Sales rep was ADIMANT choosing an 85 over the p85

Sales rep was ADIMANT choosing an 85 over the p85

He says it is NOT worth the extra 6-7k to go a little but faster. I drove the p85+ followed by the regular 85 and there was a difference, but it wasn't night and day. I definitely found (sadly) that the hideous 19" wheels were far more quiet and smoother, but didn't corner well. Ugh so torn... So torn. Tell me folks, P definitely worth it? Or marginally worth it?

Bighorn | 17. juli 2014

What does the sales rep drive?

mrspaghetti | 17. juli 2014

I think the 19" wheels look nice... and they're a heck of a lot better if you hit a pothole.

KidDoc | 17. juli 2014

This is why I love the fact that it is illegal to sell them in Texas- let the buyer make his choice!

Personally I have an S85 and 19" wheels and love it. I don't get the appeal of low profile tires though.

AlMc | 17. juli 2014

@jw40: The way I look at it: If you are coming from a performance car background get the P85+ and accept that you will be replacing tires more quickly than with P85 or S85. If you are coming from a more comfortable driving sedan the P85 or S85 with the 19s will give you a more sedan like ride.

I have a P85+ and have driven an S85 and 60 loaner. I was very impressed with both. The biggest difference I feel is the ride was much quieter/softer in those cars than mine.

jjs | 17. juli 2014

I have never blown out a tire in a car UNTIL my low profile 21" tires on my Model S. They are definitely more prone to flats and they will not last as long as 19" tires.

If money is no object get the P. If it is, then the 85 is still an awesome car.

PV_Dave @US-PA | 17. juli 2014

19" are less expensive, more durable, better mileage, more comfortable. But I thought that the "P" isn't tied to the 21" any more, so I think S85 vs. P85 is independent of 19" vs. 21".

I'm quite happy with the performance of the S85/19", but I've never owned anything as fast as my S85 before, either.

It's your money, not the sales rep's. There's no reason why you can't be happy with either, but get what you want.

I didn't want my 17 year old driving a 416 HP, 3.9 to 4.2 second 0-60 car, even though our Tesla isn't his primary vehicle. Just didn't seem prudent for an inexperienced driver to have that much power underfoot.

I like to describe the models as fast (60), faster (85), and crazy fast (P85). Some want crazy fast, others not so much.

KWTESLA | 17. juli 2014

Its a matter of choice . I would not spend the extra money on P85 either. As to wheels my 19" are the best looking wheels Tesla puts on a car. I don't like the chariot wheel look even a little . The 19" are better for range and handling too. Bottom line you have to pick what you like .

Webcrawler | 17. juli 2014

To me it was NOT worth $8000, but I have to admit that when I was (a little) younger I slapped a $10,000 Saleen Supercharger on a brand new 2005 Mustang GT to get about the same difference in performance....

The S85 is quick and the p85 is even quicker....

I say get what you want... Why listen to the opinion of ANYONE else...

carlk | 17. juli 2014

P is definitely worth it (to me). It IS night and day if you do want to drive fast occasionally. People have different definition of fast. My definition is Porsche or Corvette fast. The same goes for the tire choices. You have to weigh what you are more willing to give up. Coming from sports cars I don't have an issue with the ride of my P85+, which I think is very good at least on good pavement. I wouldn't do it any other way. Many are willing to give up handling for a luxury sedan ride which is also fine.

That said there is no rule that says you can not drive a P slow. The wise thing to do is get the P so you will not regret later, provided cost is not the main object.

arldent3300 | 17. juli 2014

I was also "advised" by two different people who works for Tesla that the S85 was enough no need for the P85; I thought that was kinda strange. I ended up ordering the P85 anyway. Would have love to go for the P85+; however, the kids and the wife like something smoother riding. She never like to ride in my MB with the sport suspension because it is just to stiff and rough for her since she drives an RX350 daily. LOL I am starting to think that Tesla reps use reverse psychology to "sell" these cars ;) Do whatever you are financially comfortable with. BTW, you stated that you test drove the P+ and the regular S, what about test driving the regular P? | 17. juli 2014

It is the intersection of what you want and what you can afford. I don't think you can go wrong with any version of the S. | 17. juli 2014

Are you comparing an 85 to a P85, or a P85 to a P85+, or an 85 to a P85+, or what? Be very sure that you understand the differences before you make a choice. Me, I have a P85. No, nobody NEEDS the power of a P85, or for that matter of an 85. Nobody NEEDS more power than a Nissan Leaf provides. It's not about needing, it's about wanting. If you don't want, don't get.

AmpedRealtor | 17. juli 2014

It sounds awfully nice for a car company representative to actually be honest and tell you that you don't need the most expensive version of the car. Just one of the benefits of buying direct... :)

carlk | 17. juli 2014

Just a thought could it be that you were driving very conservatively and gave the sales rep the imprression that you don't need a faster car? I punched the pedal a few times when I test drove a P85. That's the first time I experienced the Tesla grin--- on the specialist's face. I'm sure both of us agree at the time that's the one I want.

arldent3300 | 17. juli 2014

@ AmpedRealtor +1

You are very correct! I have never ever dealt with a company that has the gut to tell you the pros and cons of such and such option, of whether it is really useful or not. I was so surprised and impressed by them that I placed the order the same day of the test drive. Heck, thinking back to the time when I was ordering the MB, the Lexus, or the Honda all they would say was "this option is nice" "oh a lot of people really like that" or "that is a very popular option", etc. to help "guide" you ordering The worse one was Honda, they got so upset when I told the girl not to talk to me about the extras which not only I did not have the need for but also because they were ridiculous looking ;) Go Tesla

JMAC7 | 17. juli 2014

I've driven both and it's hardly noticeable SPEED wise. It's not worth the extra 7k for me.

sbeggs | 17. juli 2014

When my husband floored the P85+ on our test drive in October, 2013, I was absolutely adamant that it was too fast for me, as I became dizzy (that' s never happened before in a car). So, we bought the S85, which is fast enough, and 19" wheels are better for long life. We do plan to get Michelin Pilot Super Sport summer tires, however.

petochok | 17. juli 2014

"What does the sales rep drive?"

What kind of question is that?

Most Tesla employees cannot even come close to comfortably affording a Model S, but this doesn't mean they don't know what they are talking about, as they do have experience driving all four trim levels of the car they deal with on a daily basis.

SUN 2 DRV | 17. juli 2014

IMHO S85 has PLENTY of power. P85 is just an opportunity to get more tickets, run down the battery faster (when you punch it) and to get into more trouble or even hurt someone.

I LOVE the S85 and would not have ordered a P85 even if a P85 was the same price as an S85, all-risk and no reward to me. The S85 is that awesome!

Plugged In | 17. juli 2014

My attitude about all this is -- forget what the salespeople say. Spend exactly what you want, as much as you want to. To save money because someone doesn't think it's worth it, is wrong if you find out that it truly was worth it. How fast do you want to go? What color do you want it? What options? I figure, if you're capable of spending either $90,000 or $120,000, then the question is ultimately "what do you want?" Because nobody besides your spouse has the right to tell you "no" (and get away with it). | 17. juli 2014

The S85 is awesome. The S60 is too. But I'm mighty fond of my P85 :o)

renwo S alset | 17. juli 2014

You should of got the F85.

mcgreevyphillip | 17. juli 2014

P85. Skip the +.

AmpedRealtor | 17. juli 2014

The 0-60 acceleration of a P is only 1 second faster than a non-P. To many that is not worth $10,000 or whatever is the price difference. I own a P, but had a non-P loaner for a couple of days. I found the S85 to accelerate almost as well as a P85, the only difference being that the P85 had a "neck snapping" quickness about it. It can be disorienting, actually, if you're not prepared for it.

I probably should not have gone for the P given my driving style, but you only live once...

Captain_Zap | 17. juli 2014

I didn't think that the P85+ ride was rough.

@AR - Only one second? You don't race, do you?

michael1800 | 17. juli 2014

Adamant. Brian is obviously taking a brake tonight. :P

tmaz | 17. juli 2014

I drove all three 60,85, and p85 and ordered the s85. The P is definitely not worth the extra 10 grand. those who order the P either have enough money to where they don't care or they feel the need to show boat. that is just my opinion.

michael1800 | 17. juli 2014

Crap, submitted instead of carriage return by accident. I'd say the P is marginally worth it. If you're asking the question, it's a good indicator you don't feel mindlessly drawn to max performance. The upgrade is good, and *relatively* cheap (keyword). While 1s faster 0-60 doesn't seem like much, each tenth of a second faster is a big deal when you're talking ~5s times. Performance-wise, the P is worth the cost and relatively cheap. However, for those not lifelong aficionados of sports cars, save a few thousand bucks....the S85 will still blow your mind and beat the pants off of most cars on the road...effortlessly.

As far as the sales reps, they're not on commission, so they try to peddle happiness by offering what they honestly think meets a given customers needs. I ordered dual chargers when I bought, but they suggested otherwise. That was a new experience for me. It turns out they were right, but I still got them anyways, nor do I regret it...but they were right.

Consider local roads and the roads of your anticipated destinations for wheel choice. Avoid 21s if you know there are lots of potholes. I'd suggest 19s regardless, but if the roads are quality, then by all means... | 17. juli 2014

Wow-- Really?!

JMAC7 | 17. juli 2014

S85 vs P85
I don't even think it's 1 sec maybe .03-05 in the real world of street

Bighorn | 17. juli 2014

Since it's all a matter of opinion, taste and subjective factors encoded over a lifetime, I think the question is pertinent and not elitist. Would you ask a steak house server how best to enjoy the steak if you knew he was a vegan? I'd expect differing views from drivers of radically different cars, and their opinion is worth exactly what you paid for it. Several of the sales people in Denver own Teslas. Several people on the board here have sold an S to move up to a P because of buyer's regret. For a salesperson to assume any degree of sympatico with a customer they just met is plain stupid.

@jw40 Definitely get the P85+.

petochok | 17. juli 2014

"I think the question is pertinent and not elitist." I took it as just the opposite. Just my opinion though.

RD7 | 17. juli 2014

I test drove the S85, ended up ordering the P85 (early on when this also included a bunch of other things besides the hipo driveline). Since then, I have driven both the S85 and P85+ as loaners. IMHO, the P85 is in the sweet spot. You can definitely feel the acceleration difference between the S and the P. The P85+ corners faster and flatter than the P85. However, P85+ tires even more expensive and cannot be rotated, so tire wear is an issue. All of the loaners confirmed to me that the P85 was the best performance for the money, but that is the choice you need to make. Don't let anyone tell you there is no difference - if you have a good "seat of the pants" feel for cars, you will most certainly notice a difference between them.

Bighorn | 17. juli 2014

I know--that's why I went on to explain my reasoning--a good illustration of how a person's intuition and opinion based on impartial information is not always helpful.

arldent3300 | 17. juli 2014

@ maz4278

Please do keep your opinion to yourself. Last check I do not have a $ tree in my back yard so I do care about how I spend my money, and definitely NOT show boating to anyone. I don't know what you were driving prior to the MS perhaps a station wagon thus you find the S85 is suitable to you, but coming from an MB sport car I find the P85 better suited me. Please don't generalize people. Thanks.

carlk | 17. juli 2014

@AR 1 sec is huge at this level of performance. It's the difference between 911 turbo and 911 S, AMG S65 and S550 and M5 and 550i. Model S performance option is actually a real good bargain.

tmaz | 17. juli 2014

@arldent3300. You are right...I shouldn't generalize bc not all think that way and for that I apologize. However you just proved my last statement about people like you by gloating how you came from an MB sports car. I came from 3 beamers and 3 Lexus, but don't feel the need to post about it. There are all classes of people in this world...and by classes I mean financially. Outside of one person making more than another we are all equal. However people like you just feel the need to boast about it to get a self warranted sense that you are better than others. We are all entitled to our opinion and mine simply was that the 85 produces more than enough power for everyday driving. If you want to take your cR to the track or engage in street racing than the p85+ is the ticket. I personally do not think the extra 10,000 is worth the need to be able to smoke a porche 921 turbo when we are both stopped at a red light......apparently you do.

pdzamore | 17. juli 2014

I've driven a P85 since October 2013, and I regret listening to the sales person who advised against the P85+. The P85 is a beautiful, fast car, but the suspension can't keep up with the torque. To be fair, the P85 handles far better than an Audi S5, but it is far too easy to get the car to fishtail when accelerating hard.

Bighorn | 17. juli 2014

Sorry, but the bimmer/MB/Lexi crew are the hoi polloi compared to the Ferrari, Bentley, Gulfstream crowd around here. Only a few people flaunt their assets on the forum.

tmaz | 17. juli 2014

Sigh....this topic went sour fast.

carlk | 17. juli 2014

@maz4278 You're the only one who expressed a strong opinion of what everyone should buy.

KdotB | 18. juli 2014

The P is a nice ambassador of the Tesla brand, basically telling the AMGs, Ms, and Carreras that green and electric are not a compromise. As has been said, it's your wallet (purse), and that's all that matters

howardb33 | 18. juli 2014

I got the P85+ and use regular 19" tesla wheels during the winter season.

In my opinion, this is the best way to go.

If you are buying the "best car in the world" get it's best model and don't look back.

howard in cincinnati red P85+

karmamule | 18. juli 2014

While I appreciate a quick-off-the-line car and like to know I have strong acceleration at my disposal, true sports car handling and speed have never been that important to me. My current car does 0 to 60 in about 7 seconds and that's more than enough for me, so the 5.4 seconds of the S85 is already overkill.

So for me the S85 is already a huge step up and I have no second thoughts whatsoever that I should have spent money on the P.

Having said that, if you're in the "Should I / Shouldn't I" zone, I do tend to say go for the best you can afford because otherwise you'll have regrets, and it would be a shame to spend that much money on and that much time waiting for delivery for something you're going to always feel wasn't *quite* what you wanted.

tezzla.SoCal | 18. juli 2014

I don't anyone who bought the P85 thought: man, I should have bought the S85.

I'm one of the many that bought the S85 and sold it to upgrade to a P85. That probably cost me 20k to upgrade.

laurentjd | 18. juli 2014

This is strictly personal anyway.
my 2cts, have an 85 with 19" and really love it and would chose it again
Did not feelthat much of a difference to justify and additional 6/8k.

PleasantonS | 18. juli 2014

I think you should decide what you "need" and how much you want to spend, not a Tesla salesperson or anyone else for that matter. It's your money and your car.

mcdonalk | 18. juli 2014

We planned for weeks on ordering an S85, and literally minutes before ordering, we figured, "what the heck" and indulged and ordered the P85.

Not the +, though. We wanted tires that could be rotated and would have some semblance of a lifespan. We already have one car that eats tires (which can't be rotated).

renwo S alset | 18. juli 2014

I'm always late to appointments, should I have bought the P+ instead? Need all the help I can get.

WutGas | 18. juli 2014

I personally own an S85 with the beautiful (yes I agree) 21 inch aluminum wheels. I had a hard time deciding as well since I drive 100 miles each day and tire wear was a concern. Discussed the pros and cons with the sales rep, and even looked at the cross country tesla video - they have the new 19in wheels similar to 21s. But I went with what made me happy - 21s. Also, i think any performance tire needs proper care. For that reason, I get frequent tire rotations and balance at a local shop every 4500 miles and avoid potholes as best. At 8500miles (mostly fwy) tread wear was a really good 9/32. If I keep at it, I should get at least 30k. On the S85 vs P85, if you're not sure test drive both of them. I was given a lift once in a P85 and did notice the power difference. If I could have, I probably would've gone for it. Also be aware of the tire differences in the P-plus (front and back are different sizes, so probably can't rotate).