A Stellar review!!!

A Stellar review!!!

nickjhowe | 16. august 2012

Stellar indeed:
Having driven the Tesla Model S on the neighborhood roads back-to-back not only against most of the other electric cars in the market today, but also comparing it against other premium cars such as Rolls Royce Corniche, I came to this startling conclusion: The Tesla Model S is so superior that it seems that it's just a matter of time until all the other car companies will have to file bankruptcy.

BYT | 16. august 2012

LOL, I just posted about that as well nick... didn't realize there were two posts on this until I had already posted on the previous one.

Volker.Berlin | 16. august 2012

The same paragraph was my favorite as well. :-)

Vic M | 16. august 2012

I hate to bring up that the author is long TSLA. Still, I am way too excited to get sig892 soon!

Schlermie | 16. august 2012

"In the area of automobile performance and refinement, the Tesla Model S is to other cars what a new iPhone 4S is to a Motorola StarTAC flip-phone from 1997."

Cattledog | 16. august 2012

This was pretty good stuff...

" recommendation is that if you are looking for a car in the $80,000 to $100,000 price range, you should put the Tesla Model S at the top of your list, by a wide margin. It's an eye-opener like the automotive world has never seen in its entire history.

... the Tesla Model S is now the undisputed king of the automotive world."


Brian H | 16. august 2012

Also helps make my point that the M-S is simply a (the?) superior car, and needs no enviro-greenie points to put it at the top. If you note the author's Reading List, he's a conservative, reads Limbaugh, etc.

I note also that he hasn't even referred to the TCO calculations on to bolster the cost-case. Maybe he isn't even aware of them.

And I copied that same para as soon as I read it to pass on. Obviously unnecessary! :D

bsimoes | 16. august 2012

Funny! I, too, just read the article and was going to post it--pretty glowing report. It's so hard to live vicariously through others!

tomas.hutters | 19. august 2012

Vic M: ..."the author is long TSLA".

A very important fact! Does a possible world exist where Mr. Wahlman would publish a negative review of a Tesla car?

Whenever it is revealed that the author of a negative Tesla article/review is short TSLA or has other anti-Tesla vested interests (oil, ICE etc.), we tend to consider this a knock-down argument, immediately undermining the author's authority. Objectivity, gentlemen (and -women)?

For background info, I am impatiently P#45 Europe and long TSLA.

Brian H | 19. august 2012

Just means he put his money where his mouth is. I.e., he believes what he's saying. Unless you think he thinks what he thinks can move the market up.