tank circuit in tesla engine

tank circuit in tesla engine

I'm not familiar with the design of the engine. I hope they use tank circuit in power supply as saving energy circuit. It is more efficient and will help me for my idea to collect thunder energy if they produce larger scales of capacitors or coils. Look into it at
Is it possible?

Timo | 01. oktober 2013

More efficient than?

Energy source in Tesla cars is batteries. Motor is quite traditional three-phase AC induction. Electronics between two just transfer DC to AC and vice versa.

bob22 | 02. oktober 2013

Since there is induction, if connect capacitor in parallel, might save some energy. Moreover, the x-tal catted to frq. of resonance, you can have even more savings. Just an idea. Similar circuits are used as battery saving in mobile phones, now you use same circuit in larger scale to meet the engine power.