Survey of charging station fees

Survey of charging station fees

An organization which I visit frequently has added a J1772 40 amp charging station for its guests. They've asked my opinion of a 'reasonable' charge for its use. While 'free' sounds good to me, they have limited resources and other visitors with limited means, so it seems reasonable that they should at least recover their costs. An hourly fee would be simplest. Is there anyone who would share their experience with what might be a reasonable hourly rate?

Thanks in advance.

DHrivnak | 23. juni 2013

The Blink J-1772 chargers in TN charge $1.50/hour. Expensive but if you truely need they help.

stevenmaifert | 23. juni 2013

Blink charges $1-2/hour depending on your level of membership. That is pretty standard. I've seen one ChargePoint charger that charged by the kWh used. If they are just looking to recover the cost of the electricity and maybe a little toward the cost of the charger installation, then I would say $1/hr would be fair.

TI Sailor | 23. juni 2013

Car Charging Group, which supplies charging stations to merchants for free in exchange for a percentage of revenues, charges by both the kilowatt hour ($0.49/kWh) or by the hour ($2.49-2.99/hr). Many states have apparently now mandated charges be calculated by kWh with no minimum energy or time requirements.

JPPTM | 24. juni 2013

Maybe have them talk to ChargePoint.

japaradis | 24. juni 2013

Thanks to all for these comments.

Gtenser | 26. juni 2013

I'm charging on a ChargePoint spot in my parking garage as I type. I asked them about typical rates, and it appears that the building sets the rates. My place charges $0.95/hour, but Chargepoint said many of their chargers are set at $0.49/hour, with a high of roughly $2/hour. Tesla App suggests it's charging at a rate of 19 miles/hour of charge (seems slow for a 240?) Either way, though, that suggests roughly 10+ hours to 'fill' the tank, and thus a $10 fill up. Hard to complain.