Sleeping in?

Sleeping in?

When the rear seat down, how long is the flat surface? wondering if two adult could sleep in comfortable :)

eltonf | 29. januar 2013

It's definitely possible, though a small knee bend may be needed for anyone over 6 feet tall. I recently bought a book shelf from ikea that's 6.5 to 7 feet long in box. I was able to fit it in diagonally with the seats laying down.

sandman | 29. januar 2013

Just measured with the 2nd row seats down and the 1st row seats pretty far back(6'4" driver). The measure from truck lip to center console back is 76"(6'4") or 75" from trunk lip to driver seat back.

A couple of sleeping issues however:
1) There is a rather uncomfortable looking step up at 36" where the 2nd row seat backs juts up about 2" from the trunk surface. It is not flush.
2) There is a large gap between the 1st seat backs and the top of the 2nd row seats while down. You'd have to fill this space with pillows, blankets, etc to get the full 75" of space.

You could make it work but you'd have to put some futon-like cushions down to get the trunk surface flush.

Liz G | 29. januar 2013

I think a small air mattress would solve the problem.

stephen.kamichik | 30. januar 2013

New intercourse positions will be discovered in the model S.

Robert22 | 30. januar 2013 well as yet undescribed orthopedic injuries.

torst1 | 30. januar 2013

Nah you don't need the stress of folding down the seats.
Tell your girl to hop the pony up front :D

cpetrush | 30. januar 2013

Will you be homeless because of the cost of the car? No engine to fry an egg on either.

Jolinar | 30. januar 2013

I was in Munich on Get Amped recently and I noticed that the co-driver front seat can be reclined so much that nobody could sit behind me in 2nd row and it looked like for sleeping, not comfortable as bed though :D I've never seen that in any car.

kilimats | 30. januar 2013

lol this thread is priceless, thx guys.

Thumper | 30. januar 2013

We had a 51 Nash when I was a kid. It was specifically designed so the front seats folded down and sat on a metal insert just in front of the back seat bottoms. The whole thing made a perfectly flat usable bed. It was comfortable for me the only time I remember using it on a trip to Starved Rock state park in Illinois. Of course I was only six. I can't speak for the comfort of my parents.

DouglasR | 30. januar 2013
shs | 30. januar 2013

I remember once seeing an ad by Volvo, or maybe Saab, showing a picture of their car and a Jaguar E-type, and noted that in their car the fully reclining front seats allowed a more than a symbolic expression one’s manhood compared to a car with a long hood. Of course the MS has sort of a long hood as well. Hmmm.