Supercharger - real-world charge times, how full?

Supercharger - real-world charge times, how full?

I'm heading on a long road trip to southern Oregon and I plan to visit a string of Superchargers in central Cali on the way. I'm trying to figure out how much dwell time to build into my schedule at each stop.

I wonder how fast they really charge in practice, and how full they really get if my 85+ is set to extended mode. The FAQ-y "3 hours of driving in 30 minutes" claim isn't what I need. 3 hours of driving at what speed, for example?

What I really need to know is how many miles are added per hour of charging, and if that is significantly different if I begin charging with the battery half full. I'm assuming charging proceeds a bit more slowly as it tapers off towards full. I'm also assuming none of these have been upgraded to 120kW yet.

And how full can I expect? I need to leave Folsom, the last Supercharger I'll see for many miles, with as much range as possible, and I'l probably arrive with 1/4-tank. Will that take an hour?

At Tejon and Harris I expect to arrive with about 1/2-tank or more. Will 30 minutes do it, or do I need to assume 45?

In all cases I want to leave full in extended mode.


syow13 | 24. juni 2013

Here is a link to a thread which may help you:!

I have been able to charge at 300 miles of range per hour of charging with the superchargers. Having said that, dont plan on range charging at a supercharger.. the last 15% or so of charge is slow.. the superchargers seem most useful when charging to 'almost full' - and do so very fast.

Mark2131@CA-US | 24. juni 2013

The quick answer is you only need to charge enough to get you to the next supercharger (plus a cushion). That translates to approx 20 - 30 minutes of charging time.

I'm currently on a trip from LA - Palo ALto back to LA. Here's a couple of things to think about.

The Harris Ranch supercharger had issues this weekend. When I got there on Sunday, 4 out of 6
spaces weren't working. Fortunately I was able to go to the "old" supercharger at the Shell station and charge up. But...if there were a lot of people waiting it would have been a nightmare. Don't expect everything to be working perfectly!

Gilroy is easily the busiest supercharger on that route, and on Sunday, when we were there, we got the last slot. Two MS's were waiting when I came back.

Another thing to consider is that the charging speed of the superchargers is split between TWO stations. In other words, if you're the ONLY car on the system you will get full speed. If another car pulls in and shares your charger, then your charging rate will go down by 50%!

This is my second LA - San Francisco trip. Bottom line, I drive as fast as I dare, and I spend about a half hour at each supercharger station. The one thing I've noticed is that I feel significantly LESS tired on arrival. I don't know if it's my mind playing tricks on me, but I seriously feel less fatigued after these Tesla trips compared to an ICE.

Enjoy your journey. Don't worry about range anxiety. You'll make it easily.


actualsize | 24. juni 2013

Hmm. Last I heard Harris only had two superchargers originally, but they were adding 4 more to bring the total to six. Could it be they're simply not done yet?

Good tip on the 50/50 split during dual use. I wasn't previously aware of that.

I can hop from charger to charger until I get to Folsom, which is where I need the most charge I can get. I'm headed from there past Sacto and Clear Lake to Garberville and the Benbow Inn, then on up to Brookings Oregon. The last half of the trip will slow considerably as I use NEMA 14-50 RV plugs during what I hope will be one overnight stop.

Mark2131@CA-US | 24. juni 2013

Harris Ranch now has six new supercharger stations, and still has the original two at the shell station operational for a total of 8. The old ones were: One supercharger for Model S, and an old "Roadster" charger with a conversion cable attached. There were problems with the new ones over the weekend.

DouglasR | 24. juni 2013

I don't know about the superchargers, but north of Folsom, it looks like you are going via Highway 101. If you decide to go via I-5, and if you have twin chargers and a Roadster-to-S adapter, there are a couple of 70 amp charging stations you can use. One is in Orland, CA, and the other is in Yreka. Of course it won't be as scenic.

actualsize | 24. juni 2013

Is it reasonable to expect to drive directly from Harris Ranch to Folsom? In the heat of the day with A/C? It's hard for me to judge without knowing how much range I'll be able to reasonably add at Harris.

mollmason | 24. juni 2013

I drove From Folsom to Harris Ranch in my 85 with the AC on and a slight headwind doing 75mph without any issues. I think I made it with 20miles to spare, beware the headwind can be tough.

Brian H | 24. juni 2013

AC is very low impact. Heating in the winter is much higher impact on range.

actualsize | 25. juni 2013

75 mph. I feel much better now. This Oregon coast trip might just work!

If you recall, how much stated range did you have when leaving Folsom, and how much charge time did it take to get to that number?

mollmason | 25. juni 2013

I left with 272 miles, but I spent the night in Folsom at the hotel right across the road from the supercharger. I filled up before I went to bed and then drove over in the morning to top off for about 10mins. I too was driving from Oregon and while it was fun I will never do it again until the superchargers are in place and I even had the roadster adapter. I'm too impatient of a person to be sitting around for a couple hours, but I did enjoy myself and meet a lot of folks I would never have had the opportunity to meet.

jjaeger | 25. juni 2013

Am curious on the current status of the Harris Ranch SCs. Arrived Friday approx 11;30am to find all the SCs were down. Another MS arrived right after I did and between us we checked all 7 stations (there was an ICE in the Roadster stall). After two calls w/ Tesla they directed me back to the original SC status as that had a user assessable reset. Interesting enough that was the fix for that stall as someone had turned the main disconnect switch to OFF (the 1 ft mongo disconnect was set to off - floored me).

That was enough to get me & the family back on track and I connected w/ the other MS driver to update him. When we had enough to get to Tejon we switched and he took over (he moved from the non-Op new bays). Since I saw nothing on the forums here after this, I had assumed that all was well shortly thereafter.

So long way of asking - how long were the HR SCs down - and is all Ok now?