Specs page changed - No 40 KWH anymore?

Specs page changed - No 40 KWH anymore?


was "40 kWh microprocessor controlled, lithium-ion battery"

now says: "60 kWh microprocessor controlled, lithium-ion battery"


archibaldcrane | 11. desember 2012

Yet under warranty it still says "40 kWh battery has a 8 year or 100,000 mile, whichever comes first, warranty"

I wonder if they will scrap the 40 kwh battery altogether. That kills their "sub-50k price point" sales pitch, but I'd be surprised if 40 kwh batteries are even 10% of their sales (many of whom would just bump to 60 kwh anyway).

Jolinar | 11. desember 2012

I thought that change was made only in EU version of the web. There won't be 40kWh battery option in EU.

gregv64 | 11. desember 2012

They've already killed the sub-50k price point pitch when they raised prices. It could just be an editing error on the web page. All the rest of the pages still show the 40kWh.

stevenmaifert | 11. desember 2012

I hope for the sake of many, that this is just a typo on the Specs page. It is still showing in the Design Studio and on the Options and Pricing Page. Something of this magnitude would be preceded by an announcement by GB or Elon, wouldn't you think?

Ad van der Meer | 11. desember 2012

If Tesla would decide to ditch the 40kWh, I am pretty sure I would move on. I'm already eyeing the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV just in case.


Brian H | 11. desember 2012

I don't see the 85kWh there, either. Is that eliminated? ;)

stevenmaifert | 11. desember 2012

@Jolinar - You may be on to something. They had the Website down last night for updates and some things may have gotten crossed up. I took a look at some other pages and on the Features page down in the battery section under Charging - Plug in Anywhere it says "Using a high-amperage 240-volt outlet, Model S can be recharged at the rate of 100 km range per hour." No reference to miles per hour in that paragraph, although there are miles references in other parts of the page. Tesla is so lucky to have all of us to proofread for them :)

Timo | 11. desember 2012

I have same complaint as Brian H. I think it should read "40-85 kWh microprocessor controlled, lithium-ion battery".

jeroens | 11. desember 2012

I guess their view is to list the base package and not the 85 kWh (and before the 60) as this is an option. Which might imply 60 kWh is now the base...

At least I found it interesting someone changed the number 'today'....

Volker.Berlin | 12. desember 2012

jeroens +1

Brian H | 12. desember 2012

The 40kWh's terms are given in the Warranty section.

rmp123 | 12. desember 2012

They will still warrant the 40kw battery, but I believe they will eventually stop selling it -- perhaps sometime next year (2013). When you have strong worldwide demand for the car, at a higher price and specs, you can set the tone for the market. Plus, having a higher capacity (60kw+) gives you more range and "free supercharging" as well.