Slow windshield wipers may cause accidents!!!

Slow windshield wipers may cause accidents!!!

I live in florida and living through strong rain storms . The windshield wipers can't keep up with a strong rain. Not sure if it is the angle of the windshield or just the wiper speed?
Almost hit the car in front of me but luckily they had the hazard lights on. Also would be nice if wipers had a way to just go once. Mercedes just has a tap move to the wiper for a single pass. Tesla controls have you going to first position then back to off. They look like mercedes stem but missing this convenient feature.

Alex K | 06. september 2013

Mercedes just has a tap move to the wiper for a single pass. Tesla controls have you going to first position then back to off.

You can press the wiper stalk in partially and it will wipe once. Press it in fully and it squirts fluid out and then wipes.

Also regarding the wipers being slow: I was just in a monsoon rain storm here in AZ. I had the wipers on auto and had no problems with visibility. Of course, I use AquaPel on the windshield and the water just runs off. Actually, with the wipers on or off, the view out the windshield was the same.

Electric34102 | 06. september 2013

Thanks for the help!
are aquapel and rainx similar ?

Jon C | 06. september 2013

Yes. Love RainX.

inverts | 06. september 2013

On my old car, I found in really heavy downpours it is better to leave the wiper off. Sounds strange, but with that much water, an even film forms over the entire windshield, you still see the sides of the road and cars ahead. In contrast, with wipers on, you get a moving slit of a visibility window, and then it fills up with water (very bad visibility), until the full film develops.
So it's a trade-off, thin moving slit, vs. slight constant blur.
Hasn't rained hard here in SoCal since I got the MS in March/April.

Brian H | 06. september 2013

I think the reg standard is 45 wipes/min. required as high speed.

S4WRXTTCS | 07. september 2013

I love how one thread tells us to use RainX or aquapel, and another thread complains about wiper blades stuttering and dragging across the windshield BECAUSE of the use of RainX/Aquapel.

And there haven't been just a few complaints about performance of the wipers in the rain, but MANY.

Electric34102 | 07. september 2013

could it be the angle of the windshield?

Rick H | 07. september 2013

I have had my car for under two weeks. Love it but we had our first rain last week here in Chicago and it was so dangerous I had to pull over. It was a solid rain but nothing that my pervious cars (Lexus, BMW) would not have been able to handle. I asked Tesla about this and I was told it was a concern they regularly heard. I hope they can find a fix for this.

Also had a stream of water coming from the front window on the driver side blocking a good part of the view of the rear view mirror. No such stream of water on the passenger side.

shawns | 07. september 2013

Definitely agree. The fastest setting is too slow, and dangerous.

carolinagobo | 07. september 2013

Since when wipe speed is a technological thing, if the problem is speed it shoud be solve, immediately, I don't undestand this kind of problems from Tesla.

Anonymous | 07. september 2013

It never rains in California so we don't have these problems.

jbunn | 07. september 2013

Apparently the rain was hard enough to make the driver slow down and put their hazard lights on. Perhaps you can change thread title to "Driving too fast in the rain may cause accidents!!!"

PBEndo | 07. september 2013

I agree that wipers are too slow.

stevenmaifert | 07. september 2013

Was in a gully washer in Vegas last week. Wipers on high speed didn't keep up. I would prefer a faster wipe if that's possible.

dkwins | 17. kan 2014

I have enjoyed my Model S for two months but nearly crashed in a heavy rain last week because the wipers on high are noticeably slower than in my Lexus and Infinity. I called Tesla and they said they hear this a lot, but have been told there is nothing in the works at this time. How can such a critical safety issue exist without becoming a top priority?

Brian H | 17. kan 2014

They match the mandated 45 strokes/minute, AFAIK.

nick-r | 18. kan 2014

I also agree that the wipers are too slow on the fastest setting. I came from a 2011 Audi S4, which had faster windshield wipers. Maybe I'm just used to the faster speed of the Audi wipers. Don't know if I would call the slower speed of the Tesla wipers unsafe, but they could be improved. I've tried using Rain-x, but at certain times you still need to use your wipers and Rain-x causes the wiper blades to skip across the windshield (at least they do on mine).

I wonder if the speed of the Tesla wipers could be increased by a software update?

mikeadams | 18. kan 2014

I just tried the Aquapel. Did just one side of the window to compare. Not very noticeable for the misty/light rain, still had to use the wipers and there did seem to be a bit of grip/stutter of the wiper blade on the Aquapel side. Possibly slightly worse for fine mist because all the tiny beads can create pinpoints of light in the sun. However, I did notice the harder the rain comes down the bigger the difference I saw. If it is strong rain and you are moving the water starts rolling off the windshield like the back of a duck whereas on the untreated side the water starts to spread out and begins to look like you are under-water. The reason I tried Auquapel is because I heard it can last over 6 months as opposed to just a few weeks with RainX before having to re-apply.

LEvans | 18. kan 2014

You should not need to apply (and keep applying) a water repelling substance on the windshield. The wipers should work and if they do not, they need to redesign the wipers.

I've driven through crazy rain storms in my Mercedes with no issues. Even in heavy rain, it wipes and clears the windshield right away. I am sure Tesla will figure this out, They should prioritize a fix for this IMHO.

Roamer@AZ USA | 18. kan 2014

I was surprised to find that with rain X I could see better at highway speeds in heavy rain with the wipers off. I think the steeper angle of the windshield sheds the water better than the less angled windows on traditional cars.

I have no problem if people want faster better wipers but also wonder if maybe driving a little slower on wet roads in pouring rain would also be a good idea. Not worth serious injury to maybe save five minutes. Also be aware your brakes will take longer to stop when soaking wet so increase your following distance along with slowing down a little.

magicdoc | 17. juli 2014

It was a blinding rainstorm this AM in the North Dallas area. Yes, I slowed down considerably. No matter what speed my wipers were moving, it was almost impossible to see. In addition, many of the Texas drivers do not understand the law that states, lights must be on when using your windshield wipers. Really impossible to see the car ahead or the one in the next lane.
I almost pulled over. This was the second time in one month that i have had to use my wipers in Dallas, today was horrible. Was it the force of the rain, the 55+ MPH speed or the wiper technology.
I was not comfortable driving this AM.

Webcrawler | 17. juli 2014

Rain-X = No issues for me... We get the thunder boomers here too...

J.T. | 17. juli 2014

55+ MPH speed Sounds like this was the problem in a blinding rain storm.

jordanrichard | 17. juli 2014

since the wiper system is from Mercedes, does anyone here have a modern Benz and gets the streak on the driver's side?

Also, the Rick H, I noticed the same thing with regard to the amount of water on the driver's side window vs the pass. side. That is a simple matter of all the water being pushed to the driver's side by the wiper blades.

AmpedRealtor | 17. juli 2014

How can any wiper system give you clear views during a torrential rainstorm at 55 MPH? If your wipers are going that fast, the constant swiping movement of the wipers is also obscuring your view. The solution in such areas, I think, is to coat your windshield with something aquaphobic.

carlk | 17. juli 2014

@magicdoc You need to slow down. I'm sure a lot of cars don't even have wipers as good as the ones in you car. You don't want to go faster than any of them anyway. Just be patient under that circumstances.

Bighorn | 17. juli 2014

I think the automatic wipers have gotten a lot faster with firmware updates. There are times when all cars should be pulled over for certain deluges.

GAGSTESLA | 17. juli 2014

What is rain? Please send some to southern California. I would love to try my wipers out!

Brian H | 20. juli 2014

Pre-melted hail. Seriously.