. februar 2015

@eye - wow, that makes a big difference in my book. I rarely need to fold down both, therefore I'm not so concerned about the time required to untether. Thanks

gras | 28. april 2015

@eye, thanks for the excellent review! Dumb question of the day: How do you attach it to the back of the seat? My seat back is covered with a "floor mat" material. I can feel the child seat tie down point through the material, but there doesn't appear to be a vent that exposes the tie down. Did you have to cut through the back of the seat?

stevenmaifert | 28. april 2015

@gras - There should be a pre-cut slit in the material above the tie down point. Push in on the material just above the tie down point and see it the slit opens.

LizzieG | 28. april 2015

It's a shame they could not build this into the rear middle seatback like every other car manufacturer... I can see how this would be useful but it is going to be a pain to take it on an doff and store it someplace when you want to use the middle seat...

CirrusDriver | 28. april 2015

"it is going to be a pain to take it on an doff and store it someplace when you want to use the middle seat..."

Won't it fit in the rear basement (footwell)?

crownprincejosh | 28. april 2015

I got mine two days ago(tan and matt finish)It looks great. All I need is the car (Early June delivery)I have been walking around the house cradleing it much to the amusement of the wife.

SoCal Buzz | 28. april 2015

I sat in the executive seats the other day, and interestingly the armrest is exactly the same as the portable rear console. I like the option of removing if necessary, and the fact that the smaller rear seat can still fold down.

TomServo | 28. april 2015

Would be uber nice with some power outlets.

Wonder if that's in the works?

sbeggs | 28. april 2015

Did somebody say Uber?

nhirsch | 11. desember 2015

wonder if the hinge cover on your rear console is still intact? My wife just found that mine was cracked and notice others with the same issue in this forum elsewhere.