Should the chrome strip under the doors be black with white color choice?

Should the chrome strip under the doors be black with white color choice?

The chrome strip looks offset from door to rocker panel with the white body color. With black body color, the strip is lost in the black rocker panel. Do the config and switch from white to black difference is noticeable.
What do you think?

jerry3 | 06. juni 2012

That doesn't bother me as much as the chrome around the windows. That's just ugly.

cadethoerk | 06. juni 2012

Would be nice to have a black chrome option on the window and door trim. On darker colors the chrome looks great, on white the black looks better, especiallly with tinted windows. "IMO" Love the car though and looking forward to paying for mine in stock gains.!!

mlascano | 07. juni 2012

I'm planning to dechrome my Model S down the line.
I'll likely get a Red Perf with dark wheels and with this configuration the exterior chrome doesn't work at all.

perbakken | 07. juni 2012

cadethoerk and mlascano; I fully agree with you guys. It would have been must more stylish if these details were dark grey or black.

jbunn | 07. juni 2012

Dont like the chrome around the grill and nose cone. My car is grey. Thinking about seeing if that can be rechromed grey.

dborn | 08. juni 2012

The easiest and cheapest way to fix these details is with adhesive films. Well done, these are durable and look very good and you can have whatever color you like!

mlascano | 08. juni 2012

+1 dborn.
That is what I plan to do with all exterior chrome.