roadster charger with adapters for sale.

roadster charger with adapters for sale.

anybody out there want a roadster charge cord with several adapters? my brother had an extra set and sold his roadster so he does not need this one anymore.

dna4life | 29. kan 2013

Any photos and how much ? | 06. juni 2013

If you have an adapter still available, I am interested. Any additional detail you can share (price)? I am looking for a J1772 adpater.

Katrina | 08. juli 2013

I are they still available?

DHrivnak | 21. juli 2013

Hi Jim or Katrina I have a J-1772 adapter I am willing to part with for $500 in perfect shape. I am at dhrivnak59 at Thanks

DHrivnak | 26. juli 2013

I believe my J-1772 adapter has now been sold.