Tan vs. Black

Tan vs. Black

Hey guys! I'm absolutely torn on whether I should get a Black interior or Tan interior with my car. The car is a red P85 with grey wheels, and I do like the way that the red trim on the black interior matches the exterior paint. However, I am in AZ and have to park outdoors, so I don't want it to get too hot. Please give me any input you guys may have!

kickgas | 27. april 2013

I grew up in Phx and we never had a car with a black interior. I'm now out in the mid-Atlantic area and have a tan interior. Love it. Though the car cools down quickly, the seats are not ventilated as you know, so wouldn't suggest black.

Roswellreconcorp | 27. april 2013

iPhone app should do it, cool it off before you get in. May want to look at solar window tinting as well?

fluxemag | 27. april 2013

My Infiniti has black leather and I park in the sun all day in phoenix. It's not noticeably hotter than any other color leather. Obviously cloth is better, but really what's the difference when we're talking 150 or 155...

I like black interior because it makes it much darker inside the cabin, especially with tint.

celtrog | 27. april 2013

got 85 with tan...
torn between the two as well.....
classic ferrari look was red with brown int so I went with it but really how can you lose?

Anthony H | 27. april 2013

We live in Phoenix, AZ. MS windows are very dark-tinted. Today, the temperature mid-day was 99 degrees. We had to park outdoors in uncovered parking (away from all other cars, obviously) in direct sunlight for a few hours. When leaving the building, I grabbed my iPhone and called up the Tesla app. The interior of the car (with windows vented) read 108 degrees. I set the interior temperature to 70 degrees as we were walking. We walked less than a minute. When we arrived at the car, we could hear the fan and compressor running. Interior temperature read 90 on the app. (Impressive)

But... when we opened the door, the air was cool and no leather seat surface was hot to the touch.

I've owned black leather interior cars in Phoenix -- everything gets hot in Phoenix in the summer, everything!

This car can cool it off for you.

Carefree | 27. april 2013

Got a silver P85 with black interior and live in the Phoenix area. All our cars have black interior (we just don't like the look of tan). I really don't think it makes much of a difference when you talk about temps above 100F. I would agree with you on the exterior color which IMHO is more important in hot climates than the interior. Don't get a black car in Phoenix:-)

dmarwah | 27. april 2013

Thanks guys! I think I'll be going with the black interior with red accents.

I posted the same question in these forums:

The general consensus was to go with the black since the tesla app can sufficiently cool the car to the point where the heat is insufficient. Tinting the windows would help with that too. Order gets sent to the factory on the 30th; all I have to do now is wait!

JohnnyMac | 27. april 2013

+1. IMHO you just HAVE to do the black with red accent. You will manage the heat with the app and love the look against the red exterior! Stay cool and Enjoy!

Andrew18 | 27. april 2013

I have tan, go for it. It's really beautiful and much nicer than the picture in design studio. It contrasts with the silver and black accents beautifully.