Is service plan necessary?

Is service plan necessary?

Elon declared in his 4/26/13 tweet: ---$600 annual service plan is optional with no effect on warranty---. Why does one pay extra minimum of $1900 for a 4y service plan? I'm getting my red ms in about 10 days, and my service center is going to be about 50 miles away from me and is "coming soon".

So, gentlemen (and ladies ), please advise! Do I really need to buy ANY service plan at all? What does the basic warranty do?

Ps: when requested, Porsche dealership sends guys to my house pickup-service-return my car with no extra charge beyond the routine costs for annual maintenance ($350ish).

gasnomo | 20. juni 2013

Why thank you Douglas, mighty kind of you :)...that said, the new warranty usurps the one you (and I) received when we got our cars (I'm Vin 4xxx), but you shouldn't take my word for it, call Tesla. But I agree with you that yes, they should have notified us AND sent us a new copy.

Other than some of your (very) rational arguments (which actually are quite clearly answered, legally speaking of course :) ), any warranty, car, boat, etc, is voided when the owner knowingly fails to maintain the equipment with an understanding it will harm the, in this case, car. Its the "knowingly" that's the key, and for both parties to prove, should it come to that.

And like you Douglas, regular service will be part of my routine, my choice, but that's a choice i've made with every car I owned, bc all cars require service, and I am not skilled enough to do it myself (thus my choice to pre-pay to get the discount).

And scene...moving on.

Brian H | 20. juni 2013

"reasonable care" is a somewhat slippery phrase. There's not enough service (or case) history to define that for the MS. I long suspected, as it is turning out, that the car was so well engineered and built that most of this is moot. Tesla seems to be relaxing into a somewhat similar position and attitude.

b455starr | 23. juni 2013

I decided to not pre-pay...and perhaps not even get it after reading the menu of services performed. At 12k to me the most important thing done was a visual inspection of the battery enclosure and replacing the key fob battery. What am I missing?

Brian H | 23. juni 2013

Everything except the tires and windshield wipers. Unknown unknowns.

kevjo | 13. august 2013

Sorry to revive the dead horse but there are a couple of points that I think have been overlooked. Do you take your ICE in for a $600 service every year? I don't. My 2002 VW has 130k on it and runs like a charm. Yes, of course I've done routine maintenance but not $600 a year worth. Why should I expect that a $75k car is going to need $1200 worth of service in the first two years?

Elon keeps saying that he's not building the best electric car, he's building the best car period. If that's the case we should not need this annual service.

The other issue is that if and when I do have to take the car in for non-warranted service am I to assume that the repairs will always be more than $600? There's a chance it could be less than $600 (OK, slim chance I know). As others have said, it's a personal choice.

I asked Tesla to refund my pre-paid service plan which they are doing.

DJung | 13. august 2013

@Kevjo, Our Mercedes receives maintenance on a yearly basis. After a set amount of miles, there is an alert on the dash to bring the vehicle in for an inspection. It's free for the first few years, and then it gets a bit pricey. If a component fails or needs replacing, we pay over $2000 to get the vehicle fixed. Brake pads, wipers, are not included and so it's the basic inspection fee + the cost of the new parts and labor. for $600 a year for the inspection, brake pads, wipers, fluids, etc included, it's a pretty good price.

What I dont get is if you bring it in for the $600 annual maintenance and they find a failed sensor, do they charge extra for the repair or is it included? (because isn't a replacement part, I assume it's not included?) And is it $600 per year for just four years or can I keep the car for 8 years and pay $600 annually for the entire life of the car?

TommyBoy | 13. august 2013

I have two friends with Mercedes. One with an S-class (older, maybe 2006 or so) and one with a 2009 E-class. My friend with the S-class took it in for service due to a light on his dash telling him it was time. Total cost - $800. What'd they do? They "inspected" several items. It was all labor. He was furious. His wife told him that his car was now inspected and safe and it was worth it. Maybe.

The friend with the 2009 had an issue with his lights. They were dimming and then they'd come back on again. Then they'd go dark. He thought it was the battery. Then maybe the alternator. He took it in. There were electrical problems and his bill was almost $3000. He said it was literally three months out of warranty.

These are 100K cars. It's scary out there.

Tâm | 13. august 2013


1) INSPECTION <> warranty:

Paid $600 annual inspection: a failed sensor is replaced for free for the first 4 years OR 50,000 miles with no extra charge.

If you want coverage for failed parts (tires excluded) for the years 5 to year 10 or 100,000 miles, then you need to buy a separate EXTENDED SERVICE AGREEMENT (currently $4,000)


$600 is current price for each inspection. If you have 4 inspections, then the current price would be:

$600 x 4 = $2,400.

3) Life after warranty:

If you want to keep your car for 8 years or 100,000 miles, you'd better a separate cost of $4,000 for EXTENDED SERVICE AGREEMENT, because the inspection after the first 4 years or 50,000 miles does NOT cover the repair/replace failed parts.

4) "Current" what?

By the way, the $600 and $4,000 prices are current prices. One morning, when you wake up and look up at the website, the current prices might change because some people refuse to lock in the prices timely.

Some just don't learn and prefer to lament and moan and write "To Whom It May Concern" public letter because of a change in pricing!

DJung | 13. august 2013

@Tam thanks for the clarification. One thing is for certain, Tesla service is WAY better than what I get from my Mercedes dealership!