Supercharger North of SF?

Supercharger North of SF?

Seems there is a need for a Supercharger in the northern SF bay area. For example; what are folks doing for charging when heading from the south bay to napa/calistoga/sonoma and back?

rodneynelson | 06. kan 2013

I'm heading into the downtown S.F. and need to know where to park and charge. Any suggestions. I don't have any memberships yet. Is there anywhere I can just use my visa to charge?

jbunn | 06. kan 2013

Shoot me an email if you want with what part of the city, and I'll see if I can assist.

jbunn | 06. kan 2013

I don't know if it has the required traffic, but I'd like to see something out East of Dublin. For example, if you are going to LA from the East Bay or San Francisco, you've got to go south through Silicon Valley to Gilroy. The shortest distance is actualy East on the 580 to I5, then south, avoiding Silicon Valley completely.

Ah well. As much as I'd like to have a station at every off-ramp, I'll have to wait. Eventually, we'll have electric charging built out to the extent we have gas stations. Hope they still let me keep my license when I'm old.

stevenmaifert | 06. kan 2013 - Both Blink and ChargePoint allow for nonmember access. Check their Websites.

Neech | 06. kan 2013

How about getting superchargers in the midwest! We need to see them spread out across the country (not just California) so the rest of us can take some road trips.

Brian H | 06. kan 2013

The coast-to-coast cross country possibility is central to the SC plan.

JPPTM | 06. kan 2013

Sutter Stockton Garage downtown SF has a bunch of Chargepoint stations in the underground level (ignore the 'closed' signs).

Aleksandyr | 06. kan 2013

I was just in napa this weekend. I left from San Mateo and made a stop in oakland before heading to Napa. I traveled to three wineries and then to dinner before heading back to Oakland and then San Mateo. I could help thinking they would be well advised to have a supercharger in Napa area. I have heard that they are doing a Tesla shop in San Rafael, so maybe a SC there? Needless to say I wasn't stressed for range, made it back with 60 miles left. I wasn't accelerating too much and my average electrical usage was 330.

ian | 06. kan 2013

Yeah, North as in all the way up to the PNW! ;-)

HzSoGood | 06. kan 2013

I agree, I have a 60 and Napa up and down is not a current usecase for me. I live in the south bay about 100 Miles from Napa. A supercharger on the 80/780 or 80/680 would be fantastic. lets wait on Elon's Supercharger announcement next week huh?!

jchangyy | 06. kan 2013

I would love to see a supercharger near Napa/Sonoma. I live in Santa Clara and had to take my ICE a month ago, even with my 85--didn't want to chance it with friends visiting from out of town (bad things seem to happen when friends visit and you're trying to show off your MS).

carlf9121 | 06. kan 2013

Just completed my 1st Cupertino-to-Irvine / LA roundtrip roadtrip over the weekend. To avoid range anxiety, I refueled at Harris Ranch, Tejon Ranch & Hawthorne (located to the rear of Space X). The combined refueling stops added ~ 2 hrs each direction which included queue time for the charging bay and the reduced charging output due to adjacent vehicle sharing the line. While at the Hawthorne Supercharger, I stepped inside the Tesla R&D office & on display is the current & future roadmap for their Supercharger network. In CA, they plan to add: SF, Lake Tahoe, Santa Barbara, San Diego. While there, I was told their plans is to expand on the West Coast, East Coast, Central / Mid West and fill in from West to East, similar in concept to the Transpacific Railway.

I tried to top off at Telsa Showroom at Fashion Island at Newport Beach and Tesla Service Center in Costa Mesa but with one and two HPWC, respectively, these were always occupied.

The Chargepoint Chargers at South Coast Mall at Costa Mesa are free-of-charge to use which I used while shopping. But at 30A, it added ~ 18 miles / hour charge.

The stops at the Superchargers adds an experience to the trip. Met so many happy Tesla owners. In fact, I met one owner at the Hawthorne Supercharger that picked up his car one day later than myself based on this license plate being only 2 digits off.

Along Hwy 5, several cars would flank me & the occupants would give me the "thumbs up".

Tesla is a show piece that draws so much attention. I didn't believe it until it happened on my entire 4-day trip to So Cal.

negarholger | 06. kan 2013

I go from South San Jose to the Petaluma area all the time... it uses 60-65 kWh for the round trip flowing with the traffic, so no problem with a standard charge. However it becomes tricky when you do some local driving at your destination, then the miles add up faster then you think. Always know your way points and where your emergency charging point is... e.g. at Menlo Park I need 40 rated miles to make home with ease. Along 101 there are many level 2 chargers. Haven't tried San Rafael service center yet...

TiburonTesla | 06. kan 2013

San Rafael service center is open and very charger friendly. It's right out front on their wall. It's not a supercharger though, and there isn't a nice place to hang out around there without walking a couple blocks away as it's not in a convenient mall. But it'll work! Defintiely need a supercharger in Napa. I bet a bunch of wineries would love the chance to have it on their property.

syow13 | 07. kan 2013

Thanks for all the great replies.

re: San Rafael service center - is this a HPWC they have there?

I will try and make the trip in the coming weeks from south sj to napa and back.. ~101 miles each way (not including stops to wineries/etc - so i am figuring around 220 total miles. i want to have a few places planned to stop in case we are running a bit low (who knows.. could be 90degrees with AC blasting/etc)