RFID Transponders (e.g. Fastrak for toll roads)

RFID Transponders (e.g. Fastrak for toll roads)

Anyone having trouble getting the RFID transponder to work when you drive through the toll collection points? I mounted the Fastrak transponder in the lower left corner of the windshield, but no beeps. I was wondering if anyone else has had luck with another location or knows of a "window" in the windshield coating that might allow better RF transmission. Seems many new cars have a coated windshield to reduce IR heating in the interior, but this can block RF signals.

There are also transponders available that mount on the front license plate instead of on the windshield. I've ordered one of those from TheTollRoads and assume that will work, but worried about aesthetics of a black box on the front of the car in addition to a front license plate bracket.

I guess in the mean time I'll just enjoy free tolls since I don't yet have my plates and the current transponder doesn't work :-)

TikiMan | 10. september 2012

I have never had a problem before, including on my most recent 2010 Infiniti.

Is this a problem with your current Model S, or other?

Volker.Berlin | 11. september 2012

Maybe there is a way to place it between the frunk and the nose?

Brian H | 11. september 2012

Duct tape it inside the plastic nose cone!

MandL | 11. september 2012

+1 Brian H. I will try this when my S comes next month and see if the toll booth can read it.

ScottM | 11. september 2012

For those who suggest alternative mounting locations, unfortunately they are very picky on what is permitted and you risk a ticket if you get creative. See:


Mark Z | 18. februar 2013

My 91 Express Lanes Fastrak transponder did NOT work in the highly suggested "under the mirror mount" location mentioned on the Tesla Motors Club web pages. Another suggested mounting location was attempted, and it did work. My pass is currently located to the upper right of the mirror mount over the dotted area. I placed the pass as high and next to the mirror mount as possible. It almost appears as if this area was designed for the Fastrak transponder. Since it covers the top of the windshield, it gives extra sun protection as well.

BTW, 91 Express Lanes offers free or discount travel on the 91 Express Lanes for a Zero Emission Vehicle. Standard fees are charged for The Toll Roads. Check the web site for details and sign up for the ZEV deal by printing an application and mailing a copy of the DMV registration, do not signup on-line.

The Toll Roads does not offer free or discounted travel on the 91 Express Lanes.

nickjhowe | 18. februar 2013

@Mark Z - check out this thread too: - more active than this one.

Brian H | 19. februar 2013

Recommended position for EZ Pass: somewheres near the rearview mirror -- whatever works.

bp | 19. februar 2013

The EZ tags in our area are thin tags with an RFID chip inside the tag. I've been able to slide the tag under the right side of the rear view mirror mount, and up into the seam between the roof and the windshield - hiding most of the tag from view - and (at least so far) it's snug enough to fit there without requiring sticking it to the windshield. This has been working for me the last few weeks without any problems.

My neighborhood also uses RFID for the entry gate and requires a second pass card - which I could not get to work anywhere on the windshield. But when I mentioned the EZ tag was already working - they were able to register my EZ tag ID in their system - so the EZ tag not only works for the toll lanes - but also for my neighborhood's entry gate.

If I hadn't been able to get the EZ tag to work inside the windshield, then the fallback was to use a front license plate tag - which is quite large. And because I'd prefer not to have a front license plate, would probably have tried placing the tag inside the nose cone, like has been done on the other thread.

Tesla should provide better documentation of the windshield design, and provide recommendations of where toll/gate tags should be usable on the windshield - and if that doesn't work, recommendations for other locations for installation.

ricktheis | 19. februar 2013

I lay mine on the dash board as I go thru. Golden Gate Bridge is going to a system that only reads license plates so the transponder will be obsolete soon. Other Bay area toll booths read license plates and bill me if the transponder fails, or I forget to put it on the dash. So I don't worry about it.

Brian H | 19. februar 2013

Seems like the window in the window is inconsistent. Can't quite figger out how that happens ...